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Birmanboy 09-26-2013 11:47 PM

Dividend yields in New Zealand
Hi, I am officially retired as of today (65) and since your forum elf sent me a very nice birthday email I thought I would share my retirement project with any interested viewers. The share market in New Zealand is obviously tiny in comparison to the US but it does have one unique feature ...a good number of very respectable dividend producers. So to dispel any questions about self interest and "whats in it for me", I can assure one and all I am not employed by any financial services operation, brokerage house, related companies and gain nothing from any interest. I started this website as a project to help me with my search and analysis of dividend producers on the NZX. Obviously if a non-resident is participating they need to check with their accountants as to ramifications and tax situations. The other factor is of course currency fluctuations so please do due diligence. Also I am an enthusiastic amateur NOT a professional so as usual DYOR. My own portfolio (fairly conservative) is averaging approx 7.5% dividend yield before tax which is better than my other alternative of 4.06% in a term deposit (CD). Happy to have any critiques or suggestions. Thanks and happy investing. Sean

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