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  1. Vision Insurance: Any opinions?
  2. Concept2 One Month Report
  3. Multiple myeloma questions
  4. A serious PSA test thread (long beginning)
  5. Anyone here ever have cellulitis in the leg?
  6. Video explaining health care reform
  7. Vitamin E pills linked with prostate cancer risk
  8. Social Security/Medicare rip off
  9. Delivering bad news
  10. The premiums are gonna kill me !
  11. Some Medicare plans drop prices
  12. Stress 'is top cause of workplace sickness'
  13. Steve Jobs Dies
  14. An Important Mineral
  15. Question About Soap and Shampoo
  16. Yoga is growing on me. Any recommendations?
  17. Vitamin pills in-take pre and post ER
  18. I'm Radioactive and I didn't have a Heart Attack!
  19. Elevated CEA level?
  20. 2012 Medicare Advantage changes
  21. Why does the Camping Diet Work?
  22. Health Ins Costs Retired at 56
  23. HCG diets just start 14 days ago.
  24. Heartburn cure that works
  25. Sugar Nation - by Jeff O'connell
  26. Options for my mother
  27. TIME Article: Why exercise won't make you thin
  28. Retirement: Arizona or New Mexico?
  29. 100% of Americans Will Be Obese or Overweight by 2048
  30. Help! Allergies/sinusitis
  31. Book: "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis
  32. End of Life decisions
  33. Advice on using arthritis supplements for hip joint
  34. Affordable Health Care In Oregon
  35. My mom's LTC Insurance
  36. Not glamorous and somewhat under appreciated exercise
  37. Who is the best HSA custodian?
  38. Medicare Supplement Plans/Extend Health
  39. TRICARE Offers Free Vaccines (Including Shingles)
  40. Why some people don't get the flu
  41. Insomnia Cure with 80%+ Success Rate for Me
  42. Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN show on No More Heart Attacks
  43. Personal Health & Medications
  44. Existing Health Insurance & Basal Cell
  45. Adventures in Indiana State Fair Food 2011
  46. Can Blood pressure medicine cause extreme constipation?
  47. Degenerative shoulders and weight lifting???
  48. Should All Obese People Lose Weight?
  49. Bad Diagnosis for DW
  50. Medical Records
  51. Eye twitching
  52. Red/Processed Meat Consumption Linked to Type 2 Diabetes?
  53. Speaking of Alzheimers
  54. myfitnesspal
  55. Lebert Equalizer or Body Press - upper body strength training
  56. Walgreens to sell health insurance
  57. Making the Transition to Medicare
  58. Cancer stinks, but maybe that's OK
  59. anyone with Sloan Kettering experience?
  60. Auto-Doc?
  61. 100-year-olds report lifetime of lousy health choices in major study
  62. Grandson Devastated
  63. I have breast cancer. :-(((
  64. DIY Doctoring
  65. Happy Camper
  66. Wheatgrass anybody?
  67. Cholesterol -- Oatmeal
  68. How to Choose a Doctor
  69. Drug prices to plummet in wave of expiring patents
  70. Its all in the blood
  71. Recent trip to CT for AL
  72. Positive Discipline and Negative Discipline
  73. The destructive power of denial
  74. Prescription Drug Revelation
  75. Low Carb Diet Issues
  76. What would you do?
  77. Using out-of-date eggs question
  78. Diabetes
  79. Has Anybody had a Craniotomy
  80. Stem Cells?
  81. cobra/conversion policies
  82. My Latest Hospitalization
  83. Shingles vaccine
  84. UK/US early retirees - advice wanted
  85. Preventing Back Strain -- What I've Learned
  86. speaking of back pain
  87. I'll Bring the Steaks
  88. Any Downside to KCl ?
  89. Lexington Kentucky Is Valhalla For Couch Potatoes
  90. Medical Technology is great
  91. Mobility Blog
  92. My New Smile!
  93. Having fun losing weight
  94. Question for the Docs: some random speculation
  95. Massachusetts Individual Health Insurance
  96. So maybe work really can kill you!
  97. Interesting document introducing health care reform to the British
  98. Need help with back / hip / butt pain after driving
  99. Prescription Drugs
  100. Dr Life's Book
  101. Individual Health Insurance-- need advice
  102. Experiences with Perio Protect Method for dental gum disease?
  103. High HIC cost may derail 2016 retirement
  104. Cancer risk in everyday products
  105. Military Waiting List
  106. Reading Glasses Recommendations?
  107. Could Recliners Be Bad for Your Back?
  108. Weight Machine
  109. Two new drugs extend survival for melanoma patients
  110. comfortable touring bicycle ideas
  111. TRICARE premium increases
  112. Has Anyone Successfully Stretched His/Her Back?
  113. General Electric Healthcare
  114. Changes to high risk gov't health plan
  115. Decisions decisions.......
  116. Health Care Treatment Cost Effectiveness
  117. So glad my Mother gets healthcare in Britain
  118. Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life
  119. No more Tricare?
  120. Maternity Coverage for daughter?
  121. Switch to non-grandfathered?
  122. Medicare Advantage premiums
  123. High Calcium and Parathyroid Disease
  124. Mummies and Carbohydrates
  125. Goodbye to Baloney
  126. Jaw Bone Cyst
  127. Love My Coffee!
  128. A Lot of Inactive Ingredients
  129. POLL: How much is too much?
  130. HSA
  131. Fit for Life Livestream event
  132. Insurance strategy
  133. Skin
  134. Kaiser vs. Blue Cross
  135. Thai massage does wonders for me
  136. Which Pain-Reliever Works Best for You?
  137. $93,000 w/o the coupon
  138. Privacy of medical information
  139. Help me Guess at Cause of Back Strain
  140. Keep my individual health insurance even though I have employer health?
  141. Return to 1930's Cash Primary Healthcare a Solution?
  142. Concierge Doctor
  143. Promoting Bruise Healing
  144. Medical on car insurance?
  145. Home gym equipment
  146. Metabolomics and Insights into Exercise
  147. Any one tried this low carb/high protein bread?
  148. Early retirement can be hazardous to your health
  149. Update on tooth
  150. Glucose Meters Cost!!!
  151. Personal profile...are you single? married?
  152. Taubes Echos Dr. Lustig of UCSF, Calls Sugar A Poison; Also Posts His Lipid Panels
  153. Has your walking speed remained constant as you've aged?
  154. Advice on Private Health Insurance
  155. Differences in decision making between the sexes
  156. Dental work in Mexico
  157. Dukan Diet anyone?
  158. Help! I missed the application deadline
  159. 5 reasons men shouldn't blow off going to the doctor
  160. Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?
  161. New car is a pain in the butt - literally! Ideas?
  162. how to learn about tiers of medical care?
  163. Roger Ebert on TED
  164. Vitamin D adventures
  165. Please take this advice
  166. 92 y/o woman - oldest to finish a marathon
  167. VA Medical Care & Emergency Coverage
  168. Do you crave a cup of Joe?
  169. BMI Calculator and BMI Poll
  170. Studies question heart bypass, angioplasty method
  171. Working Increases Hearth Attack Risk
  172. PH~ Is it health Related?
  173. Bad news, bad news, good news....
  174. Please explain House Chair Ryan's Medicare proposal
  175. what type of exercise?
  176. Health Care Fund for ERs: Running out of money early
  177. Dental costs
  178. Lipitor $4 Copay Card
  179. Yipee! Finally approved for HD HSA!!!!!!
  180. Genworth LTC using benifit?
  181. Crown came loose...need to fix soon?
  182. Back Pain
  183. Great Calorie Counter
  184. Technological Innovation & The Future of Aging
  185. At the gym--are you social or anti-social?
  186. Teeth
  187. HSA answer for Lemming
  188. Young, rich, and a greater risk of skin cancer
  189. Riders on Private Health Insurance
  190. P&G early retiree health plan problems
  191. Anyone here ever have Sciatica?
  192. FYI: Cost for 5 days of health care in Thailand
  193. Cobra runs out in June. Where to live?
  194. Congestive Heart Failure
  195. Old post question
  196. "Lipitor Paradox"
  197. CHO Test
  198. Dental X-Rays
  199. Level Income Option for Pension Question
  200. Interesting cost and outcomes comparisons
  201. Blue Cross TraditionPLUS Hospital Program
  202. Just got LTC quotes....
  203. Poll on Health Ins premium increase and payment experiences
  204. ulnar nerve compression
  205. Body by Science vs Younger Next Year
  206. What happens to the human psyche (and body) when they’re fed a steady diet of unsettl
  207. Exercise keeps you young (if you're a mouse)
  208. Interesting NYT Article on Obtaining Health Insurance
  209. Zinc for Colds
  210. Sleep Paralysis
  211. Good news for those learning second language
  212. Long term health insurance
  213. Hearing Aid Advice
  214. Tricare Update
  215. Payment Method for Health Insurance Premium
  216. Never Say Die
  217. I may or may not want to retire early
  218. Heart valve and stent question???
  219. Any New Info on PSA Screening?
  220. UHC vs Humana?
  221. Confused About Premiums Posted?
  222. 3 total carb noodles (20 calories/4 oz serving)
  223. Usa #1, usa #1, usa #1, usa #1,
  224. Pre-Retirement Physical?
  225. LTC policy comparison web site
  226. Are Genworth LTC policies at risk of default?
  227. Individual Health Insurance & moving out of state
  228. Federal judge tosses out sweeping health care reform act
  229. Using Slim Fast to diet???
  230. About 1 in 3 American adults have so-called pre-diabetes
  231. Business Week: Retirement: "Live Long and Don't Prosper"
  232. It's official: ER is good for you!
  233. sticker shock on group rate HI
  234. Jack LaLanne
  235. Ear ringing?
  236. Removal of Thyroid
  237. Vitamix Blender
  238. is dprxcard.com legit?
  239. medicare premium question.
  240. What am I, if not my Business ?
  241. Use HSA $$ or pay out of pocket?
  242. Now Where Did I Put My Lipitor?
  243. Health insurance premium questions
  244. Higher Tricare premiums?
  245. LTC insurance for parents?
  246. Good Predictor of Life Expectancy
  247. Secrets of the Food Trade
  248. Health Insurance in ER?
  249. Adult Vaccinations
  250. The Price for Increased longevity