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  1. FIRECalc and My Social Security Estimate
  2. Pretax savings
  3. Retire at 56? Here's My Numbers and Situation
  4. Pension inflation checkbox
  5. Is there a way to store your data entries to FIRECalc?
  6. Manual Entry of Spending Changes
  7. What historical data does firecalc use for stocks and bonds?
  8. FireCalc End Date Input?
  9. Which Firecalc "Your Portfolio" option do you use?
  10. Question on minimum ending balance = starting balance
  11. FIRECalc question
  12. How to model impact of fixed annuities, CD's, etc.?
  13. How much do you rely on FireCalc?
  14. Spending questions
  15. Any plans to rework Bernicke model based on new research?
  16. Some help with my FIRE-numbers?
  17. Am I inputting things right? it's showing 100%
  18. using Firecalc ... do you factor in SS?
  19. Any place to input CD with a fixed return?
  20. firealc success declines with pension
  21. Can someone run my numbers?
  22. Does FireCalc calculate future balances if not retired?
  23. What grade would you give a financial "guru"?
  24. Is 95% Success Rate Good Enough?
  25. How do I Input changing asset allocation in firecal
  26. Tax free income and Spending inpit
  27. Can FIRECalc (or something else) do this?
  28. Retirement date by year and not month?
  29. Firecalc over time calculations.
  30. Fixed Income Options
  31. Help Please - I don't understand
  32. 2016 FIRECalc Data Update?
  33. Part time income
  34. Income/Spending Tab
  35. What is the meaning of this chart in Firecalc?
  36. Are we FI according to FireCalc?
  37. Does anyone know how to get in touch with the author of FIRECalc?
  38. Firecalc future retirement page question
  39. Firecalc results in today's $
  40. Here is the fix for Firecalc Excel spreadsheet error
  41. firecalc excel export does not match chart
  42. Your Portfolio dramatic differences
  43. 1st Post - FireCalc Calculations
  44. What and where is FIRECALC
  45. FIRECalc glitch?
  46. FIRECalc: pension vs. lump sum
  47. Estimating taxes
  48. Including Dividends and CG in FIRECalc calcuations
  49. FireCalc Success Rate?
  50. Question about FIRECalc Spending Entry
  51. Question about FIRECALC calculator
  52. Additional "Other Income/Spending" Inputs?
  53. Manual entries for spend?
  54. Can you use FIRECalc to forecast your portfolio?
  55. Firecalc - Limited Rewards for Frugal living Early On?
  56. Triple checking the numbers
  57. What does a year start in FireCalc ?
  58. Input Current or Future Portfolio Value?
  59. Fire Calculation Results
  60. Firecalc query
  61. Did I screw up FireCalc?
  62. FireCalc Fixed Return entries?
  63. Firecalc results for "mixed portfolio" ends in 2005.
  64. FireCalc Question
  65. How Do I Replicate this Asset Allocation in FIRECalc?
  66. Entering a 60/40 Wold Stock World Bond portfolio
  67. Can FIRECalc consider discretionary expenses that can be reduced if needed?
  68. Lowest portfolio balance - 100% success
  69. FIRE Calc and deferred money
  70. firecalc default portfolio
  71. failure years
  72. List of calculators?
  73. Spending input in FIRECalc
  74. Need Help Entering Basic Data to Firecalc Please
  75. How to account for spouse continue work
  76. FireCalc updated for 2016
  77. My FIRECalc #'s
  78. Firecalc - Entering Portfolio Info
  79. FireCalc and SS numbers don't add up
  80. how do I model for increases in healthcare spending?
  81. How does Pension and Off-Chart Spending Impact Numbers?
  82. COLA
  83. Help on Firecalc - Getting Results That Seem Odd ?
  84. Hope I did it right.
  85. How do I...?
  86. Needed adjustment in calculator
  87. Great calculator but need advice
  88. Mixed Portfolio - what am I doing wrong?
  89. FIRECalc Storing my entries?
  90. New to Firecalc .. Do you guys usually include your SS and portfolio mix?
  91. Pension income inflates even if unchecked
  92. Firecalc Age Gap
  93. looking for technical help....
  94. Am I missing something?
  95. Hi from California
  96. Is FIRECalc wrong?
  97. Start and stop deposits or withdrawals
  98. Starting portfolio value in FIRECalc?
  99. Firecalc for portfolio growth during contributions
  100. Living longer decreases probability of success?
  101. Representing temporary costs
  102. Intermediate Treasury
  103. Deflation and SS: Possible Issue with FIREcalc?
  104. 10 vs. 20 ?
  105. Inflation adjusted checkbox seemingly ingnored
  106. What books would help understand the math behind firecalc?
  107. Is it legit to re-run when market rises?
  108. FireCalc question
  109. FIRECalc improvement suggestion
  110. FIREcalc calculation questions
  111. Error: 1) Error No Data Supplied in FIRECalc
  112. Accounting for Mortgage in FIRECALC
  113. Is FIRECalc Producing Better Results?
  114. FireCalc default year 2015
  115. Asset allocation
  116. Empty spreadsheets?
  117. Supporter Login
  118. Saved URLs no longer working?
  119. How Does FireCalc Handle Recent Stock Market Results
  120. Firecalc Second Spreadsheet Issue?
  121. Possible bug with annual spending in delayed retirement
  122. 4% rule doesn't work in Firecalc?
  123. FireCalc and taxes
  124. Firecalc - year field question
  125. Firecalc does not figure taxes?
  126. Firecalc Problem?
  127. Confused about the Mixed Portfolio
  128. unable to use Firecalc tabs
  129. Recent market performance
  130. FIRECalc default portfolio
  131. FIRECalc: Service Unavailable
  132. Inputting Pension that increases but is not a full COLA
  133. FIRECalc has been updated
  134. FireCalc-same input, different results?
  135. other income/spending
  136. FIRECalc and SWR
  137. Early Retirement Pension Question
  138. Firecalc- Pension value input & outcome? Negative number?
  139. Am I using FIRECalc correctly?
  140. Percent Success better for 45 year period vs. 40?
  141. percent of remaining portfolio-???????
  142. How do you represent cash in firecalc?
  143. Inherited fixed term annitiy
  144. Delayed retirement spending calculation
  145. spending - inflation effects
  146. Should pension and SS amounts be reduced by est taxes?
  147. Percentage of Remaining Portfolio- Spending Models
  148. fluctuating cash flows
  149. Firecalc accuracy and future.
  150. Turning Off "Optional: Investigate" Options
  151. Did something change in calculation methodology?
  152. Firecalc seems down for the last few hours
  153. How do you treat IRA/401k in Retirement Calculators?
  154. Am I doing this correctly?
  155. Bonds first withdrawal strategy and Firecalc
  156. Analyze Now
  157. First time FireCalc User and Confused
  158. How Can I Access FireCalc on the IOS app?
  159. Rerunning Firecalc
  160. Midpack's FIRECalc post 59988
  161. Are the results of the Investigate option inflation adjusted?
  162. 500 - Internal Server Error
  163. Have to reenter data each time I login
  164. Wildly Variable Portfolio Balances in First Year?
  165. FireCalc Settings
  166. FireCalc: withdrawals- where?
  167. Good News - FireCalc UPDATED
  168. optimal portfolio mix?
  169. A replacement for FIREcalc?
  170. FireCalc Spreadsheet output
  171. Question on interpreting FireCalc
  172. Are Pension inputs monthly or yearly?
  173. Firecalc and underlying market returns
  174. Firecalc improvement idea: Guyton/Klinger
  175. Use only current or future dates for FIRECalc!
  176. Firecalc and time-limited income
  177. Doesn't make sense, 3rd & final question
  178. Doesn't make sense, 2nd question
  179. Doesn't make sense
  180. Question about entering data
  181. Help me understand Firecalc
  182. Firecalc - Total portfolio question
  183. Unable to reach Firecalc page
  184. How often are the supporter donations checked?
  185. using the "inflation adjusted" button with pension
  186. How is Firecalc using CPI for each iteration?
  187. FIRE Calc
  188. Another Firecalc question - Is this accurate?
  189. Firecalc question
  190. Firecalc and taxes
  191. How do you estimate your own mortality
  192. FIRE Calc and Pension
  193. Can you see total spending ranges?
  194. Firecalcs Inflation Methods
  195. FIRECALC results in inflated $ or real $?
  196. What I'm doing wrong - Firecalc
  197. Question about FIRECalc spending models
  198. FIRECalc inflation assumption
  199. Strange Firecalc Results
  200. Is there a FIRECALC expert resource?
  201. FIRECalc when one spouse still works
  202. Please confirm my understanding of FIRECalc
  203. Need understanding of SS income and spending on 'Start Here' tab
  204. Variable Expenses in FireCALC
  205. Clarification
  206. Clarification on 'off-chart spending' entry
  207. Updates?
  208. I have a Dumb question?
  209. FIRECalc and Social Security Question
  210. Doesn't FIRECALC need your tax deferred %?
  211. Future value & weighted average rates of return
  212. Comma causes different behavior in FIRECalc
  213. firecalc not working?
  214. What am I doing wrong?
  215. starting year for sampling
  216. How does Firecalc handle dividends?
  217. firecalc down?
  218. Rental Income in FIREcalc
  219. Results Graph and Spreadsheet Appear to Not Agree
  220. To achieve the most conservative/cautious estimate...
  221. Getting error message on Firecalc
  222. Firecalc and Tiaa-Cref
  223. FireCalc and partially indexed pensions
  224. FIRECalc Development
  225. Using fixed pension numbers seems broken?
  226. Firecalc vs Fidelity RIP
  227. Dumb "spending models" tab question
  228. Pension figure to use?
  229. Calculator and annuities
  230. Unable to go backward
  231. Link To This Set of Data
  232. FIRECalc is not working?
  233. Apparent Inconsistencies in Spreadsheet Results
  234. Firecalc Inflation question
  235. What number to use in the "start here" spending box
  236. when does Firecalc think I will retire?
  237. i-orp results
  238. Firecalc question
  239. Inflation Protected Assets vs. Inflation
  240. CPI vs. anticipated inflation rate
  241. Never ending SWR & FIRECALC
  242. Other Income/Spending
  243. FIRECalc - 2010 Data Added
  244. Firecalc calculator sensitivity to asset allocation
  245. post-retirement consulting income
  246. firecalc vs vanguard analysis
  247. Saving Firecalc data entries
  248. adding realestate
  249. Google Chrome Browser / Firecalc
  250. FIRECalc and taxes