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Midpack 03-14-2013 10:30 AM

Another Great (Pop) Musical Moment IMO...
Some of you have undoubtedly seen this, for those who may have missed it. Spontaneous (I hope) or staged, still way cool...way to go Billy.

Billy Joel - Sings in the piano accompaniment of student - YouTube

Billy sing "New York State Of Mind" with Vanderbilt University student Michael Pollack, filmed during "An Evening of Questions and Answers and a Little Bit of Music" at the university in January 2013.

Silver 03-14-2013 10:38 AM

Wow.....nice. Amazing talent they each have.

cantlogin 03-14-2013 10:48 AM

I never saw that before. Thanks!

Texas Proud 03-14-2013 10:48 AM

Doesn't look staged... and it was great...

cantlogin 03-14-2013 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by Texas Proud (Post 1295557)
Doesn't look staged... and it was great...

Yep, it really does seem genuine.

ERD50 03-14-2013 11:06 AM

Thanks for posting, I saw the news blip, didn't think to check youtube for a fuller version.

I'm not a big fan of Billy Joel's more pop stuff, but I always loved this bluesy/jazzy song of his, and this is a great version, IMO.

Not that it matters, but I wonder if there wasn't a little bit of a set-up to this? Maybe someone assured Mr. Joel that there was a kid that would ask to accompany him, and the kid was the real thing? Otherwise it could have really been a train wreck and a waste of time. But I still think that's the limit of it, it does look like they just 'went for it', no rehearsal or anything. I like the impromptu feel.

What's the kid say when he asks, I can't make it out? "I was very fortunate, I was able to play ?????? many times, in New York City ...."


Bestwifeever 03-14-2013 11:30 AM

I saw a news clip where the kid said he has previously played with Joel's sax player and asked on an audience participation "write a question card" that he would like to play one of Joel's songs. Even if it was a little set up it would still be scary to play for the piano man!

With my music gene missing, I used to get Billy Joel and Elton John mixed up as they both hit about the same time--drove my piano-playing DH crazy when I'd ask which song was whose.

pb4uski 03-14-2013 12:26 PM

Awesome. Kid does have chops. I suspect that we'll see him again sometime.

ERD50 03-14-2013 12:53 PM

Answering my own Q here...

Originally Posted by ERD50 (Post 1295571)
What's the kid say when he asks, I can't make it out? "I was very fortunate, I was able to play ?????? many times, in New York City ...."


OK, found another link to this:

VIDEO: Fan Accompanies Billy Joel; 'Greatest Moment Of My Life,' He Says : The Two-Way : NPR

In there, the kid says:

'New York State of Mind' was my favorite song, and how I had performed it with his saxophonist Richie Cannata in the past and wondered if I could go up and play it with him. And then he thought for a little — he took a second — and then he just said 'Okay.' ...
so the blanks were 'with Richie Cannata' - that's fits when I listen back.

So apparently no set-up at all. By mentioning his sax player, I guess Joel thought he could take a chance with him.

Check this out - not as good video/audio, but you catch the comments and excitement of his friends. What a gas!


Click here if you want to see another video view of what happened, from the perspective of Pollack's friends in the audience.



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