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  1. Strength training with dumbbells
  2. Doctor visits by phone - a new trend?
  3. Health insurance rate increase
  4. Excellent Health Insurance Article
  5. Wal Mart Health Care
  6. Surgery/body Work
  7. "Dude, you spar pretty good for a geezer!"
  8. Rowbike - what do you think?
  9. Strained Back Muscle Again
  10. Brains and wine...
  11. Looking for good on-line prescription service
  12. Importance of Bedside Manner
  13. calculate your "real" age here
  14. carcinoma in ear
  15. Saltiest Dishes in America
  16. What's the best way to train for a marathon?
  17. Trying to find magazine article about medical insurance providers
  18. Brocco Sprouts
  19. ER - the cure for the common cold?
  20. Insurance for Graduating College Student?
  21. long term care insurance
  22. Crowns
  23. Another heart rate question
  24. Cheaper overseas dental work for the ER'd
  25. Need a workout plan. Any ideas?
  26. Risk of high heart rate?
  27. Retirement and Health Insurance
  28. Full Rate or Discounted Insurance Rate?
  29. Article on aging and "slow medicine"
  30. Mounting cost of Healthcare even for the insured
  31. Travel and illness -- connection?
  32. A small victory for systolic
  33. zits in the dumbest places
  34. Heath/Fitness Tracking Software
  35. gas prices and universal health care
  36. The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men...
  37. How to get Health Insurance in another state?
  38. need surgery before I can begin early retirement
  39. useless body parts
  40. Final Prognosis - Ankle
  41. Supporting friends with Cancer.
  42. Just had my 2nd ... and 3rd colonoscopy
  43. How often do you work out ?
  44. How many times have you broken a bone?
  45. Update on Ankle.........
  46. wierd, severe hip pain
  47. Basal Cell Carcinoma
  48. holy %@*$!T#!!! Medical credit cards
  49. Hurt my back
  50. Non-Drowsy Sinus Meds
  51. Little black lines on your fingernail?
  52. If FIRE has a theme song...
  53. <1 carbs: What does this mean?
  54. Sodium intake
  55. PACE programs - alternative to nursing home care
  56. Healthcare - Frontline Subject
  57. Sounds Like I Fractured my Ankle........
  58. What would you do if you had alzheimer's disease?
  59. Insurer forced to pay for cancelling helath policy
  60. Puzzling weight gain
  61. Hauled away in an ambulance
  62. Personal Trainer
  63. health charges depending on insurance
  64. Aerobics prolongs your ER lifespan
  65. Two Anniversaries
  66. Women's & teen's health references?
  67. McCain's health "plan"
  68. Euthanasia
  69. This is your brain ... on stroke
  70. Kidney Cancer
  71. Bummed about Having to get a New Dr
  72. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  73. Tricare Answers
  74. Health Ins Broker in Seattle?
  75. Best website to price Health Insurance???
  76. Back/leg problems when driving
  77. marijuana for medicine and recreation
  78. Best nosehair clipper brand & style?
  79. High Blood Pressure After FIRE?
  80. Exercise can get you hurt! Duck!
  81. Moles -who knew?
  82. The benefits of good sleep
  83. Water Aerobics
  84. Tricare for life - for the spouse too?
  85. Weekly Workout Check-In
  86. dental care - great new product
  87. Slate Article On Doctors
  88. Snoring is destroying my marriage
  89. Help For Groin Pull
  90. Fitness for dummies?
  91. Tooth Whiteners?
  92. Health and Vigor As Good As Your Last Meal
  93. calcium score blues
  94. Weekly Physical Fitness?
  95. I am a deadbeat
  96. Kidney stone
  97. Recommend a good heart rate monitor?
  98. The "nocebo effect"
  99. Removing Environmental Toxins
  100. 60 Minutes - Remote Area Medicine
  101. Had a treadmill stress test yesterday...
  102. TENS unit
  103. How much do you spend on physical fitness?
  104. All in my head...
  105. New Health ins. and pre-existing conditions
  106. Dandruff
  107. Back problems and hotel beds
  108. 2008 Health Ins Premium Increases
  109. Sexy high heels are good for you
  110. Multifocal contact lenses: the presbyopian cure?
  111. Gall bladder symtoms
  112. If this is not a Financial mess I don't know what is.
  113. Side by side comparison of Dem candidates' health care blueprint
  114. Google to store health records
  115. Negotiating on medical bills
  116. Caring for Elderly Parent
  117. Gum Grafts - Anyone Had It Done?
  118. Anybody have and use a bowflex machine?
  119. This is Outrageous - Time to Protest
  120. The gentle face of facism in Iceworld
  121. Health Care Reform --- Will it happen after the election?
  122. Gall bladder problems............
  123. Are You a Granny Basher?
  124. Hip Replacement - Just back home!
  125. Back Problems - Treating With Advil
  126. Had Physical today - CRP through the roof
  127. carpal tunnel problems
  128. High impact sports - how badly do you pay the price?
  129. Find out if you can live to 100 here!
  130. HDL Raising Statins?
  131. Death and Laughter
  132. I think this is a blockbuster issue you might also .
  133. mobile health screening question
  134. Cataract Surgery-Multi focal lens
  135. TB Test
  136. Veterans Administration Hospitals
  137. Double Coverage Health Insurance
  138. Americans go to Mexico for a cheaper perfect smile
  139. Paranoid Health Insurance Question
  140. FSA for Gym Membership
  141. This doctor does e-mails, not house calls...
  142. Exercise improves your DNA?
  143. Keeps Getting Better, Junk Food Lowers Stress
  144. I am Reading "UltraPrevention".........
  145. HSA contribution question
  146. Study: Alcohol can be a partial substitute for exercise
  147. Diet tricks to kick-start the 'ole metabolism?
  148. Calling Dr Rich.. Bill Clinton...
  149. Memory Care for Father-in-Law
  150. COBRA and timing
  151. Virtual Colonoscopy
  152. Would This Work As A Partial Solution For Our Healthcare Mess?
  153. Maybe I Found whay EARLY FIRE is better.........
  154. Oh man you just gotta love this one!!
  155. We have to make it profitable to help patients get healthy
  156. How Many Days Per Week do you Exercise?
  157. Men & Women & Stress
  158. T-Mobile-to-go phones
  159. Statin research
  160. FIL getting amputation
  161. Midlife crisis?
  162. Wow, This Retirement Stuff Works
  163. Testicular cancer test?
  164. USA Today Article on Health Insurance
  165. can i go out on sick leave, hit my retirement date and not go back to work?
  166. FDA says food from cloned animals is safe
  167. So when did eggs become "OK" again?
  168. Sore Feet in the Morning.........
  169. Retirement and boredom
  170. What is more important to you, taste or nutrition?
  171. US Medicine and Global Outsourcing
  172. Arthritis in thumbs: symtoms question?
  173. Sad news.
  174. anyone load up on doc visits to use up sick days before retirement?
  175. Any Experience with Bancorp Bank HSA Custodian?
  176. More on long term care insurance....
  177. Nonfat milk linked to prostate cancer
  178. Jack LaLanne Juicer.........
  179. Snoring??
  180. Losing Gold Teeth
  181. Polycarbonate Water Bottles
  182. Trimming the waist
  183. Research regarding checklists to reduce hospital errors
  184. UGH applied for Health Insurance and now an INJURY
  185. Thumb Pain
  186. Interesting Ruling (on retiree health benefits) yesterday.
  187. Not sure what to do
  188. HSA--Any thoughts?
  189. Study about hospitalists (Rich in Tampa)
  190. Insurance Industry Agrees Coverage Too Often Denied
  191. Anyone Have Difficulty Donating Blood?
  192. I didn't want to buy the machine
  193. Name Recovery Training
  194. Nursing Shortage
  195. S.A.D. and light therapy
  196. Reviving the Dead--Next Medical Specialty
  197. Primary Care: Supply and Demand
  198. TFL...Pony up?
  199. brain fitness
  200. Should you have to pay more for an unhealthy lifestyle?
  201. How Bad are Diet sodas for you, really??
  202. COBRA Question
  203. Cheap & Nutritious recipes
  204. Exprience with member/prof org group plans
  205. ER Healthcare in N.C. w/ pre-existing cond.
  206. state high risk plans
  207. Ranking of Healthcare Systems Worldwide
  208. Limited Benefit Plans and Hippa
  209. Looking at Health Care options in ER.
  210. Another health insurance senario
  211. Universal health care - best I've seen
  212. Moving snow
  213. Considered Organ Donation?
  214. Interesting New Cancer Therapy
  215. Pole Dancing-fun exercise for the Ladies
  216. Company References
  217. organ harvesting
  218. Q's about rowing machines (cardio workouts)...
  219. My surgical experience overseas
  220. National List of Poor-Performing Nursing Homes
  221. Get out your tape measures...
  222. Basic Question About Health Insurance
  223. Got milk for the kids?
  224. Other than Massachusetts, any other States requiring ALL to have Health Insurance?
  225. Hypertension May Have Direct Effects on Disability
  226. Health ins cost
  227. Hip Replaced...
  228. Tai Chi anyone?
  229. Mom just heard she has breast cancer
  230. Stealth Emphysema
  231. Virus questions
  232. Melatonin
  233. vitamin D
  234. Fainted Last Night
  235. Gad
  236. Modestly Overweight Linked To Lower Death Risk
  237. "Gut feel" versus "evidence-based" medicine
  238. Medical Merry go Round
  239. Help! I'm trapped inside a 53 year old body!
  240. Screening for genetic markers of cancer
  241. ER health insurance with MS
  242. Exercise while sick?
  243. What's your BMI?
  244. Health Care Reform - Great Summary by Candidate
  245. Anyone familiar with Neurobion?
  246. Gaining traction: health insurance premiums priced to lifestyles
  247. Eliminating Meat, Substituting Fish & Seafood
  248. How much is lifetime medical worth?
  249. Spouses and Employer Health Insurance
  250. Concerns about effectiveness of this year's flu vaccine