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Old Photos
Old Headquarters building.  I guess they didn't smile for photos back in those days.
August 1965 - The Beatles come to town
July 1963 Officer Convar stealing a kiss from Jayne Manesfield
Point Control - Circa 1977
Confiscated stills in front of the courthouse - Circa 1920
Directing traffic on Main at McKinney - Circa 1930
On patrol near downtown - Circa 1885
Sergeant - Circa 1929
1934 accident investigator
Solos - Circa 1965
February 1962 - Point Control officer in the snow!
1901 Uniform
Mounted Patrol 1928 Democratic National Convention
Mounted Patrol 1928 Democratic National Convention
Radio Patrol circa 1950.  Looks like they're standing on a non-elevated Memorial Drive where eventually the Pierce Elevated (Interstate 45) will...
HPD baseball team (1920's?)
Class of 1939
On patrol - Circa 1910
1928 pistol team
Traffic officer with Auto Stutz Police Cycle in front of headquarters building 1928.
HPD circa 1900

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