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  1. Peak aging?
  2. MRI not the gold standard
  3. What a surprise... my health insurance provider dropping out!
  4. Type 1 Diabetes
  5. prescription eyeglasses
  6. Medicare Prescription Drug Plans?
  7. Another Reason to RE
  8. Social Network after retirement
  9. I found a Doctor that still makes house calls
  10. Looks like the third year in a row we'll hit our High Deductible
  11. Military medical retiree health & dental insurance reccomendation?
  12. lower insurance cost through medicare.
  13. Retirement Planning Survey
  14. Medical Costs
  15. Drug Expiration Dates
  16. US continues the decline in Retirement Happiness
  17. Looking for information about HSA contribution in year switching from ACA to Medicare
  18. Carbs or calories? Atkins vs WW
  19. Hip Joint Pincer Impingement, Mild to Medium Osteoarthritis
  20. Supplemental HC Costs
  21. 2018 Part B premium estimate is $134
  22. The first day back at the job after knee replacement.
  23. Doctors, doctors and more doctors..and a Mitral Valve
  24. The post that should not be named....
  25. Returning to Work tomorrow 6 weeks after knee replacement
  26. Tax Question Related to Healtcare
  27. Dentist Insurance
  28. 23 and me test
  29. Low sugar Breakfast always a challenge
  30. Construction workers and ER
  31. Health Savings Account
  32. VA Health Insurance Eligibility Changed
  33. Health Insurance with no income but savings?
  34. buying health insurance on your own
  35. AARP/UHC Medigap Plans F/G
  36. Total Knee Replacement 30 days on...
  37. America Walks
  38. Anyone experience with an EPO restricted health insurance policy?
  39. Is there a wrong pick for a medicare [medigap] provider?
  40. Seeking ACA Examples
  41. ACA Bronze OOP maximum
  42. Health insurance claims check -- print it out yourself?
  43. Caregiver Burnout
  44. Out of state health insurance for non-emergencies?
  45. Amazing Weight Loss/Lifestyle Transformation
  46. Other forums for discussions on health care?
  47. Rotator cuff injury/repair?
  48. New Health Care Bill
  49. Cannot find reviews on Aetna supplement
  50. Laser treatment for toenail fungus - does it work ?
  51. ACA Subsidies
  52. Senate unveils Healthcare bill
  53. Choosing Between Medigap Providers
  54. Is Medicare Free?
  55. Home Healthcare Products
  56. Urgent care places - safe?
  57. Any info on Amino Acids?
  58. Cognitive decline and finances - how to trust an outside person?
  59. ACA in Retirement
  60. Medicare decision for 2018
  61. Worry
  62. Pre 65 Medicare Supplement
  63. Protecting your shoulders
  64. Drugs from Canada
  65. Military Vets - Tricare Experience
  66. The cyst removal..[ bad choices in healthcare]
  67. Bedtime Night Guard
  68. Saving money at the clinic
  69. The same knee procedure 18 months later - what's new
  70. Poll: Medicare users - what type of plan(s) do you use?
  71. Cataracts - Which lens?
  72. which insurance and part d?
  73. Insurer Participation on ACA Marketplaces, 2014-2017
  74. Prepaid Funerals
  75. cyst in wrist
  76. South Carolina Health Insurance
  77. Is Medicare better than my private insurance?
  78. TKR second time around... (More on the knee)
  79. Health care costs in NY State
  80. Question about ACA premium credit eligibility
  81. HSA's & Early Retirement
  82. Gout Anyone?
  83. How Has Medicare Part B Been For You?
  84. Early Government Retirement
  85. Understanding Medicare
  86. Question for women
  87. When can I start using Medicare?
  88. TMAO-Blood Test Predictor of Heart Disease
  89. Blue Cross of TN coming back to ACA
  90. Pre ACA laws
  91. To Ramen or Not to Ramen? That is the Question
  92. Dental treatment
  93. Bariatric surgery in Mexico
  94. $40 CVS gift for free in-home health visit
  95. Catastrophic healthcare options
  96. Are we allowed to talk about it yet?
  97. HSA ; Keep Invested or use the funds
  98. When the bad knee becomes the good knee...(knee surgery?)
  99. Long Term Care Ins. Calculator
  100. Chipped Tooth has Bitter Taste
  101. blood pressure med, yes or no?
  102. A Live-in companion
  103. ACA Enrollment Question
  104. Surgery? Risk? Alternatives...
  105. Therapeutic program to reverse cognitive decline
  106. How does Medicare work?
  107. Florida Blue making a profit in the marketplace
  108. Eligible Expenses for HSA
  109. Cataract Surgery with Toric IOL's
  110. I attribute aches to age
  111. Poll: Headaches
  112. Progressive glasses - BIG adjustment?
  113. Now diet drinks cause strokes and dementia
  114. For Book: Disease, Please
  115. Tricare and federal dental coverage
  116. I'm freaking out over health insurance
  117. HHS Final Market Stabilization rule announced
  118. Keeping an elderly parent at home
  119. your method for saving HSA receipts?
  120. Healthcare Plan advice
  121. If weight fairy could grant your wish?
  122. Dental Express Ajijic
  123. Retirement Happiness Article
  124. High deductible health insurance and price shopping.
  125. Medicaid nursing homes and payment
  126. What do you think of Hybrid LTC policies?
  127. 20 percent of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed, study says
  128. right part d plan
  129. Wellmark Iowa withdrawing from ACA market
  130. EpiPen Lawsuit - racketeering! Collusion with Pharmacy Benefit Managers!
  131. USA Obesity Epidemic - how fast it happened!!! 25 years!
  132. Is healthcare delaying your retirement decision?
  133. Anthem (BCBS) likely to pull out of ACA markets in 2018
  134. Eroded cartilage (Arthritis) but no stiffness and better in the a.m.?
  135. Planning for Mom's next step- Update
  136. Ccrc--good bad and ?
  137. LTC - I have none. Betting on an alternative.
  138. Are organic foods healthier for us?
  139. Protein bars
  140. Employer Sponsored Pre-65 Health Insurance Tax Question
  141. One's cancer could just be bad luck
  142. Pre-existing condition
  143. laid off, wife on Medicare
  144. Researching quality of Medicare access for a potential move?
  145. Medicare Out of Pocket Costs
  146. Alcohol induced deaths in the US
  147. Advice on how to research a surgeon?
  148. Cobra cost
  149. Arizona community members
  150. Arthritic hip - Your Experiences?
  151. Bone spurs on my heel
  152. TAX question ACA
  153. Sad News From Younger Next Year
  154. Golf Question, Getting Fitted for Clubs !
  155. CBO estimate now available (please stay on topic)
  156. Surgery @ 79
  157. Experience with a PET scan?
  158. Non-ACA individual Health Insurance in ER?
  159. More Questions From A HSA Newbie
  160. Nice summary from Ways and Means on proposed changes to ACA released today...
  161. Trump's replacement for ACA
  162. "99 year old wins Masters Indoor Track Championship race"
  163. Just found out I'm Type II
  164. That's It, We're Moving!
  165. If You Are On Any Form Of Disability
  166. Do You Get Car Lag?
  167. Son lost his ACA insurance
  168. How's The New Knee Treating You?
  169. Vitamins, supplements, Ensure?
  170. CKD - Chronic Kidney Disease
  171. So, you only take aspirin?
  172. The Dental Apocalypse weekend and falling apart piece by piece.
  173. Keeping Track of ACA Replacement Proposals
  174. what health care policy is the best?
  175. Health Saving Account & Tax Return Related Question
  176. Infrared heating pad...Worth the money?
  177. Can you return from Med Advantage to Traditional Med
  178. Butter Makes your Pants Fall Off
  179. Buying A New Vehicle For Bad Back/Knees?
  180. CRA (caries risk assessment)
  181. Texting while driving
  182. Usefullness of Heart/Stroke Test Packages
  183. 'Splain me this: ACA and second lowest silver plan cost?
  184. Prescription Drugs
  185. is HSA distribution of 11k going to raise flag at IRS
  186. How long before a pacemaker feels "normal"
  187. Blood Pressure and Age
  188. Question for my fellow runners
  189. Yag Laser Procedure Post Cataract Surgery
  190. Blood Sugar
  191. QHSA and Medicare
  192. Positional Vertigo
  193. Vitamin B12 deficiency questions
  194. Is health ins deductible in this case?
  195. Sleep Apnea with mouth guard solution?
  196. Coping with failing health
  197. ACA penalty?
  198. Sugar, Science and Regulation
  199. 1095-A problem
  200. Transition from ACA to Medicare Troubles
  201. Cenegenics
  202. Aetna Access Dental Plan
  203. Effects of Aging?
  204. Spousal insurance vs. Medicare
  205. Meniscectomy Vs Knee Replacement
  206. Do I need access to an HSA - is IRA deferral the same?
  207. Cobra Question
  208. badly sprained knee
  209. $1500 for dental work
  210. Poll:If the Healthcare Insurance Subsidy was removed, would it affect you & family?
  211. Returning to Canada for Health Insurance
  212. Refreshing? Surgical center posts all prices, takes no insurance, charges 90% less.
  213. Early retirement while facing unknown health insurance future?
  214. complete and total frustration with insurance renewal this year
  215. can we sign up for ACA now but have it start later
  216. Allergies/Sinus Issues
  217. medical tourism... or travel for affordable care
  218. Dental work in Los Algodones mexico
  219. Not sure what's wrong...TIA...stroke?
  220. VA medical and HSA
  221. A very weird diet.....
  222. Stupid HSA question
  223. plantar fasciitis
  224. Projecting health insurance premiums
  225. It's spreading out
  226. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty - any experience?
  227. How Sweet it is!
  228. Blood Pressure Measurements
  229. Irish nursing homes
  230. Dental Insurance
  231. New JAMA study on health care costs
  232. Beta blockers........your experience?
  233. Higher cost for Medicare
  234. Assisted Living After the Money Runs Out?
  235. Long Term Health Care
  236. News Story on Shingles Vaccination
  237. Any cardiologists out there?
  238. Hyperthyroidism and Tachycardia
  239. Healthcare.gov income estimate and CHIP
  240. Live in gf and separate health plans
  241. Medicare/SS payments timing
  242. Simple HSA Question and marketplace plans
  243. Anyone try Heal app?
  244. MAGI Cliff for Medicare
  245. Medicare When Already Having Social Security Benefits
  246. Should I go with ACA or stay with individual plan
  247. Tea for health benefits
  248. My heart attack
  249. What now; HSA with no available HSA Health Plan?
  250. Redux - how much in each person's HSA?