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  1. Top 5 Retirement Destinations 2016
  2. Packed Up My Office and Left Work After 28 Years!
  3. Last year is here!!!
  4. Part-Time ER vs Part-Time OMY: a Perspective
  5. Think you'll do that in ER? Maybe not
  6. Thoughts on a pool after retirement...
  7. When one half is still working
  8. Overdevelopment in my perfect town
  9. Avoiding too much routine in ER
  10. What does it mean to be "retired"?
  11. Did your RE downsize/home strategy work out as you had hoped?
  12. Anyone else streaming Starz?
  13. Struggling with retirement
  14. Happy Monday Everyone!
  15. Perpetual Travellers?
  16. New car safety features:
  17. Moderator Monday?
  18. Poll: Retirees, how adequate is your retirement income?
  19. DW gave notice Friday
  20. I wish I knew then what I know now........
  21. Social Security at age 62
  22. Comedy
  23. And just like that... 8 years have gone by
  24. Socrates was one wise ancient
  25. Favorite Podcasts
  26. Old racehorses still want to run?
  27. Funny "why are you here today" event.
  28. Today's my Last Day
  29. Replace windows with triple pane or double pane?
  30. 6 months living in Sun City
  31. retiring early with younger children
  32. How did ER affect your marriage?
  33. Newly retired and getting SS - how accurate was SS Statements 5 - 10 yrs ago?
  34. Digital Photo Frame & NAS
  35. Escapist thread - If you lost half your assets what would you do?
  36. Unexpected Expenses?
  37. 'Honeymoon' Phase of Early Retirement
  38. Getting cold feet
  39. contact with former colleagues
  40. What do you do all day after ER
  41. Microsoft outlook question?
  42. Spending Habits: Food & Drink
  43. After FIRE
  44. College towns with good fishing to retire to; suggestions?
  45. Tesla Model 3
  46. First Day of Retirement!!
  47. turning 60!
  48. I am Not Sure if I am More or Less Liquid Today
  49. Tellico Village - Anyone Out There?
  50. Viking Funerals
  51. Longevity and Retirement.
  52. Celebrating my 1st year of FIRE
  53. 1 year into retirement and going to try a part time consulting gig
  54. Pre retirement jitters.
  55. Turning Retirement Plan Upside Down
  56. Microsoft Scam
  57. All at sea? Urban legend no more.
  58. Psychopaths in Retirement
  59. Anybody FIRE in NYC area?
  60. Idleness Kills Manliness
  61. Suggestions for Places to Live in Maryland
  62. Anyone move from the city to a ranch/farm? - day dreaming here...
  63. One Year of ER Under My Belt
  64. Retirement so far - 7 weeks
  65. This weather is awesome/amazing!
  66. Finishing the job
  67. 4 Year FIRE Anniversary
  68. Returning to work after two and half months...
  69. Too poor to retire; too young to die
  70. Finally entering retirement
  71. Forcibly "retired". Not all its cracked up to be..
  72. The Landings, Skidaway Island Ga...
  73. Back to school today.
  74. Older retirees your withdraw rate over the span?
  75. The Announcement Came Out Today
  76. A few words on 'Inexpensive place to live'
  77. Manatees Anyone?
  78. OMY - Not so fast ( Today was THE DAY)
  79. USPS Delivery Problems
  80. Inexpensive Mediterranean climate for retirement?
  81. Poll:What is your retirement environment - mountain, sea, city, rural, abroad?
  82. AARP
  83. Car Free Snowbirding Destinations
  84. We downsized (and are still married)!
  85. Novel (unwanted) way to avoid retirement goodbyes
  86. Where to retire to
  87. Best Genealogy Software?
  88. Steve Jobs' final words (?)
  89. Alternatives to owning a car?
  90. Anyone Penalized For Early Notice?
  91. Best strategy for getting rid of old whole life policy
  92. Downsizing - What to do with all my stuff?
  93. Anyone consult for "fun"
  94. OMY - Didn't see it coming
  95. Need tips on a trip to Europe for my honeymoon
  96. Why Time Seems to Move Faster as We Grow Older
  97. What did you do today? 2016 version
  98. Fire in the hole!
  99. Choosing new warm, lower cost-of-living, place to move
  100. New Year's Eve plans?
  101. How to evaluate 55 + COMMUNITIES
  102. New Year's Day movies
  103. Finally did it.....
  104. First Anniversary!
  105. Tucson, Arizona
  106. Looking for wisdom...
  107. Any Eldercare Forum Web Sites That You'd Recommend?
  108. Surprise, surprise! For a happier, healthier life, retire!
  109. "New" Avalon
  110. Where to ER in the Caribbean?
  111. Anyone flip vehicles as a side hustle??
  112. Snowbirding question re: winterizing
  113. Fit brain trainer for iPhone
  114. Winters out of the USA
  115. Photography in the Caribbean
  116. Alarm system?
  117. Alarm Monitoring - Anyone Switch Monitoring Companies to Lower Costs?
  118. For those OMY folks
  119. Dreams about work after retirement.
  120. My 2016 Work Performance Goal: Retire in June
  121. Part time vs. early retirement
  122. What We're Making
  123. Easy Access to Lumosity for 80-year-old Mom (and 35% Lumosity Family Plan Discount!)
  124. Destinations for snowbirding-
  125. Busy, Busy, Busy ! A love / hate thing
  126. Do you Dream more ?
  127. Our new big FIRE adventure
  128. Life after Bucket Lists
  129. A taste of retirement: Short Term Disability
  130. Wreaths Across America
  131. Employment Finance vs Early Retirement Finance
  132. Poll: What does retirement feel like to you?
  133. DW will not work
  134. Poll: What's your retirement house size?
  135. ER Summary 2 1/2 years in!
  136. Ten Years Ago Today I Retired! An Update
  137. A gift basket!
  138. How Technology Will Transform Retirement
  139. Live for Less Elsewhere
  140. Happy Thanksgiving!
  141. Thinking of home schooling in ER
  142. Estate debts and avoiding probate
  143. Dormant pent up career pressure finally subsiding
  144. Wow - Is this what it's like? (Only wor*ing 5 days this month)
  145. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  146. Semi-Retirement Confusion
  147. Building a House
  148. The Subdivision is looking shabby....Are we doomed?
  149. It's Monday!
  150. Any other hard core ER skiiers out there?
  151. The Last Day
  152. FIRE - family and friends just can't relate!
  153. Anyone adopt a puppy after 60?
  154. Retiring FROM vs. Retiring TO.
  155. How do the young rich avoid solitude, fill their time?
  156. Poll: Where do you live?
  157. Coping with excessive solitude
  158. Jon Stewart on life after The Daily Show
  159. Talk me out of this car
  160. Do you remember your "countdown" to retirement?
  161. Finally got out in my kayak today. First time this year. This year I was fo...
  162. The Other Woman...
  163. Anyone Else Enjoy Consulting?
  164. Turning 62: Besides SS decision, what else did you do?
  165. Semi-retirement
  166. Would you rent/buy in retirement ?
  167. Little things mean a lot
  168. First major post ER expense
  169. FIRE From USA to Australia
  170. How long were you in the markets before FIRE
  171. Credit Score as Relationship Predictor
  172. Another Medicare Question ?????? What is your coverage and cost ????
  173. One in four Uber drivers over 55
  174. One year anniversary of ER, reflections
  175. Golf Talk Tuesdays
  176. First move toward cutting the cord
  177. Amazon prime one-day sale for new members
  178. Rent vs. Own difference by state
  179. Old tax returns ?
  180. OMY countdown
  181. Golf cart friendly
  182. I'd like to learn how to make better food
  183. Regrets
  184. What city to visit for the month of January?
  185. List your most effective expense saving moves
  186. How to take a 30 day vacation from mud season
  187. The courage to pull the trigger
  188. Retirement communities change for Boomers
  189. A second career post-FIRE?
  190. Post FIRE - nice feeling
  191. My first work dream after FIRE
  192. Regrets of Retiring Too Late
  193. Rent or Buy
  194. Retirees are Workless
  195. Adjustment to Early Retirement
  196. What's your daily schedule?
  197. Yearly Mileage on FIRE?
  198. Seclusion in FIRE?
  199. Need a Tivo Primer
  200. Robson Ranch
  201. Amazing Interview
  202. Best Counties in America
  203. Hola - In Case Anyone is Interested........
  204. One year post ER report
  205. Retirement on a Friday, newsed toyhauler on a Tuesday...
  206. Independent Contractor and Taxes
  207. Scientist wannabes?
  208. ESR, how to withdraw?
  209. I did some research and came up with a list of the 50 Best US Cities for Early Retire
  210. Best Fishing Town?
  211. Post retirement checklist?
  212. Will this Really Work for Air Tickets??
  213. Buy a vacation home or just travel? A nice problem.
  214. Determining State Residency
  215. Life Insurance...for my animals?
  216. They actually needed a "study" for this?
  217. Do you have structure or routine in retirement?
  218. Good Friend Bored in ER fter only 2 Months!
  219. Tiny House is 125 square feet too big?
  220. 2 months into OMY, BS bucket full, and new boss is an idiot
  221. WAYGTDAD answer for the navy guys...
  222. OMY, Departure Timing and Learning not to be Greedy
  223. Total Bond Index or Stable Value Fund ?
  224. Health & Happiness in Retirement
  225. HOA?
  226. Health insurance question
  227. Thread about eldercare/no kids
  228. 8/28 - Taking the Plunge to ER
  229. Dan Gilbert: The psychology of our future self. How we change.
  230. Alternatives To The Norms
  231. Update - Three months in (or out?)
  232. New (Pre-Owned) Auto
  233. "Zero Turn" Mower
  234. What the country folks do in retirement
  235. Short run printing of letter size "book"
  236. Emotional Connection to the your house?
  237. Retiring in Northern California
  238. Canceled #12 of 40 post retirement home maintenance projects
  239. Post FIRE relocation
  240. Caller ID spoofing / FCC complaints
  241. 1 year
  242. This week marks the start of OMY for me
  243. Finding friends in a new area
  244. Collecting SS after 20+ years of not working
  245. A World Without Work
  246. Part Time job?
  247. Independence Day - I smell freedom
  248. Have you recently switched from PC to Mac?
  249. So how do you retire then?
  250. ER schedule