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  1. Does anyone have a job they stay at simply because they enjoy it?
  2. FIRE at 55 or earn the extra $$$$$$
  3. Had a horrible nightmare about work last night
  4. Merrill Lynch study says you need $738.4K on average to retire
  5. Want to move to better weather but tough to leave family/comfort
  6. Too poor to retire and too young to die - Follow up
  7. What is your healthcare budget for older pets?
  8. New Orleans Visit
  9. Haven't been on this site for awhile. Why?
  10. Learning to spend after years of saving...
  11. Informed Delivery - a free new USPS service
  12. Article - 10 things that surprised me about early retirement
  13. Thinking of taking a Western Carribean Cruise to see Mayan Ruins etc Recommentations?
  14. Necessary road bike accessories
  15. Is my 99 year old Dad working again?
  16. Wine Question
  17. Changes in residence
  18. Should be good to go.......
  19. The most unhappy occupation
  20. Post Questions/Comments For Dex here
  21. It's Very Good To Be FIRED in Atlanta!
  22. Nervous about spending
  23. Vacation home, do you regret it?
  24. Relocate to Banning CA??
  25. Air Fryer suggestions?
  26. "A Year to Clear" - awesome book!
  27. Six Stages of Retirement?
  28. Those who cannot retire...
  29. Anyone into home automation?
  30. Longevity risk is not what you may think
  31. Did you go BACK to work? What was your decision process?
  32. How did you know it was time to RE?
  33. Itís so nice to be loved!
  34. Folks retiring from Hampton Roads
  35. Exercise and Health
  36. Year 2 retirement blues
  37. Uh oh a job offer has come my way! Might be coming out of retirement...
  38. What makes your community feel like home?
  39. Sex After Retirement?
  40. Yet another "too young" thread
  41. Retiring to a rural setting or small town
  42. Can retire, but what will it be like?
  43. Would you have done it differently and taken life slower ?
  44. 60 Year Change in Personality?
  45. Amazon lowers free shipping threshold to $35
  46. Alternatives to Santa Fe?
  47. Older women having too much fun to retire
  48. Metal Detecting
  49. Anyone doing any paid Board directorships?
  50. Replacement Hot Water Heater
  51. Close Call with W*RK
  52. Amazon web site scam
  53. Becoming a real estate agent in retirement?
  54. Two-House Pendulum Swinging Back to One
  55. Recollection of your career
  56. Did your personality change after retirement?
  57. What was the biggest unanticipated downside of your ER?
  58. Spending change after FIRE
  59. Taking college classes post retirement
  60. Lifelong Learning
  61. My retirement quandaries
  62. Here we go! Class of 2017 checking in!
  63. Worried About My Future FIRE Life
  64. Embracing the FIRE Experience
  65. Someday's I feel no purpose
  66. Exit interviews?
  67. States to where retirees move
  68. Work called
  69. Hi. I am... RETIRED
  70. Robotic Elder Care
  71. Do you still have dreams of previous work life?
  72. Graduate School After Retirement
  73. New Year's Resolutions!
  74. The Videographers Corner
  75. Where have you lived?
  76. What did you do today? 2017 version
  77. Study: Leisure in Retirement
  78. Bought a new car
  79. Poll: Average Daily Cost of Vacation
  80. NYT article on ER
  81. Best way to get down the Atlantic Seaboard
  82. Directv Now
  83. Do you miss being front and center
  84. How long did it take?
  85. Where to live in Florida?
  86. Do you buy yourself a Christmas/Holiday present?
  87. Old Cars - What Your Mileage?
  88. DW younger and ER
  89. Thanks to you all
  90. My old j*b is available
  91. Started the ball rolling
  92. Can you really enjoy retirement if it was someone else's decision?
  93. Education costs for 2nd/new career
  94. Why am I still working?
  95. Planning a move from CA to GA
  96. Anyone have this weird fantasy?
  97. The Best "Simple Things" in Retirement?
  98. IRA taxes if move from IL havng none to NC 5.75% flat
  99. Hawaii
  100. Data/Phone Plan vs Post FIRE Locations?
  101. Spending patterns inRE
  102. Restaurant deals
  103. Contemplating relocation from HI to TX
  104. Sunday Evenings in Retirement
  105. Are you the 1%?
  106. All done and thankful
  107. Internet news comments
  108. How did you view your job/career by the time you FIREd?
  109. Is this how SS spousal benefit would work?
  110. Forbes Article: 28-Year-Old Retires in NYC With $2 Million
  111. How have you guys determined what direction youíve gone?
  112. Early Retirement and Religious Beliefs
  113. What are you looking forward to in 2017?
  114. Relocation Priorities (How does one decide what's important?)
  115. Are you enjoying your vacations as much?
  116. Social Security Privatization?
  117. Please don't make me go to Giant again, ever.
  118. Downside of retirement
  119. My A$$ is Officially FIRE'd!
  120. "What will you do with your time...?"
  121. Moving Dad to Assisted Living
  122. Smartphone permanently on silent
  123. Did you make/change plans for grandchildren? (& update on No House Sale for You!)
  124. Anyone here into Wine Making?
  125. One week till FIRE!
  126. Thank you to those here at e-r.org
  127. Term Insurance : No Exam
  128. Beginning my FINAL YEAR! (Class of 2017)
  129. Truck campers
  130. Retired - They want me back - what to charge?
  131. Need decluttering help- useful items but...
  132. FIRE and your children's ages?
  133. I sure hope it is what I expected!
  134. How does RVing affect your budget?
  135. Talk me into or out of a Class B RV purchase
  136. TransAmerica retirement survey
  137. Changes in society - How not to predict the future.
  138. Had to keep my mouth shut last night...
  139. What are you spending on?
  140. Friday Afternoon Traffic...OYE!!!
  141. Feeling some Guilt and Regret over College
  142. Retired at 45
  143. Gave my notice this week!
  144. Let go at 64, tips?
  145. UN-Retired, Kinda sorta.
  146. Two months into FIRE update
  147. Owning two houses in retirement
  148. Two years in and life just gets better
  149. Mediterranean Cruises
  150. Life imitates the movie "Intern"
  151. Pre-FIRE Counseling Requested
  152. 2016 Fall TV
  153. Retired? Do you feel sorry for people who have to work?
  154. Did your working spouse think less of you after retiring?
  155. Why it's hard to retire
  156. How often do people tell you that you are too young to retire?
  157. Family Entropy
  158. One of the blessings of FIRE
  159. Terrible Golfer After 16 Years - Should I give up
  160. Talk me into or out of booking business class
  161. "overqualified" ?
  162. People who can't or won't retire.
  163. A Longer Life
  164. Summer living in a ski town
  165. Has anyone considered retiring to the town you grew up in?
  166. Kit Car
  167. FIRE plus four weeks - SITREP
  168. Do you just "bum around town" as a retired person?
  169. Done
  170. Vantage Travel Experience?
  171. Retired Folks hanging out at the Shopping Mall and the Library seem sad!
  172. Celebrating 3 years of FIRE today!
  173. Another Best Cities to retire
  174. Are you the person you will be?
  175. Did you move after FIRE and find the grass greener?
  176. What advice do you have for a new retiree?
  177. Where is your shop?
  178. Can't you stay and finish X, Y, or Z?
  179. One of my old co-w*rkers FIRED
  180. When you thought the modern car was dead...
  181. There and Back Again (Relocation Update)
  182. Trusts, legal planning, who takes the kids
  183. RIF'd and FIRE'd
  184. Driving Speeds
  185. The new way of calculating a restaurant tip
  186. Timing belt calculus
  187. Mobile Home Insurance in a Retirement Community
  188. Any Xpats here considering or have considered Moving home after FIRE?
  189. Great American Factory Tours
  190. Tiny houses
  191. Well I finally did it
  192. Retirement at 43: The first six months
  193. HOAs from Hell
  194. Assisted living- where to start?
  195. Panama Expat Blog with Cost of Living
  196. Cost of living in cities across the world
  197. Well, that's that
  198. Life just before FIRE
  199. Palacios, TX???
  200. Narrowing down Florida locations
  201. Unique Communities?
  202. Video series about family selling everything to live on a sailboat
  203. 70F year-round
  204. Another "best places to retire list"
  205. Another Reason to Love Being FIREDd
  206. Asheville NC - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  207. Looking for examples of personal investment policy statements
  208. Has anyone taken a "hobby job"?
  209. DW Fired, Downsizing, and move aboard or stay in US.
  210. Joined A Yacht Club
  211. Has terrorism affected your retirement plans?
  212. Has Anyone STOPPED Watching/Reading the News?
  213. Heres where i screwed up
  214. Non-financial preparation for ER
  215. Any boat owners?
  216. My former coworker (another life too short thread)
  217. Is FL residency worth it?
  218. One Year Today
  219. Too old to purchase vacation home?
  220. FIRE Milestone: the last Sunday of my career
  221. Another list of best retirement cities
  222. Spending Jan-Feb in Gulfport Fl
  223. FIL wants to get married after knowing woman 2 weeks!
  224. Aging in Place
  225. Close ... BUT, where to go?
  226. One Month FIRED- a 30-day update
  227. Poll- burial or cremation (old thread)
  228. Snowbird in reverse?
  229. Morning person with night person
  230. First post-FIRE "Holiday Weekend" except now it's not really
  231. One year ago today
  232. New problem post retirement
  233. FIRE'd myself today at 55
  234. Pagosa Springs, CO
  235. Life after FIRE
  236. FIRE Update Year Six
  237. Organizing your time in retirement (WP article)
  238. FIRE Celebration, What did you do?
  239. Today marks 2 years
  240. June 30th = last day
  241. FYI: Cost of a Heart Attack in Thailand
  242. tax specialist / questions
  243. Slow Golfers
  244. Lest we forget Tioga George (Still goin strong)
  245. C level notice period
  246. How to find a retirement spot
  247. Year one of ER completed
  248. Any downside to unpaid leave of absence?
  249. Any good books about the decision to retire, adjustment, etc?
  250. Moving laterally in retirement