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  1. Shingles
  2. Cold weather sleeping
  3. Has your waistline benefited or been harmed by retirement ?
  4. Wireless TV speaker for hard of hearing?
  5. Oh no, I'm past my peak...
  6. Marrow Donation is on Again
  7. free webinar on osteoporosis
  8. Sleep deprivation
  9. Pre-existing problems
  10. Gallbaddder removed
  11. Poll -Do You Smoke?
  12. How many of you smoke?
  13. This might help some with ER decision & health care costs.
  14. Cheers!
  15. Exclusion Rider for Individual Health Policy - how does it work?
  16. Has anyone had a damaged rotator cuff?
  17. apply via ehealthinsurance.com or direct?
  18. New Study of Interaction of Vitamin D With Specific Gene Sites
  19. Long Term Care Insurance
  20. Triglycerides
  21. Health care cost bubble
  22. New Temporary Health Insurance
  23. Vivotif Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Ty21a
  24. How you sleep may be bad for you
  25. Flash- A Sane Person Comments On Federal Health Care
  26. Little by little sliding into mild depression.
  27. Bruised ribs
  28. Egg Recall for Salmonella - Data, Action?
  29. Walmart/Costco Rx vs other retail
  30. Insurance co= Lucy and the Football?
  31. Medical Travel Caution - Superbug a 'consequence' of medical travel
  32. Update on marrow donation.
  33. Career student gambit: messed up by insurance
  34. Compare prices on health care
  35. My blue period - lack of sunlight?
  36. The Quality of Death: Ranking end-of-life care across the world
  37. Is Long Term Care (LTC) a good idea?
  38. whitestick update
  39. Still Not Born to Run?
  40. Using Resistance Bands for exercise
  41. Growing body parts
  42. Save those receipts...or not?
  43. Do you ask for a discount from Dr/Dentist?
  44. digital hearing aids
  45. 25(OH) Vitamin D level and Vitamin D Supplementation
  46. Interesting Diet-Heart-Study from Sweden
  47. Welcome to Medicare
  48. Insurance denied medication
  49. Do you Have Trouble Sleeping?
  50. Update
  51. Putting a foot in your mouth
  52. What are the benefits of early retirement plan?
  53. Any Recommended Online Contact Lenses Vendors.
  54. Good web sites for running & heart rate?
  55. I can tell you when it's going to rain now...yippee?
  56. How to figure out how much health care will cost?
  57. Walmart Prescription Drugs
  58. Blood Pressure Monitor
  59. How's Your Cholesterol?
  60. Poll: On your health insurance
  61. I'm not the only one made 'high risk' by silly things!
  62. Portable health records?
  63. Tricare Retired Reserve?
  64. HealthCare.gov
  65. siblings and elderly parents
  66. Dental Crown has a Taste
  67. Health care advocate in old age
  68. Well, its been 90 days...
  69. Red Flag Rule
  70. In other news, water is wet
  71. Lasik or other vision correction surgery?
  72. Exercise and back pain
  73. Dried fruit, Anyone? Anyone?
  74. First Post-Retirement Marathon
  75. Cataract surgery... lense opinions.
  76. Retiree Reinsurance Program Will Be Exhausted in Two Years
  77. Blatant self promotion
  78. Bodybuilding in geezerhood?
  79. The US may not be number one...
  80. go out of network for pharmacy?
  81. Dental Implants?
  82. A New Low in Insurance?
  83. How to select from health insurance options
  84. Good Multi-vitamin
  85. ramen noodles
  86. Bone marrow donation
  87. ear cleaning worth every penny
  88. Need some help, guidance, suggestions, information, etc.
  89. Need help finding good dental insurance
  90. Statin Usage Poll
  91. Lifetime health care costs more if you are healthy
  92. Dr. Beatrice Golomb on Conflict of Interest in Medical Research
  93. Texas Drs opting out of Medicare
  94. Coffee is good for you -- and your brain.
  95. No longer a Medicare Virgin
  96. Raisins soaked in gin
  97. Overtime is unhealthy
  98. How about health insurance?
  99. Elvis died of....constipation?
  100. High Deduct Insurance Watchout
  101. Decent Priced Hearing Aid?
  102. Are you having to weight train to maintain upper body
  103. States opt in or out of health pools
  104. Give up running?
  105. eye insurance @ medicare
  106. Toes getting needle-like shooting pains???
  107. Unpaid Leave with Full Health Bens
  108. Another year, another 15% increase in premiums
  109. Meat Supply Routinely Tainted
  110. Speech Problems
  111. How can I find a geriatric physician for relative?
  112. Gary Taubes to Speak in Seattle Thursday, 4/15/10
  113. Fruits, Veggies, Cancer study
  114. Death Clock~ give it a try.
  115. Eating too FEW calories makes you fat!
  116. Preventative Coverage under new law
  117. Mammogram tip for the ladies!
  118. Absent Mindedness Coping Strategies
  119. BCC # 13 and 14
  120. Arthritis Question
  121. Hypothyroidism
  122. Hot Flushes
  123. How does health reform law affect existing state-run high risk plans?
  124. Steroidal cream vs calamine lotion
  125. Coffee!
  126. Are retirees' health costs as steep as some say?
  127. Video Concening an Experiment Comparing Diets
  128. Preventative Care Mandate and New Law
  129. Mega Corp Early Retirees with Health Ins -- Read HC Reform Provision
  130. Tricare vs Obamacare
  131. Hummm, I Failed to factor this into my retirement plans
  132. It passes, What Now?
  133. HSA newbie question
  134. Medical Insurance- Lifetime Max
  135. Reinsurance provision in health insurance bill
  136. Health Insurance Bill and Preventative Coverage
  137. Daughter had bandage applied to her finger
  138. CAn anyone advise on post-COBRA coverage in AZ
  139. Ultrasound for your heart?
  140. Heart murmurs/mitral valve problem and stroke?
  141. AARP
  142. Oh, The Horror of It
  143. Made it through a Uterine Fibroid Embolization
  144. pre-existing conditions specifics
  145. Moving to another state while on COBRA?
  146. NEw Data Point for Health Ins Premium Increase and a Question
  147. Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter: Good book
  148. Report: Six Months of Low Carbs
  149. DECT Cordless Phones - are they dangerous?
  150. Men- add 5 years onto your life with NO COST
  151. Job layoff (i.e. retirement) leads to heart attacks
  152. Stroke Center Accessibility
  153. Daily Aspirin? Or no...?
  154. Hamstring injury..............
  155. Universal Health Insurance Coverage, new proposal
  156. Early retirement and longevity
  157. Anyone has done a vitrectomy? Need advice.
  158. Quackwatch: Site re. medical care
  159. Flipper can Help with Diabetes Cure?
  160. No, Cell Phones Can't Hurt You.
  161. Insurance Carriers offering claims service only ?
  162. The Couple That Pukes Together Stays Thin Together-But They Both Have to Do It
  163. TRICARE RX MOAA Survey results
  164. How to figure out which diet is for you
  165. Printing body parts
  166. Retirement- do you need friends
  167. Levulan Kerastick~BLU-U light
  168. Abandoning HSA, Considering Plan Change
  169. Anyone using the VA for medical benefits?
  170. Phil Greenspuns's Ideas on Improving American Health Care
  171. Individual Health Insurance : CO, WA, OR
  172. Beer is good medicine... especially for women.
  173. REtiring to a Country with Affordable Health Care
  174. Now Little Lady, This Here Ain't The Mayo Clinic...
  175. High Fasting Glucose Level
  176. Life Insurance Auto Premium Loan Provision
  177. Am I eligible for Mini-COBRA if I resign?
  178. Affordable health insurance in western NY
  179. Finger-stick Fasting Blood Cholesterol
  180. Medical Schools and quality of physician
  181. Vaccinations on the road?
  182. Health Insurance Premium from $286 to $386
  183. Dental Discount
  184. Medicare/Tricare Fix
  185. Doc Office Visit Needed to Review Lab Results?
  186. So you want to live to age 100?
  187. Sleep Study
  188. BC/BS and Health Care Bill
  189. Excellent Men's Health Article About Sub-Categories of LDL
  190. GoFit Wobble Board to build your core body?
  191. Fat Warriors Take Another Hit
  192. Doctor disciplined for removing wrong kidney
  193. catastrophic only coverage
  194. Dental Insurance
  195. Off shoot from Nord's thread re aging parents
  196. obtaining health insurance
  197. Coping with aging parents
  198. Another Risk in Dining Out
  199. Part b
  200. Are We Doomed to Turtledom?
  201. Getting Health Insurance Contract Prices Prior to Service
  202. SnowWorld
  203. Dentures
  204. Medicare traps
  205. Wisdom teeth ?
  206. Buried Splinter
  207. Assessment of Status of New Federal LTC Insurance in final health bill.
  208. monthly private health insurance $
  209. Sad to see so many political posts
  210. Vitamin D: amounts needed?
  211. Teeth Clenching
  212. Senate HC bill
  213. Pedometers
  214. Strange Health Theory #43 Lymph Jumping
  215. Concrete floors & pain
  216. Sleep
  217. Medicare Part B increase
  218. Assist device for installing & removing contacts
  219. white vs. green tea
  220. New Federal Long Term Care
  221. Avoided a Doctor Visit
  222. Bifocal Contact Lenses
  223. Acupuncture and losing weight.
  224. Colonoscopy costs?
  225. If 55-64 are allowed to buy into medicare
  226. Canadian Health Care Issues
  227. Blood pressure changes?*
  228. Visual Disturbances
  229. Speaking of Part D
  230. How Often Can a Medigap Policy Raise Rates?
  231. Can Someone Explain Part D Deductible?
  232. Blue Cross huge rate increase what to do
  233. Items for swimming pool workouts?
  234. Shelf Life of FOBT Specimen
  235. HSA (logistics)
  236. Retiree Dependant coverage after age 65
  237. Providing catastrophic medical insurance for adult children
  238. Why do Drs. recommend sitting in water?
  239. Low fat diet = Atkins diet?
  240. Weight Loss
  241. Goat's Milk for Chlorestorol
  242. I hate Stretching routines
  243. A new treatment for MS
  244. Your Experience/Individual Health Coverage
  245. setting up a health savings account
  246. Alabama ER Health Care
  247. Avocado Extract
  248. Bridging the gap to Medicare
  249. Maybe Niacin really is a wonder drug....
  250. H1N1