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  1. How did you view your job/career by the time you FIREd?
  2. Is this how SS spousal benefit would work?
  3. Forbes Article: 28-Year-Old Retires in NYC With $2 Million
  4. How have you guys determined what direction you’ve gone?
  5. Early Retirement and Religious Beliefs
  6. What are you looking forward to in 2017?
  7. Relocation Priorities (How does one decide what's important?)
  8. Are you enjoying your vacations as much?
  9. Social Security Privatization?
  10. Please don't make me go to Giant again, ever.
  11. Downside of retirement
  12. My A$$ is Officially FIRE'd!
  13. "What will you do with your time...?"
  14. Moving Dad to Assisted Living
  15. Smartphone permanently on silent
  16. Did you make/change plans for grandchildren? (& update on No House Sale for You!)
  17. Anyone here into Wine Making?
  18. One week till FIRE!
  19. Thank you to those here at e-r.org
  20. Term Insurance : No Exam
  21. Beginning my FINAL YEAR! (Class of 2017)
  22. Truck campers
  23. Retired - They want me back - what to charge?
  24. Need decluttering help- useful items but...
  25. FIRE and your children's ages?
  26. I sure hope it is what I expected!
  27. How does RVing affect your budget?
  28. Talk me into or out of a Class B RV purchase
  29. TransAmerica retirement survey
  30. Changes in society - How not to predict the future.
  31. Had to keep my mouth shut last night...
  32. What are you spending on?
  33. Friday Afternoon Traffic...OYE!!!
  34. Feeling some Guilt and Regret over College
  35. Retired at 45
  36. Gave my notice this week!
  37. Let go at 64, tips?
  38. UN-Retired, Kinda sorta.
  39. Two months into FIRE update
  40. Owning two houses in retirement
  41. Two years in and life just gets better
  42. Mediterranean Cruises
  43. Life imitates the movie "Intern"
  44. Pre-FIRE Counseling Requested
  45. 2016 Fall TV
  46. Retired? Do you feel sorry for people who have to work?
  47. Did your working spouse think less of you after retiring?
  48. Why it's hard to retire
  49. How often do people tell you that you are too young to retire?
  50. Family Entropy
  51. One of the blessings of FIRE
  52. Terrible Golfer After 16 Years - Should I give up
  53. Talk me into or out of booking business class
  54. "overqualified" ?
  55. People who can't or won't retire.
  56. A Longer Life
  57. Summer living in a ski town
  58. Has anyone considered retiring to the town you grew up in?
  59. Kit Car
  60. FIRE plus four weeks - SITREP
  61. Do you just "bum around town" as a retired person?
  62. Done
  63. Vantage Travel Experience?
  64. Retired Folks hanging out at the Shopping Mall and the Library seem sad!
  65. Celebrating 3 years of FIRE today!
  66. Another Best Cities to retire
  67. Are you the person you will be?
  68. Did you move after FIRE and find the grass greener?
  69. What advice do you have for a new retiree?
  70. Where is your shop?
  71. Can't you stay and finish X, Y, or Z?
  72. One of my old co-w*rkers FIRED
  73. When you thought the modern car was dead...
  74. There and Back Again (Relocation Update)
  75. Trusts, legal planning, who takes the kids
  76. RIF'd and FIRE'd
  77. Driving Speeds
  78. The new way of calculating a restaurant tip
  79. Timing belt calculus
  80. Mobile Home Insurance in a Retirement Community
  81. Any Xpats here considering or have considered Moving home after FIRE?
  82. Great American Factory Tours
  83. Tiny houses
  84. Well I finally did it
  85. Retirement at 43: The first six months
  86. HOAs from Hell
  87. Assisted living- where to start?
  88. Panama Expat Blog with Cost of Living
  89. Cost of living in cities across the world
  90. Well, that's that
  91. Life just before FIRE
  92. Palacios, TX???
  93. Narrowing down Florida locations
  94. Unique Communities?
  95. Video series about family selling everything to live on a sailboat
  96. 70F year-round
  97. Another "best places to retire list"
  98. Another Reason to Love Being FIREDd
  99. Asheville NC - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  100. Looking for examples of personal investment policy statements
  101. Has anyone taken a "hobby job"?
  102. DW Fired, Downsizing, and move aboard or stay in US.
  103. Joined A Yacht Club
  104. Has terrorism affected your retirement plans?
  105. Has Anyone STOPPED Watching/Reading the News?
  106. Heres where i screwed up
  107. Non-financial preparation for ER
  108. Any boat owners?
  109. My former coworker (another life too short thread)
  110. Is FL residency worth it?
  111. One Year Today
  112. Too old to purchase vacation home?
  113. FIRE Milestone: the last Sunday of my career
  114. Another list of best retirement cities
  115. Spending Jan-Feb in Gulfport Fl
  116. FIL wants to get married after knowing woman 2 weeks!
  117. Aging in Place
  118. Close ... BUT, where to go?
  119. One Month FIRED- a 30-day update
  120. Poll- burial or cremation (old thread)
  121. Snowbird in reverse?
  122. Morning person with night person
  123. First post-FIRE "Holiday Weekend" except now it's not really
  124. One year ago today
  125. New problem post retirement
  126. FIRE'd myself today at 55
  127. Pagosa Springs, CO
  128. Life after FIRE
  129. FIRE Update Year Six
  130. Organizing your time in retirement (WP article)
  131. FIRE Celebration, What did you do?
  132. Today marks 2 years
  133. June 30th = last day
  134. FYI: Cost of a Heart Attack in Thailand
  135. tax specialist / questions
  136. Slow Golfers
  137. Lest we forget Tioga George (Still goin strong)
  138. C level notice period
  139. How to find a retirement spot
  140. Year one of ER completed
  141. Any downside to unpaid leave of absence?
  142. Any good books about the decision to retire, adjustment, etc?
  143. Moving laterally in retirement
  144. Will I have the Cahunnas to do it?
  145. LOL: Why I quit my job to travel
  146. Question for early-retired physicians
  147. Nords in the news
  148. Top 5 Retirement Destinations 2016
  149. Packed Up My Office and Left Work After 28 Years!
  150. Last year is here!!!
  151. Part-Time ER vs Part-Time OMY: a Perspective
  152. Think you'll do that in ER? Maybe not
  153. Thoughts on a pool after retirement...
  154. When one half is still working
  155. Overdevelopment in my perfect town
  156. Avoiding too much routine in ER
  157. What does it mean to be "retired"?
  158. Did your RE downsize/home strategy work out as you had hoped?
  159. Anyone else streaming Starz?
  160. Struggling with retirement
  161. Happy Monday Everyone!
  162. Perpetual Travellers?
  163. New car safety features:
  164. Moderator Monday?
  165. Poll: Retirees, how adequate is your retirement income?
  166. DW gave notice Friday
  167. I wish I knew then what I know now........
  168. Social Security at age 62
  169. Comedy
  170. And just like that... 8 years have gone by
  171. Socrates was one wise ancient
  172. Favorite Podcasts
  173. Old racehorses still want to run?
  174. Funny "why are you here today" event.
  175. Today's my Last Day
  176. Replace windows with triple pane or double pane?
  177. 6 months living in Sun City
  178. retiring early with younger children
  179. How did ER affect your marriage?
  180. Newly retired and getting SS - how accurate was SS Statements 5 - 10 yrs ago?
  181. Digital Photo Frame & NAS
  182. Escapist thread - If you lost half your assets what would you do?
  183. Unexpected Expenses?
  184. 'Honeymoon' Phase of Early Retirement
  185. Getting cold feet
  186. contact with former colleagues
  187. What do you do all day after ER
  188. Microsoft outlook question?
  189. Spending Habits: Food & Drink
  190. After FIRE
  191. College towns with good fishing to retire to; suggestions?
  192. Tesla Model 3
  193. First Day of Retirement!!
  194. turning 60!
  195. I am Not Sure if I am More or Less Liquid Today
  196. Tellico Village - Anyone Out There?
  197. Viking Funerals
  198. Longevity and Retirement.
  199. Celebrating my 1st year of FIRE
  200. 1 year into retirement and going to try a part time consulting gig
  201. Pre retirement jitters.
  202. Turning Retirement Plan Upside Down
  203. Microsoft Scam
  204. All at sea? Urban legend no more.
  205. Psychopaths in Retirement
  206. Anybody FIRE in NYC area?
  207. Idleness Kills Manliness
  208. Suggestions for Places to Live in Maryland
  209. Anyone move from the city to a ranch/farm? - day dreaming here...
  210. One Year of ER Under My Belt
  211. Retirement so far - 7 weeks
  212. This weather is awesome/amazing!
  213. Finishing the job
  214. 4 Year FIRE Anniversary
  215. Returning to work after two and half months...
  216. Too poor to retire; too young to die
  217. Finally entering retirement
  218. Forcibly "retired". Not all its cracked up to be..
  219. The Landings, Skidaway Island Ga...
  220. Back to school today.
  221. Older retirees your withdraw rate over the span?
  222. The Announcement Came Out Today
  223. A few words on 'Inexpensive place to live'
  224. Manatees Anyone?
  225. OMY - Not so fast ( Today was THE DAY)
  226. USPS Delivery Problems
  227. Inexpensive Mediterranean climate for retirement?
  228. Poll:What is your retirement environment - mountain, sea, city, rural, abroad?
  229. AARP
  230. Car Free Snowbirding Destinations
  231. We downsized (and are still married)!
  232. Novel (unwanted) way to avoid retirement goodbyes
  233. Where to retire to
  234. Best Genealogy Software?
  235. Steve Jobs' final words (?)
  236. Alternatives to owning a car?
  237. Anyone Penalized For Early Notice?
  238. Best strategy for getting rid of old whole life policy
  239. Downsizing - What to do with all my stuff?
  240. Anyone consult for "fun"
  241. OMY - Didn't see it coming
  242. Need tips on a trip to Europe for my honeymoon
  243. Why Time Seems to Move Faster as We Grow Older
  244. What did you do today? 2016 version
  245. Fire in the hole!
  246. Choosing new warm, lower cost-of-living, place to move
  247. New Year's Eve plans?
  248. How to evaluate 55 + COMMUNITIES
  249. New Year's Day movies
  250. Finally did it.....