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  1. Bigdawg
    09-15-2015 07:39 PM
    Hey Nords, Update: Son just pinned on meritorious Cpl at the 19 month mark. Very proud. He is F/A-18 avionics at VMFAT-101 in San Diego. He is putting 20% into TSP. His plan is to go Embassy duty next year. I have never met a Marine who didn't thoroughly enjoy their time on Embassy duty. He wants to go Officer after that and retire at age 41 after 20 yrs and never work again.
  2. chief04010
    How does one join the military group?
  3. Bigdawg
    01-08-2015 12:35 PM
    Thanks Nords. I will head to down (three hour drive) to see my son in the next few weeks. Maybe I'll set up a lunch date with Rob and introduce him to my son.

    Happy new year! -Big Dawg out
  4. Bigdawg
    12-11-2014 05:07 AM
    Best of luck to your daughter. My son is at NAS Oceana for F/A-18 AT training. He is putting his packages in for Naval Academy and Coast Guard Academy. I think that those are two good choices. I doubt if many Naval or Coast Guard Academy grads are homeless out in the world. He is driven and like your daughter has seen the success his parents have enjoyed. BTW, we watched Diner's, Drive ins and Dives last night. Hawaii addition. Can't wait to get back out there and eat at Pier 38.
  5. Bigdawg
    12-10-2014 06:31 AM
    I reread the first two chapters of your book last night. I bought an extra copy for my son. He is a LCpl in the Marines with less than 1 year in. He is putting 25% in TSP. My goal for him is to retire at 20 and not have to get a job. We'll see. Have a great holiday season Doug. --Big Dawg--
  6. nphx
    08-04-2011 09:35 PM
    W O R K related perhaps:

    There was a recent award i saw north of 300k so it may be a nice bump :)
  7. HawkeyeNFO
    I got the book, and I am impressed. Nice work Nords! Unfortunately, my wife took it and wants to read it before I do. That will be allowed, because happy wife = happy life.
  8. friar1610

    You've probably thought about this so forgive me if I'm belaboring the obvious. I just read a post that mentioned your upcoming book - got me to thinking about the pre-retirement seminar I went to at NDW years ago. There was somebody there selling a "retirement guide". It had basic information like pay tables, TRICARE info, SBP and the like. The sales, as I recall, were quite brisk. Wonder if there is any way you can crack the retirement seminar market and either sell books at them or have the services buy them in bulk to give out. As a nuke, you've probably already thought about this and analyzed it from every possible angle but just thought I mention it.

    Speaking of books, check out The Arrivals | Meg Mitchell Moore (my daughter)

    And one of her classmates - military interest
    Siobhan Fallon | Author of You Know When the Men Are Gone

  9. redduck
    08-15-2009 08:21 AM
    Mornin', Nords. Got to ask: what's the point of being retired if you're up so early? And, do you ever nap during the day?
  10. 2soon2tell

    I'm glad to see your book on military retirement is progressing nicely. In your earlier comments you mentioned the difficulty in finding a publisher. Have you considered contacting Military Living Publications to see if thery might me interested. These are the folks who publish the Military Camping and RV guides, Space A Travel, Military Lodging guides etc and are sold in all of the military exchanges.

    Just a thought.


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    You must be kidding. ER is my avocation!
    Retirement Year
    Empty-nesting, surfing, home improvement, taekwondo, investing, reading, writing.
    Author of "The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement" with the help of over 50 of this forum's veterans & families., and search Facebook for "The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement" fan page.

    All revenue goes to military charities; please e-mail me if you'd like to contribute your advice or sea stories.

    Retired Navy submariner, ER'd at age 41.

    Favorite ER books: Bob Clyatt's "Work Less, Live More", Kaderli's "Adventurer's Guide to ER", Bernstein's "Four Pillars", and Dimson & Marsh's "Triumph of the Optimists".

    Favorite ER calculators: FIRECalc and

    U.S. Naval Academy '82 & Naval Postgraduate School '89
    USS NEW YORK CITY (SSN 696) '90-92 (Weapons officer)
    I finished my 20 years at staffs & training commands.
    More details at:

    My pension is $43K/year in 2018 with a CPI COLA.
    Spouse has retired from the Navy Reserve and will collect her pension in 2022.
    Our daughter's an officer who served a tour on a guided-missile destroyer in Rota and a Norfolk aircraft carrier. She's now drilling in the Navy Reserve. She's also married to a Navy officer who's continuing his active-duty career for another tour or two.

    Our portfolio is three ETFs and one stock: ~25% each of Berkshire Hathaway, EFV, DVY, and IJS. For the first decade, we used to keep 8% cash is two years' expenses for bear markets and sequence-of-returns risk. Now we rebalance when the equities are outside the bands of 20-30%. We might never sell our BRK/B shares.

    No bonds, no REITs, no commodities. Cash flow from a 40-year-old rental that we'll downsize to in 20-30 years. With COLA pensions & flexible expenses the rest of our ER portfolio can be way out on the risk/return curve.

    ~16% of our ER portfolio comes from our home mortgage, a 30-year fixed at 3.50%. It's invested in the small-cap value ETF.

    Military retiree families pay ~$540/year for TRICARE health insurance with $12 copays.

    Much more info here:
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