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wabmester 12-10-2003 10:34 AM

post-retirement goals
Before I ER'd (1.5 years ago at age 40), I sat down and wrote down some things I wanted to do post rat race. I just revisited that list and found that I was able to cross off all of my short-term goals, a couple of mid-term goals, and none of my long-term goals.

I would have hit more, but my wife surprised me with a goal of her own (we now have a 9-month old daughter), and that put a serious ding in my travel plans.

So, I'm curious to hear if others took this somewhat anal-retentive approach to retirement, and how well you're tracking those goals.

My short-term goals were:

1) take a Tai Chi class (I thought it would be sort of a cool manifestation of my new relaxed lifestyle, but the pace was too slow for me, and I lost interest)

2) start sailing again (found an inexpensive sailing club, and did a bunch of dinghy sailing last summer)

3) start kayaking (bought a kayak and explored the puget sound region -- lots of fun)

4) hike and explore the pacific northwest (had to limit myself to trails where I could push a baby jogger)

5) loose a few pounds (I was doing fine up until thanksgiving)

6) morph assets into an income-generating portfolio to sustain our lifestyle

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