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Brat 12-30-2004 12:29 PM

My favorite ER related links
My links are rarely "light reading" as I love math and people watching. *Here are a few of my favorite investment links:

FundAlarm Discussion Board

For market timers

"Bob's Ponies"

Society of Actuaries (interesting study on long-term care policies in the 'Special Interest' practice area)

E F Moody (chatty, but for the patient many insights)

Mathematician's humor with lots of investment tools.

Financial Sense- I like the editorials

Financial Planners (send me a note and I will provide link)

For those of us who are dealing with aging parents, or maybe making sure that you will not be blindsided by life's curve balls:

Ethicial wills

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (Rotary guide)

Acredited Care facilities- search engine

Tulio 02-23-2005 09:13 AM

Re: My favorite ER related links
Hi Brat,

I've explored some of your links and found them interesting.

Have you ever heard about the Financial Freedom Society, Inc.?

The traditional approach to retirement planning is fatally flawed. The old work, save and invest for 40 years approach has never worked well for the masses. Now, some experts are predicting that many of us will have to work well into our seventies before we will be able to retire.

The reason men and women struggle for 40 years to prepare for retirement is no one showed us that we could retire in less than half that time simply by correcting a few mistakes.

For a full insight on Financial Freedom an Early Retirement advice, please go to the following URL and listen to the online 'Financial Freedom Seminar'... http://www.FinancialFreedomSeminar.com/60640

If you don't know the FFS, I'm sure you will find their website very informative.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck,


Hyperborea 02-23-2005 01:30 PM

Re: My favorite ER related links

If you don't know the FFS, I'm sure you will find their website very informative.
Sniff, sniff. *Does anybody else smell Hormel tinned pork product?

I looked at the presentation the link points at and I see a number of problems.

It starts with a couple that needs $2250 / month in today's dollars. *They invest for a while and have based on the site's assumptions $269,222 15 years in the future. *They are then, according to the site, able to withdraw this $2250/month every month for the next 25 years. *What they do after that 25 years isn't specified.

What's wrong with this picture? *$2250 will be just over $3500 in 15 years assuming a low 3% inflation and over $4000 with a 4% inflation rate. *Even forgetting the inflation that withdrawal is over 10% of the portfolio amount. *That's an enormous withdrawal rate. *I wouldn't give them very long before they'll run out of money and certainly not 25 years. *The cause of all this? *The implicit assumption in the calculations is that the poor hapless couple following this misguided advice can get a steady year in and year out 9% return with no volatility.

If you wait it out until the end of the presentation there is the multi-level marketing pitch too.

polloloco 02-23-2005 01:45 PM

Re: My favorite ER related links
I agree, It's a No Brainer. Note the recruitment for employees to sell the program to others. NO GO for me

Nords 02-24-2005 05:40 AM

Re: My favorite ER related links
Hmmm, three posts splattered around the board within 90 minutes. All on the same subject.

We need to hook Tulio up with William. They both have great products to diversify into...


Tulio 02-24-2005 09:02 AM

Re: My favorite ER related links
Hey man, there is somebody here really fast in jumping into conclusions and ask to have people hooked!

That’s an interesting and out of fashion style that makes me remember Gregory Peck’s “To Kill a Mockingbird” famous movie.

Anyway, I’m not here to convince anybody about anything. Now having said that let’s see some real life facts, as I understand that everybody here is looking for Early Retirement. Am I correct? Read on…

Make no mistake folks, there is only a way out to Early Retirement, and I would call it The Quick Retirement Formula.

The formula for retiring quickly is Lifestyle Management plus Debt Elimination plus Passive Income Creation equals a quick retirement.

Let's take a brief look at each part of the formula to see how all three parts work together so powerfully.

1 - Lifestyle Management: Lifestyle Management is the effective use of the time and money that you already have in order to achieve early retirement and financial freedom.

Given the fact that time and money are the only two building blocks of financial freedom isn't it amazing that none of us were taught the importance of time and money or how to manage either one? This is a major failing of the educational systems of the world.

Time and money management are core principles for living and the lack of knowledge about both of these precious resources is the biggest reason poor financial health is at epidemic levels throughout the world. And, this lack of knowledge is also the biggest problem preventing early retirement.

You can learn how to use your time to create the money you need and how to use your money to create all the time you need.

2 - Debt Elimination: One way to retire faster is to reduce the amount of retirement income we need. Obviously the more passive income we need for retirement the longer it will take us to prepare for retirement.

Getting totally out of debt is the single biggest step we can take to reduce our retirement income need without reducing our lifestyle. Most people could live their same lifestyle on 40% to 60% less income, if they were debt-free. Clearly this can really speed up the retirement process.

Just eliminating a big portion of your monthly expenses can obviously make it easier to retire faster...you simply won't need as much retirement income to live at the same lifestyle. However, by getting out of debt as fast as possible you will also keep every dime of the interest that would have gone to your creditors. Now all that money is yours to use to prepare for early financial freedom.

3 - Passive Income Creation: Passive Income is income that requires little or no work. There are two primary ways to create passive income for retirement. The first way is traditional investing and the second way is to invest in your own business.

I am a passionate promoter of small business ownership, because I believe it is by far the most powerful way to create passive income.

Choosing to invest in your own business provides the potential for three different ways to convert your business into the passive income you will need to retire. First, you could own a business that will require very little of your time once it is up and running. Second, you could sell it and invest the money from the sale to produce passive income. And, third, you could possibly hire a manager to run your company when you are ready to retire.

It doesn't matter whether you choose to get involved in a business or not...following the Quick Retirement Formula will lead you to financial freedom far faster than any other path.

I'll come back another day with some fresh thoughts about MLM/Home Business…

I want to encourage you to think and see things in a positive way, no matter your previous experience with other MLM/home business. Being flexible and tolerant in a fast changing word is a wise move.

Finally, and what is most important, whatever you decide to do, do not be afraid of change. Change is part of the very human nature. It is a process of transformation into higher levels of quantum reality.

Do your own research to find what best matches your needs and then make your move in consciousness into a new life where you can be your own and empowered self expressing your unique talents and achieve your RETIREMENT FASTER.

Work and have fun with your work, before you retire!


PS - For a full insight on Financial Freedom an Early Retirement advice, please go to the following URL and listen to the online 'Financial Freedom Seminar'... http://www.FinancialFreedomSeminar.com/60640. You can also get free copy of Lesson 1 of The Art of Achieving Financial Freedom.

John Galt 02-24-2005 10:55 AM

Re: My favorite ER related links
In the movie 'Bridges of Madison County', Clint Eastwood
has this line. "Most people are afraid of change, but
it can be comfort really. It's one thing you can always count on." So true.


yakers 02-25-2005 08:53 AM

Re: My favorite ER related links
JG and Ronin are being much nicer than I think is warranted by the Tulio post. I appreciate that you guys can find the pony under the manure but just one line:
" I want to encourage you to think and see things in a positive way, no matter your previous experience with other MLM/home business. ."
So this is or may be about MLM. Thats it, game over, no MLM for me and if I can help it, not for anyone else either. No AMWAY, no other stuff like that. Nope. Bad karma there. Don't do it. Bad, bad, bad.
I'd just about rather read certain SWR postings that this stuff.

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