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  1. Hedge Fund Collapse..........
  2. Anyone in the age group 40-49??
  3. I just sold it all
  4. The yellow brick road...
  5. A Song To Help You Keep Your Job Until You ER
  6. After-tax investing
  7. O.K., so looking for info on Booz Allen
  8. I think I'm ruined.
  9. home or invest
  10. Anybody else here go through some rough patches early in life?
  11. Has someone taked a lot less for a better job
  12. Need Advice on how to invest Keogh/IRA assets
  13. Handed in my resignation
  14. How hard to switch functions within financial services?
  15. Pension Choices
  16. LEAPs
  17. How do you Deal with Stress?
  18. Net Worth Benchmarks
  19. The money-and-happiness correlation
  20. 401K investment help
  21. Help for my sister
  22. Question for CPA (Audit Side)
  23. inflation
  24. what the--?? freelance hell
  25. SOX, bonds, etfs and covered calls
  26. Citibank Dividend?
  27. septic
  28. MBA Starting Salary
  29. Emotionally Attached to my house
  30. CalPers 457 vs. Vanguard 403(b)
  31. 2007 401k contrib limit
  32. 529 tax law change
  33. Ever Feel Like Chucking It?
  34. Your money or your life
  35. Rollover Question
  36. So much for ER in 2010... (longish)
  37. Where is that link???
  38. Microcaps
  39. Taxable accounts
  40. 25 times income needs?
  41. How to REALLY know you can afford to be FIRE
  42. too conservative? any suggestions?
  43. Pay off now or wait
  44. Know anyone getting hosed in Cash-Uut Refinancings?
  45. Allocations for 20-30 somethings?
  46. calculation help
  47. Are Scholl District 403(b) Plans really this...
  48. Anyone in the age group of 30-39?
  49. Curious About Net Worth % Growth YOY
  50. Career decisions / conflict before FIRE
  51. average savings
  52. *Sigh* Fred has a good point again
  53. living abroad
  54. A different perspective on job-hopping
  55. ditch the car retire early
  56. MOVED: Re: Blowing the chance to ER
  57. Buying low or sign of things to come?
  58. Gov't Career
  59. Blowing the chance to ER
  60. 401k/IRA/Roth limits?
  61. From San Diego to D.C.?
  62. 70% of people work for a "toxic boss"
  63. My next car...
  64. Investing for a youngster
  65. From technical to management position
  66. Young people and debt
  67. Expediting FIRE - Advice
  68. Kids & IRAs redux.
  69. Best vehicle to invest with $10-20K
  70. Newbie question(s)!
  71. Debt Paydown Question
  72. Is there anyone from Atlanta, GA?
  73. Question About Homebuying
  74. Depressed
  75. Withdrawing from Roth's
  76. The boss makes big bucks for my benefit
  77. Job decision
  78. Tracking finances
  79. Is MBA program worth the cost?
  80. Cost of kids
  81. Special Package arrived today
  82. Argh! Trapped in Manditory Training Hell!
  83. What is a (good) manager?
  84. Money or Happiness?!?
  85. State pension or increased earning potential?
  86. Working for a Mega Corp sounds interesting, am I nuts?
  87. Newbie question
  88. Do you find yourself staring at your Excel spread sheet?
  89. A Life Between Jobs
  90. Effect of baby-boomers retiring
  91. $300/mo car loan to save $100/mo gas?
  92. Need opinion on insurance ASAP, please
  93. $30,000 for the next 10 years
  94. On line degrees from Brick and Morter schools
  95. Moving Stories Continued...
  96. Keep On Keepin' On
  97. How much life insurance do you carry?
  98. Grim news, work is "Rightsizing"
  99. Re-Thinking investment strategy
  100. What to do? Lake House or earlier FIRE ?
  101. I can't concentrate on work today!
  102. What do you do for a living-for inspirational purposes?
  103. Scott Burns: The Critical 50ís
  104. Selling my first House
  105. Job Dilemma...which one to take?
  106. Thinking out loud about a possible job move
  107. Building new house- am I making a mistake
  108. Tell me if it counts
  109. No roth conversion for me!
  110. Roth IRA questions
  111. Weekend Activities
  112. Capital gains distributions
  113. Why aren't there more women science professors?
  114. "Getting Rich: The Poor Man's Guide"
  115. Calming down
  116. George is Killing me
  117. How to Evaluate Offers
  118. Having children.
  119. young dreamer beginning to invest in funds
  120. I'm back
  121. Who is going to snap?
  122. Growing Older
  123. Who is working to be FI rather than FIRE?
  124. Real Return and Risk
  125. Identity Crisis
  126. Is your union hiring your financial advisor with your dues?
  127. What job to take next?
  128. What do working stiffs do for extra income?
  129. Unsecured loan/cap gains on house
  130. Wow! Quitting a Job is Difficult
  131. Another way to profit from credit cards
  132. Cyberslacking
  133. couple social security
  134. Need reasurance
  135. alternative housing
  136. 2006 retirement confidence survey
  137. Annual review and raise, WTF!?
  138. Life Insurance...
  139. Fred's musings seem partiularly apropos
  140. help for my brother, buy vs rent
  141. My Wife's Retirement Party
  142. All in the details
  143. 24 years old: what's my next move?
  144. Rough Day at work so far
  145. Panama, Honduras, Vietnam, Argentina, Thailand? Where to retire?
  146. Work: Do you ever do things to have your manager STFU?
  147. Planning for retirement
  148. Young Dreamers, how early do you want to retire?
  149. Let go - for RE
  150. Dream Home
  151. House profit saving
  152. When to ask interviewer/employer about part-time MBA support?
  153. How many of you are planning your life after ER?
  154. Stay home now vs. retire early
  155. Strategy Needed
  156. Super Savers
  157. Just in case you are waxing nostalgic about work...
  158. What else would you do?
  159. Mortgage Calculator
  160. Wisdom from the experienced
  161. Refinance?
  162. 401K Advice Needed
  163. Differences in Generations
  164. Young HomeBuying Question
  165. "Shout out" to all my fellow players out there
  166. PeopleSoft/Oracle DBA to Financial Advisor
  167. First Milestone Reached!
  168. Advice on How to Spend Money
  169. What kind of ER is best?
  170. No retiremant Plan? Don't have a clue where to begin? This may help you.
  171. Interesting Article--- What should I do with my Life?
  172. The ship is going down! UPDATE!!
  174. What would you do?
  175. Today's My Last Day!!!
  176. Best friends' wedding going to dent ER plans
  177. Dead @ 52 :(
  178. Influences on how you think about money
  179. Which job to pick?
  180. Entitlement
  181. Student Loans
  182. Flexible retirement options for military
  183. Direct Deposit to ING Direct
  184. Citibank Dividend Cards
  185. Please allow me to vent about work
  186. Special Invitation
  187. For you wage slaves, How many hours do you work per week?
  188. SureFIRE go/no-go formula
  189. So depressing......
  190. I passed my CISSP
  191. Investment Choice for 24 Yr old Son
  192. College Savings Accounts
  193. Years - or months - to go?
  194. lump sum or annuity payout on rule of 85
  195. Do I need to move (Capital Gains issue)?
  196. Semi-retirement at 33?
  197. 3 Years to Go!
  198. Outlook for a 27 yr old who wants to quit
  199. retire at 55
  200. Like a raisin in the sun?
  201. Stepping Stone to FIRE
  202. More pictures of Panama
  203. I'm not looking for a job but...
  204. A new fave pic from vacation
  205. Interview: Technical Interrogation
  206. Secret to Real Estate investing
  207. Hmm! Forced Early Retirement?!?
  208. Good deflation
  209. Rebalancing portfolio
  210. I hate job interviews
  211. What does Generation X want?
  212. Do you get "paid" to live in high cost of living areas?
  213. Living Check To Check: Saving Too...
  214. Where should I be?
  215. 22 Year Old Question
  216. Well, kids
  217. MOVED: Explain the 4% withdrawal rate
  218. Yippee!
  219. Prepayment Penalty
  220. What are some ways to estimate my home's value
  221. Help! I hate my job
  222. Can I cotribute to my Roth after I file tax Return
  223. Monitoring Station
  224. Trade stocks in my rollover IRA?
  225. Millionaire Conference
  226. Panama update
  227. Better off renting?
  228. HELP! Willpower weakening! Yearning to buy barely-affordable luxury house!
  229. Pre Tax Health/FSA
  230. value of pensions?
  231. Could this scenario happen?
  232. best travel deals
  233. Government Pensions and FIRE
  234. Should I bother participating in DB plan?
  235. Need Help Picking My 401K Options
  236. My "unconventional" route to FIRE
  237. Anybody Cash out early, pay penalties and start their own business?
  238. How early can I retire-50 years old?
  239. Choosing a broker
  240. net worth poll
  241. SIMPLE ira contribution limit
  242. Nice, if not earth-shattering
  243. Staying the course is a day-to-day struggle
  244. Military "benefits"
  245. Financial Strategy for Early Retirement, New Graduate..
  246. The It-Sucks-To-Be-Me Generation
  247. Trade Offs & "Being Responsible'
  248. need some support
  249. 20 years working is all you need
  250. Ramping up 401k contributions to 15k