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rdjrn 04-07-2010 09:49 AM

Social Security Taxes
If I retire prior to age 62, will I be required to continue paying social security taxes? Any advice would be appreciated.

MasterBlaster 04-07-2010 10:13 AM

If you retire and quit receiving earnings from a job there will be NO requirement to pay SS taxes.

SS taxes are only on so called "earned" income not on pensions or savings, rents, dividends etc. which are un-earned income.

youbet 04-07-2010 12:15 PM

What MasterBlaster said......

And further, the age of 62 has nothing to do with paying SS taxes. If you have earned income, up to the limit of about $106k, you pay. No earned income, you don't pay. Age is not a factor.

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