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  1. Any Experience With Class B RV's?
  2. Orlando retirement options
  3. How to Survive an Earthquake!!!
  4. Snow Preparedness in Puget Sound
  5. SINGLE life after FIRE
  6. Best Places To Burn Your Severance
  7. Want to live to be over 65? You may have to move...
  8. Retiree Poll on The Financial Crisis
  9. Ageing and Elderly Issues
  10. Spain bike tour report
  11. Help the Upcoming ERs - What Would You Do Different
  12. First work nightmare after FIRE
  13. Arica, Chile
  14. Migraines and FIRE
  15. Do it yourself wills
  16. ER Class of 2007: Your thoughts?
  17. What is life like after FIRE?
  18. Photography gurus - need advice
  19. What Countries to avoid paying USA taxes?
  20. OMG, It's Monday!
  21. Mexico's growing assisted-living market targets U.S. retirees
  22. Disney in FL as employer?
  23. Possible position as a Fed contractor?
  24. Life, love and photographs - Read the warning
  25. the sweet ability to 'just say no'
  26. the market is down
  27. Life and health insurance... buy online?
  28. House surfing
  29. Retire to Florida
  30. Flexible part-time job?
  31. New "Green" Job Search
  32. Bittersweet lunch with former coworker
  33. Land search just got serious!
  34. Peace Corps targets retirees for overseas jobs
  35. Family history of ER?
  36. It's been 2 years
  37. ER Angst
  38. Keeping Things in Perspective
  39. Part-time careers that work well with semi-FIRE?
  40. An update on "Who am I?"
  41. Scott Adams (Dilbert): "Retired and Useful"
  42. A New Presidential Candidate
  43. Reminding myself: this is why we use an SWR
  44. Some good thoughts about the future.
  45. MyNextPhase.com's review of three celebrity "retirements"
  46. Upcoming workshop classes at my local credit union
  47. The First year under my belt!!!
  48. Am I a loner because I enjoy solitude and is that okay?
  49. what to do with a broken shoulder for 2 - 3mos
  50. Don't make my mistake
  51. What my life has become - heaven !!!!!
  52. Regional Personality Traits (WSJ article)
  53. My First Day
  54. Preferred stocks vs. paying off mortgage
  55. Ecuador or Bust
  56. What after tax growth rate are you using for your investments?
  57. Baby Boomers are Now Delaying Retirement
  58. Re-do of Social Security
  59. Good news for foreign travel - dollar will strenghten
  60. Where jobs are created, sustained & economic growth is: Milken Institute study
  61. Golf Courses! Post your photos here!
  62. 1 year later
  63. Homebase vs travel, ala Kramer
  64. Do you feel guilty about ER?
  65. Who am I?
  66. San Antonio, dream retirement town
  67. My return to school
  68. dressing in style
  69. Bucket List
  70. Green Mountain Stage Race
  71. How much life insurance after FIRE?
  72. What are your plans for when you're unable to make sound decisions?
  73. A career in retrospect
  74. A question for those who have ER'd.
  75. Changes after retirement
  76. Things to Do Before You Die
  77. FIRE or Retire as an Expat
  78. Life Insurance Recommendations -- After SGLI
  79. Have you volunteered at your library?
  80. Who has taken a 6-12 month "trial run"?
  81. Post Retirement Job Recommendations
  82. Taking a past Co-worker to lunch today
  83. Condo Hunt
  84. How important is the quality of medical care in your retirement decision?
  85. Went back to work
  86. Another classmate passes and reflections on SER
  87. Retiree Tax Heaven (and Hell)
  88. So Depressed about Colorado
  89. Why aren't more retiring in Houston?
  90. Old Friends
  91. what did you do today? (2008-2015) (closed)
  92. what stores do/did you work at parttime after ER?
  93. Motorhome Woes
  94. SS Statement and Medicare?
  95. Life after the buyout
  96. with fall comes a new routine - what are you looking forward to?
  97. One Man's Tale of Avoiding the Hamster Wheel
  98. FIRE - Ideas for Staying Active
  99. Today I experienced...something
  100. The retiement blues
  101. What three thing I won't miss after I FIRE
  102. A different kind of book report: philosophy
  103. Danube Cruise
  104. jealousy and guilt
  105. Forbes -- Best (cheap) overseas locales
  106. Circum-Coastal Amtrak Border Ride?
  107. rainy days - Im bored already! what will happen once I retire?
  108. What do you think about Florida????
  109. Lazy or decompressing?
  110. Cure for just 1 more year: 2 month rental in Florida
  111. For Retired Folks: What Do You Dream About?
  112. Unique things to do in rehirement
  113. My relaxing hobby -- in pursuit of the $10 tomato
  114. best city in america
  115. Living above his means
  116. > 1 year and counting
  117. I'm not looking for a job, but... (a perpetual series)
  118. Gave Notice / Smiling / back to W*rk for now
  119. The first day of the rest of my life
  120. Im on 4wks vacation time then Im "early retiring"
  121. did you immediately start living a life of relaxation or did it take a while?
  122. do you have something that "drives you" now that you dont work?
  123. Escape Artist dead?
  124. In retirement, everything's up for renegotiation
  125. Portrait of an Aging Nation
  126. Did you/will you buy dental coverage in retirement?
  127. Now's the time to buy in Orlando, Florida!
  128. residency & domicile across state lines
  129. Retiring on Social Security... and ONLY on SS.
  130. Mail Service? Any new findings?
  131. How did you decide when to FIRE?
  132. Wall E
  133. A Quiet Walk Down the Hallway ...
  134. Would you live in a place you didn't like if it meant you could FIRE?
  135. Just got a new toy.
  136. Does this count?
  137. I'm all a-FIRE
  138. Relocation Research Pointers
  139. Which States Give Retirees the Best Deal?
  140. Community Theater
  141. She Will Beg For More
  142. Olympic Peninsula
  143. Motorcycles' siren song...
  144. looking for better summers...
  145. Something to do?
  146. The High Cost of Socializing
  147. (*Ahem*) The other Nords finally ERs
  148. Book recommendations for retired father?
  149. A hot day in western PA
  150. Recommendations for South Carolina living
  151. Looking for places to become a Snowbird
  152. Business Sale and Early Retirement
  153. photogram: tampa heights & ybor city
  154. MCSE as a part time job?
  155. Retired - Finding a Purpose for your life
  156. Help! Looking for a great place to rent
  157. A Must See
  158. Retired "Business" Cards - What would you put on yours?
  159. Where older folks work
  160. My visit to The Villages in Florida
  161. I want to go spend some money !!
  162. 2 Years today ER
  163. International Rental Home or Condo
  164. security from key-loggers
  165. Sarasota, FL
  166. FIRE in the USA
  167. Logan, UT
  168. Campground hosting
  169. Eating like a geezer
  170. All Inclusive Suggestions
  171. Microsoft WorldWide Telescope - Wow!
  172. If you're an ER, do you own "his" and "hers" cars?
  173. a photogram from fort lauderdale part 2: las olas isles & the beach
  174. House Sold and We Are Outta Here!
  175. One more off the list
  176. Mom, retired... and depressed...
  177. Life of a dog..............
  178. 5.5 more work days till ER !
  179. The rewards of FI - A day off
  180. interview with the Kaderlis
  181. another photo tour: lazy does lauderdale, part 1
  182. FIRE and hair
  183. Houseboat Fractional Ownership
  184. Getting Ready
  185. A fun day on the road
  186. Learning conversational Spanish...
  187. I'm going to resign tomorrow - this could be FIRE
  188. What is (or will be) your second career?
  189. Update from Estonia
  190. ER'd yesterday!
  191. Any Anti-Downsizers Out There?
  192. how long did it take you to adjust/get into a nonwork routine?
  193. living the life you envisioned? or totally changed?
  194. Where the money is in America...still NE!
  195. miami beach photo tour
  196. Advice for My Close-to-Retirement Parents
  197. Virginia Beach?
  198. My 2000th + Post a couple of thoughts
  199. Cordon Bleau at Kanteen 101...
  200. Rice, beer and wisdom from Lefty
  201. Delaware! Have you considered it?
  202. Why do you get out of bed in the morning?
  203. For all those interested in international living
  204. I'm almost too embarassed to ask...
  205. Question about Portland and Eugene OR
  206. The Stones six stories high - wow
  207. Entered Another Stage in Life
  208. After RE, do you keep in touch with former coworkers?
  209. An ex-coworker's unwanted e-mail
  210. The Other Side of the (FIRE) Coin
  211. Retirement, according to Leacock
  212. Live-in-Place vs Retirement Community
  213. A glitch for some retirement plans
  214. Early morning bird walks
  215. Boomer Retirement Series on TV
  216. have a routine - out of house by 9/10am?
  217. Anybody know of Fairfield Glade & Tellico Village?
  218. Quick turn on ESPN The president is on!!
  219. Retiring Overseas -- How much does it really cost?
  220. Let the countdown commence ... 2 months
  221. Millionaire refuse to retire
  222. ER Permanent Relocation vs Seasonal Rentals?
  223. Does ANYBODY really care.....
  224. teaching as second career
  225. FIRE Spending Habits
  226. name your 50 activities that
  227. Hobbies - hobbies w/stages, healthier/wealthier/wiser, get involved
  228. Perpetual Renter
  229. Chicago sales tax now 10.25%!
  230. Does your medical coverage follow you when you travel?
  231. so my A type mind has me out of the house during the day, set time out during week
  232. Port Townsend, WA?
  233. Upstate New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, or Maine
  234. How Far North?
  235. Getting a Mortgage After Retirement
  236. very early retirement - impact on friends?
  237. Fortune Magazine's Where to Retire in Style
  238. Poll- Where to retire?
  239. 37% fewer moved to Florida in 2007 than 2006
  240. Venice Florida
  241. since i made the decision to ER ppl are noticing im more relaxed
  242. Small town retirement-retire in Ukiah, CA?
  243. what do you tell ppl when they ask what youre doing after you "early retire"?
  244. Missouri, New Orleans, or Wherever
  245. PERMANENTLY moving overseas
  246. Here's A Nice Part-Time Job For You Good-Looking ERs
  247. Life 2.0
  248. Update International Living Magazine
  249. Retire in Sonoma, CA?
  250. The Villages in Florida?