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  1. Lessons fromt he 1950s -- Food for Thought
  2. Pick My Retirement City!!!
  3. Anyone Feel Guilty?
  4. Kids' behavior
  5. Today was my last day.....
  6. Relocation to Phoenix
  7. Retiring early with kids; Big adjustment when they left?
  8. An Opportunity to Reboot My Life
  9. Driverless car for old people
  10. Post FIRE Major Expenses
  11. Del Webb
  12. Change is hard! Moving after 27 years?
  13. my (female) hair
  14. What would you have done differently?
  15. Best State Residency
  16. What Skills Do You Find Useful/Not Useful?
  17. Your Retirement Quest
  18. Renting in retirement
  19. Thoughts on one year anniversary of ESR
  20. Anyone here who's retired and loves cars (or restoring them)?
  21. Class of 2021
  22. Withdrawal Rate Example
  23. One More Remodel
  24. Laguna Woods (Leisure World) Anyone?
  25. Regrets or disappointments
  26. When planning ...
  27. Truth about Villages???
  28. 40% Retired
  29. Six years!
  30. Amtrak sleeper cars
  31. I can see the fat lady getting ready to sing
  32. Transition into ER with a Purpose
  33. Where to live & crime
  34. OLY Syndrome? (One Less Year)
  35. POLL: Retirees: How much did you spend on hobbies in 2013?
  36. Pulled the Plug
  37. My husband retires Wednesday.
  38. Kirkland Brand Products
  39. Your marriage / relationship after retirement
  40. Where Travel in Sept & Oct?
  41. The Social Side of RV Camping - Rallies
  42. What to do with old CDs?
  43. Laminate and Tile Flooring
  44. Want to snowbird to warmer climate for first time
  45. A gentleman of small but independent means
  46. check your wills if you have grandchildren.
  47. Why Lie About Early Retirement?
  48. Taxing States
  49. Best Day Ever?
  50. Stick a Fork in Me....
  51. Safe bicycling in southern states
  52. How do you spend your first two hours of the day?
  53. Tomorrow (4-11-14) is my Retirement Day.........for now
  54. Poll: What's your relationship status?
  55. You know you're retired when...
  56. Pikes Peak or Bust!
  57. ER life evaluation.
  58. Never thought I would go back...
  59. retiring early-mid 40s - - thoughts
  60. Slomo
  61. Windows 8.1
  62. Calculating withdrawal rate
  63. Earthquake
  64. Feelings of failure upon approaching semi-retirement
  65. Kayak for fishing
  66. Partially FIRE'ed at 30 - Social Issues / Dating
  67. Social Outlet for Spouse/Spending TIme Apart
  68. Moving to South West Florida
  69. NYT Article: "Coping When Not Entering Retirement Together"
  70. Even the use of the word may be a subtle attempt to dissuade people from wanting reti
  71. Am I just a lazy SOB?
  72. Condo Purchase in Palm Springs?
  73. Postcards from the future--Retirement Regrets
  74. sigh...I guess Einstein was right
  75. Thinking of Moving to the Big Island of Hawaii
  76. Buying a small business in ER?
  77. I'm Sixty Today!
  78. Thoughts on the transition from full-time to part-time?
  79. Gradual Transition to FIRE
  80. What do you do in ER when spouse still works
  81. Freedom
  82. My One Year FIRE Anniversary !
  83. It's starting to be real!
  84. One Year ER
  85. Looking for ideal small to mid size cities
  86. My Thursday Afternoon
  87. 55 in less than a week....
  88. Dropped Cable Today
  89. Sources of funding retirement
  90. Day, Short term trading for FIRE income?
  91. MIL ready for retirement community - advice?
  92. Primary Residence-Buy or Rent
  93. To ER or not to ER.....
  94. Natixis Report: Best countries to retire in 2014
  95. Pension haters
  96. What to do after ER?
  97. Calpers Retirees - Current and Future
  98. Poll: Learning a new language in ER
  99. Am I Over Reacting? Advice Needed
  100. Do I have to give notice again?
  101. May need "Class of 2013" status revoked (partially)
  102. 2014 retired FED and going to retire FEDs...
  103. Life in the 90's
  104. Pandora, Itunes Radio, and XM
  105. Moving
  106. Two months in...life is GOOD
  107. Day One?
  108. Your Most Meaningful Change?
  109. Any workaholics able to hang it up?
  110. Pensions - Got one?
  111. Snowbird Needs Direction
  112. Where is Imoldernu?
  113. Puerto Rico not such a good idea?
  114. any way to get out of retirement party?
  115. Class of 2019
  116. Social Transition into Retirement
  117. Taking my first step towards moving to Japan
  118. One Spouse Works...One Spouse ER
  119. Beekeeping...
  120. "Lifting Fog" Effect?
  121. First retirement check
  122. Why Not Spend More on Me Now than Later?
  123. valued and much appreciated advice-rent or buy
  124. recommendations for affordable boating communities ?
  125. Planning My Spring Adventure - float, fish and live off the land
  126. Realization after a travel abroad ...
  127. not in winter
  128. One week in...a symbolic dream?
  129. ER is real now........
  130. Calpers retires
  131. New retiree - 2014
  132. Social Security
  133. A couple of weeks into Retirement.....
  134. Need LTC $ for Mom: Become a Landlord?
  135. 26 days in
  136. Done it. First day of retirement today.
  137. State-to-state migration patterns
  138. Debit, Credit or Cash
  139. Career advice, ER firemen / engineer
  140. English as a second language
  141. Thinking about buying a condo and snowbirding
  142. Ooma and Ooma handsets
  143. All my friends are old..er..older?
  144. My first year of ER - a retrospective (long post!)
  145. Do you plan meals in advance?
  146. Cheap (Free?) Cell Phone
  147. 7 Reasons Why You Really Shouldn't Move to Cambodia
  148. Looking for a good cell phone carrier
  149. New Chapter – Solo move across country (or maybe Hawaii)
  150. O2 sensors
  151. How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk
  152. Retirement TV Commercials
  153. any thoughts on New Mexico?
  154. Bicycling in Mount Pleasant / Charleston SC area
  155. Forecast is minus (-20) Below Zero. Cold enough?
  156. Amazon delivery on Sunday
  157. Retiring in Latin America
  158. speedy first year
  159. Change in plans
  160. Who waited too long to FIRE?
  161. Our First adventure!!!
  162. Do You Have a Rainy Day Passion?
  163. Gift Cards
  164. Update after 1 year of ER
  165. 6 Stages of Retirement
  166. Monty Python back?
  167. I guess I am ready after all
  168. Photographer's Corner - equipment
  169. 65-Year Old Digs Ditches for $20/hr?!
  170. Easy way to get 50,000 delta frequent flier miles
  171. Keeping your bicycle safe from theft
  172. Volunteerism and FIRE
  173. Anyone want to come sailing this winter?
  174. Advice column on spousal reaction to FIRE
  175. Planning for changes in mental acuity
  176. Poll:When will/did you draw from SSA
  177. A Major Epiphany
  178. Full time RVing as a single ER?
  179. Will I care?
  180. Athanasia - extraoperative electrocorticography
  181. The resignation letter
  182. Living on Texas coast? Any advice
  183. Dental and vision
  184. Three months to go and finally shifting stuff around
  185. Need Advice re: Nationwide Moving Co, Storage & Container.
  186. Finally--I Am At Peace Regarding Long Term Care
  187. Non-resident library card
  188. Planning vs. over-planning for retirement
  189. Lock up home and travel
  190. Others reactions to your Financial Independence
  191. Lawrence, KSd
  192. Let's build a retirement house
  193. Update on my "phased" FIRE process
  194. Moving away from kids in retirement
  195. How long was your glide path?
  196. NYT Article on AA in retirement
  197. Dad
  198. Your recent repair?
  199. Anyone using a standing desk?
  200. Reminiscing: 50 Years Later
  201. Did your retirement "dreams" change a lot over the years?
  202. How Many Pay Cuts?
  203. When I know (mostly) FIRE has changed me
  204. Retiring as a single person.
  205. 90 days in - its been an emotional roller coaster but I feel pretty good.
  206. Sharing without marriage.
  207. General Update
  208. His & Hers
  209. What song did (or will) you leave with?
  210. The Photographers' Corner
  211. Ten weeks in, what next?
  212. Home stretch!
  213. Top 10 phrases heard in a retirement brothel
  214. Taxes in move to UK
  215. Email Hijacking
  216. FIRE'd: The "FI" part is great, the "RE" part not so much for me anymore
  217. John's Island, Florida
  218. Another article on successful retirement
  219. Unexpected expenses after retirement (everything breaks!)
  220. Best places to retire for young active family?
  221. Study: New Retirees Less Likely to Die
  222. Life after FIRE in your local Walmart
  223. Selecting a Mail Forwarding Service - one thing they don't mention
  224. I've been busy .......
  225. Please help me figure out why I feel so overwhelmed!
  226. Looks like I am going back to work
  227. How long can you leave home and leave it empty?
  228. How often do you shave? (Those of us who do that is)
  229. A Tale of Two Layoffs
  230. My first week of ER....
  231. Have you taken a sabbatical?
  232. How are you "Really" doing??
  233. Finally got full membership
  234. What to do all day? No problem...
  235. 10 Ingredients for Retirement Bliss
  236. Losing relationships
  237. Snowbirds on the forum? Splitting time between cities?
  238. When does ER get hard?
  239. All done!
  240. Categories of withdrawal
  241. CDC - Golden years shorter in southern states
  242. Kramer's got something
  243. Move to Japan?
  244. CNBC segment on ER and dementia
  245. Megacorp vs small company
  246. Sodding Estimates
  247. Selling in a Down Market
  248. Seeking Current info on Wilmington, NC Area
  249. Evidence Folks are aging better
  250. What Would You Miss About Not Living In the US If You Were An Ex-Pat?