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sgeeeee 09-05-2004 12:50 PM

house prices and education?
Here's a new threat for homeowners to face.


"Good Schools or Bad? Ratings Baffle Parents

Published: September 5, 2004

. . .

In Darien, Hinsdale South missed one federal target based on low test scores by a handful of disabled students, and the school district, as required by law, sent letters to parents.

Betsy Levy, whose daughter Samantha is a junior, said she found the letter so confusing, she had to reread it several times. "Our school has been very good for us, and seeing it labeled a failure is hard to take," Mrs. Levy said.

When she met with four other Hinsdale South mothers to discuss the problem, she wondered aloud whether colleges would now look down on Hinsdale South applicants. And a friend, Donna Siefer, voiced another worry: How would real estate agents finesse the bad news to potential home buyers? That rang bells for Diane Bolos, president of a Hinsdale South fund-raising group.

"Yeah, did Congress consider what labeling a school would do to property values?" Mrs. Bolos asked.

. . ."

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