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I would not volunteer the feedback - but if asked - I'd be honest.

I worked for a Fortune 500 company in the 90's - I didn't like what was happening so I found another job. At the same time, another valued employee gave notice... I guess we were valuable enough that it raised some eyebrows in the upper management... and we were both (separately) called in to talk to the Sr. Veep (later became CEO). I was totally honest with why I was leaving (Laying off 1/3 the workforce while some (me) were on mandatory 60 hour weeks to meet a deadline indicated poor management to me.) Laid out the facts from my persective. Sr. Veep dude admitted there was no change in the immediate future as far as push to work 60 hour weeks to meet deadlines. That confirmed my decision to leave the company.

I didn't burn the bridge... They hired me back less than 2 years later. And apparently some good had come of it - they gave lip service to work/home balance, increased vacation, etc.

What I really hear in the OP's first post is the buckets are out of balance. We talk about holding 2 buckets - one has money, the other has work bullshit... When one bucket gets heavy enough (in this case the BS) - it tilts your decision towards ER. The OP admits to being a bit light - but close enough - on the FI side of things... Sounds like the BS side of things are getting to be too much.

I ER'd when my BS bucket got too full. (From the company I'd originally been honest with - but 20 years later.)

Retired June 2014. No longer an enginerd - now I'm just a nerd.
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Originally Posted by jebmke View Post
What could be the consequences other than burning bridges?

some day you could be lying in a hospital bed with an IV in your arm and she (as a volunteer) will appear at your bedside .....
+1. I learned the meaning of "small world" when I moved to the other side of the country, became the HR screener for my department at a megacorp, and resumes from people I'd worked with a decade before started coming across my desk. Some of my former coworkers ended up getting job offers and nice relocation packages to the Bay Area and some didn't get their resumes forwarded on to the hiring managers.

You never know who you might cross paths with again in the future or you might decide or need to go back to work one day, so why burn bridges if you don't have to?

I think it might be nicer to possibly get offers to come back for more money at some future time than it would be to let off steam for 20 minutes.

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While I'm sure the napalm approach is tempting you are better off just holding your tongue and skipping out the door. Things probably aren't going to change anyways!

This is especially true if you are going to be looking for other employment.

Good luck!
FIRE'D in July 2009 at 51...Never look back!
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OP: Just move on. Not worth your time...who cares on the way out? My manager was nice but I had lots of complains about CEO at my MegaCorp...just walking out on my own term was the best revenge! They'll eventually loose all the talents - sure did in my group. Three out of 10 resigned and already out and I'm on my way out on 11/30.
Retired at age 52 on 12/1/2016
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It is tempting, but don't do it.

This brings up the opposite. For those working at Megacorps where people are leaving (either on their own or through layoffs), what do you think of those candy coated good bye emails? You know: "This is the best place I worked and you all will do great things..." kind of mails.

Those are just as obnoxious, in my opinion. I've seen people leave with those even though privately they were very bitter. Why not just leave with a neutral "goodbye" and be done with it?
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Why send an email at all? The people you know already know, and nobody else cares. Maybe a month later someone will ask "I wonder what ever happened to old what's his name?" Personally I just slid on out the door.
"Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." - Will Rogers
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I've had good bosses and tyrant bosses from age 18 to age 59. What's new?
Retired at 59 in 2014. Should have done it sooner but I worried too much.
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I had kind of an opposite small world story. I had a boss I hated at megacorp. I survived to finish a couple big projects and went on to work a different project under another manager, so he didn't force me out or anything. Eventually I left for a smaller company. A couple years later my manager showing me his resume, recognizing a similar background. Needless to say, he did not get an interview.
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I choose to burn no bridges on my way out.

I'm proud of doing it that way. In the Megacorp I was in the higher ups were supporting the work 24x7 folks(or other insane people), h €ll they were chummy. So dropping dimes offered zero upside and unlimited downside.

Obviously YMMV.
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One of the initial things (there were several) in my case megacorp was the owner of the co retiring and little junior taking it over. Most of upper management retired with the owner (daddy). Little junior then proceeded to bring all his buddies in and put them in places they had absolutely no business being in, which was nothing to me until it made it impossible to do a good job, pay and benefits went out the door and how the employees ( myself included) began to be treated. I get a lot of pride from working my whole career without stepping on others and for doing what I believed to be right and standing up. I can count on one hand those that stood up for ANYTHING! I could have stayed but my boss went out of his way to hurt me & mine. That's the way I took it anyway. As I was leaving he did something very unethical, there was an audience and he was seriously put in his place. There's absolutely no way I could or WOULD even try to go back to that co. Business is business but a person deliberately going out of their way to hurt another when someone's family could be hurt is different deal. Great part is that the great Lord put these people in my path and I ended up retiring @ 45!
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Thanks for all your posts. Hearing the stories and different takes on it are helpful, and even just venting a bit helps on its own. I take pride that I have never resulted to stepping on anyone to help myself getting ahead in my career at someone else's expense. I did it through hard work and skill.
What gets me is that .... the world we live in also values ruthlessness, selfishness and greed in "corporate america", actually it feels like it values those MORE than it values hard work and skill. And a large part of me wants to yell and protest against that as it's not the world I wish to live in.
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I agree with many who say "don't do it".

As far as the matching...check vesting rules...that will tell if they can "claw back".

IMO the fact that you WANT to say such a thing says something about your character...put that in check, tame the lion inside, and experience some personal growth.
"Live every day as if it were your last, and one day you'll be right" - unknown
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"You're already gone". Focus on what is going to bring joy and happiness in your life, to replace the work sponge that is taking it out of you. Move on soon and volunteer some time to people who you can truly help and let your fellow employees see that there is life elsewhere.
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IMHO, the only people who might value the feedback are HR. Anytime I passed the bosses and went directly to HR, the response was much better.

Second, be prepared for "security will escort you to your desk and out the door. TODAY is your last day.", when you give your 2 week notice.
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Originally Posted by RioIndy View Post
I take pride that I have never resulted to stepping on anyone to help myself getting ahead in my career at someone else's expense. I did it through hard work and skill.
+1. The sad/pathetic part was that the people I had taught and helped went after my job and made my life miserable! Once I quit, I heard from other colleagues and manager himself about who was bad mouthing behind my back. I offered to these same folks to drive my Mercedes and they were jealous that I had one and they did not instead of appreciating my generosity.
Few years later, all these guys came looking for a job - needless to mention where their resumes went!
Retired at age 52 on 12/1/2016
AA:60/40 WR:3% until 2022 then 4% is the plan
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Originally Posted by brucethebroker View Post
Second, be prepared for "security will escort you to your desk and out the door. TODAY is your last day.", when you give your 2 week notice.
I didn't lay my cards on the table all at once. Instead, I kept asking for things, small things at first. I got a few, but finally worked my way to what I really wanted (to work half time for half pay +/-). By then, they knew something was going on, but not enough to waltz me to the door. Although my situation was similar in that we got bought-up and the culture shifted in an horrific direction, and also I thought my boss was clueless, I didn't spout-off on the way out because I new it would be fruitless.

How about this...start calling in "scared" (I'm afraid I can't make it). When they ask you why, say your boss is causing mental anguish. Go on Megacorp disability for a few years, then leave
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This reminds me of an old saying about mgmt:

An organization is like a tree full of monkeys, those on the top look down and see smiling faces, those on the bottom look up and see nothing but a**holes.

Anything you say will not have an effect, just go out the door with your dignity and reputation intact.
After Monday & Tuesday even the calendar says, W-T-F...

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Originally Posted by EastWest Gal View Post
Make your last day end at noon and make sure boss sees you leave. Get someone to drive you to work that day. Hire a limousine to pick you up at work. Look on boss's face: priceless.

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Or perhaps do like my mother did when she left. She waited until the boss was out of his office, dropped her resignation on the desk and left to go on vacation.
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OK, well since we're going down this road, I have true story to share from 25 years ago.............

I had a co-worker who was "done" from being abused at a VERY old company (started circa 1890), old - meaning bureaucratic, political, etc. WAY worse than anything that is around today.

Anyway, as a measure of how "old school" the company was, his big (abusive) boss had a shower and wet bar in his office.

Wait for it.......

He came in real early one morning, got in the shower NAKED, and waited for the boss. When the boss came in, he poked his head out with a drink in his hand and said, "Hey, Mike, can you throw me a towel"?

The grin on his face as security escorted him out was PRICELESS.

I will *NEVER* forget that. Just thinking of it (at certain times in my career) has helped a bunch - knowing that someone got to do something like that.
“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.” ― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows
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I agree that you should write a letter then tear it up. If there is an influential upper management type who listens to you, then maybe reach out with some helpful comments/criticisms otherwise, the letter is the best way.

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burning bridges, honesty, omy

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