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  1. Do HSA and IRA Contributions Really Increase APTC?
  2. Would you risk no insurance and ACA Penalty?
  3. Another Medigap question - which insurer
  4. Firsthand Obamacare experience
  5. Research on early treatment for Alzheimer's
  6. BC of TN pulling out of ACA in major cities
  7. So here I go head to the ACA exchange for 2017...advice please.
  8. New York State Medigap Cost?
  9. Medicare choice question
  10. Some Medicare new enrollment questions
  11. IRMAA...Does the Money Grab Never End?
  12. Fall: The Choosing Season
  13. Playing golf proven to add 5 years to life expectancy
  14. HSA Compatible insurance
  15. ACA in Arizona
  16. Bunions....have you had surgery?
  17. Shingles
  18. HSA maximum question
  19. Look at your 2017 Part D plan very carefully
  20. More Health Insurance Turmoil in Minnesota
  21. 2017 Rx trends expected to be in double digits
  22. The Microbiome File
  23. Sciatica!!!
  24. BCBS withdrawal from much of TN individual market
  25. ACA plan for snowbirds?
  27. COBRA insurance billing question
  28. Yet another knee surgery thread
  29. Son just had 2nd kid now being forced into CHIP
  30. Tax benefit to HSA contributions while retired?
  31. What will Medigap in NY State likely cost me?
  32. Sobering article on bacterial immunity
  33. Anyone use Molina with GroupHealth in WA State?
  34. Early onset dementia
  35. ? About aca subsidy income qualification
  36. Dental...Need a Couple of Crowns
  37. Medicare Advantage Plans
  38. OK men, Michigan State Scholar says old-guy sex can kill you
  39. HSA -- Seeking low fee Custodian
  40. Medicare card -How long does it take to get card after applying via the web?
  41. End of surprise out-of-network billing in CA
  42. Keep up with the exercise
  43. Whither we get health insurance for 2017?
  44. Another vacation another broken bone
  45. Help -- insomnia
  46. Experiences with Costco Optical?
  47. Advice for childless couple?
  48. Hearing test results - Asymmetrical SNHL
  49. Geriatric or Family Doc?
  50. Seniors Helping Seniors?
  51. How much water do you drink?
  52. Push-Up Breathing Question
  53. Trouble with Obamacare plans in Pennsylvania
  54. ACA and retiree coverage
  55. ACA, Subsidies and Better off Americans (which means many FIRE)
  56. Medicare Advantage Auto-Enrollment at Age 65
  57. Part time employers with health care?
  58. Baylor Scott and White
  59. Doctors in Southern California not accepting " Covered California" plans, even PPO's
  60. Healthcare Ministries and Selfpay - Options
  61. Experience with Pre-Packaged Food Diets
  62. Health insurance premiums for early retired (Florida)
  63. Land of Lincoln Healthcare gone - need advice
  64. Aetna pulling out of ACA
  65. Chicago Cardiologist
  66. New CMS analysis of insurer's costs
  67. Eyeglasses- does your state have this law?
  68. Intelligence vs Social Interaction
  69. Oscar health insurance?
  70. Missing Link - Companion Care
  71. Finding the Right Doctor
  72. Another ACA / Cobra question ...
  73. Preventive cardiac care >65 years of age: statins?
  74. Reverse Mortgage!!
  75. Successes with ASTYM treatments for tendon problems?
  76. Kokoro Yoga
  77. Health Insurance Premiums when FiRED, Pre Medicare, How Much do you Pay?
  78. Regular health insurance vs major medical
  79. Are most doctors willing to give a lower cash/no insurance price?
  80. Anyone know any over-80's who work out and stay healthy?
  81. Poll: How healthy are you?
  82. Dry chapped lips
  83. Did retirement cause my vital signs to change?
  84. Nice Graphic for Low Carb Fans
  85. High-Intensity-Intervals and Muscle Pulls
  86. Are vision and dental insurance plans worth it?
  87. Accidents and Emergencies
  88. Edelman - Change in thinking about LTC insurance
  89. leg cramps
  90. Stem Cells Before Dental Implant
  91. Medigap Primer (HELP, I need somebody, Help..)
  92. Bone graft before dental implant?
  93. Federal Long-Term Care Premiums
  94. Aneurysm
  95. Paying for a Medi-Gap Policy
  96. Possible merger plan setback for health insurers
  97. Some questions about signing up for Medicare
  98. LDL particle size test
  99. Hip pain ????
  100. Changing doctors
  101. Re: hemorrhoids
  102. Multitasking is bad, mkay
  103. Osteoarthritis in knees, euflexxa shots
  104. Do abdominal organs "float" when you are in water?
  105. Colonoscopy
  106. Non partisan doctors group welcomes national debate
  107. Experts vs. the American Public
  108. Interesting albeit sobering study on Health Care Costs
  109. Back surgery L3-L4 fusion. Now in recovery and looking for tips.
  110. Medicare Advantage and Travel
  111. TKO Boxing Club
  112. Mosquitos!!!
  113. Damned if we do and damned if we don't!
  114. Predicting how long we will live based on family tree
  115. Beer Drinking Mentioned
  116. increase in medicare cost for 2017
  117. Prepared meals that are low in sodium
  118. What do you like on your bread?
  119. Getting FIREd up
  120. Rethinking health insurance and LTC
  121. Way Too Early 2017 Part B Premium Prediction
  122. Our long time GP now limiting his practice
  123. Food Mold
  124. Time for me to get hearing aids
  125. For Book: Symptom A Doc Might Notice
  126. Choice of Lenses for Cataract Surgery
  127. Wells Fargo HSA Business Sold to Optum Bank
  128. Documentary - Sugar Coated
  129. Letting off Steam
  130. MIND diet for dementia prevention?
  131. Medical Alert suggestions
  132. Future nursing home increase data
  133. Insurance denied hospital bill for deceased father
  134. Any way to negotiate ER bill down?
  135. Electrical Bone-Growth Stimulator: Saving Money, and Efficacy
  136. Leg & Hand Cramps
  137. Food to avoid for pre-diabetic people
  138. Yet another new test for Alzheimer's
  139. Am I Wrong about "Added" Sugar?
  140. Bifocals: Hold off as long as I can or just bit the bullet?
  141. Can you recommend a forum for caregivers?
  142. Cancelling ACA for Medicare?
  143. How do you lose weight/maintain good weight?
  144. Retire at 55 abroad.
  145. Medicare Supplement Plans F,G, and N
  146. eye floaters - learn to live with it?
  147. Logistics of COBRA
  148. Repay ACA credits - Penalty?
  149. Why do some people care so much that others are fat?
  150. Blink Health for Prescriptions
  151. "Childhood diseases "
  152. Nearly 6 months to day after TKR and the other knee woke up...
  153. Can I have more than one institution for my HSA?
  154. Why do we get fat?
  155. Unsupported Bosom
  156. Longevity Illustrator
  157. Purchasing a walker?
  158. how to eliminate dry wall dust
  159. Anyone had an ankle replacement or stem cell therapy?
  160. Cholesterol and diet - You there haha?
  161. Blood test : Calcium low, Vitamin D Low, Sodium low
  162. Do I have the right to obtain my medical records ?
  163. Strategy for mid-year FIRE, TCC, Gap and ACA
  164. Knee replacements
  165. Health care as you age
  166. Young dad struggling to keep going with chronic pain
  167. How to estimate MAGI for ACA once ER
  168. Nursing home evictions! Triple Yikes!
  169. Humana contemplating pullout of some markets next year
  170. 2017 Health Insurance Rate Requests
  171. chocolate
  172. What's Your Life Expectancy
  173. Need opinions of workout shoes
  174. When does one contemplate knee replacements?
  175. 2017 HSA Limits
  176. LTC 96 years old
  177. 1 more year - live longer
  178. Worried about ACA Obamacare repeal or collapse in 2017
  179. Prevnar 13
  180. Do you like eating Spam ? DW and I argue about Spam
  181. Cannabis users may not need much retirement income
  182. Hmm... Retire Early, Die Early?
  183. Psychiatrist or Therapist
  184. Health care cost estimator, AARP, Healthview
  185. "Can I afford it" - surgical procedure
  186. Request for Accident Info
  187. United Healthcare Dropping out of ACA
  188. Beware COBRA to Individual Health Insurance GAP
  189. Is this a Deception that Insurance Companies use to get around the ACA?
  190. Creatine and Aging
  191. Aspirin
  192. Trabeculectomy?
  193. Reducing MAGI under ACA rules
  194. Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE)
  195. Organic farm denies using the chemical "water"
  196. Cost of Healthcare in foreign countries
  197. ACA help please
  198. Close to Barefoot Shoes--Suggestions?
  199. Is Medicaid mandatory or optional?
  200. Calories
  201. Living longer
  202. Talking with doctor
  203. Doctors are more likely to misdiagnose patients who are jerks
  204. ACA vs Apple Health/Medicaid in WA State
  205. Healthcare - the full story
  206. Help with Medicare decision
  207. Trembling hands
  208. Moved now how to find a new doctor?
  209. My concierge Doctor experience
  210. 12 hours between dinner and breakfast?
  211. Cost-Conscious, Self-Managed Care
  212. Removing Stitches
  213. Sarcoidosis and treatment?
  214. What if Obamacare (ACA) is repealed?
  215. Longer to recover from normal illness?
  216. Healthcare/Obamacare Medicaid Liens
  217. Peanuts vs. Almonds
  218. Beginning of a health care cost revolution?
  219. Sleep... Perchance to Dream
  220. A serious question - Immortality ?
  221. Any experience with Blink pharmacy?
  222. Gallbladder!
  223. Over 54...why and when we die
  224. Over 54...why and when we die
  225. Medicare Enrollment
  226. Three months yesterday since TKR.
  227. Tricare For Life Premium Increases?
  228. HR and workouts
  229. A Medicare Strategy
  230. 150 minutes/week exercise "recommended"
  231. Good news! Sex wards off dementia
  232. ACA Mid-Year Sign Up
  233. A lazy person's exercise plan...
  234. Help - I screwed up my HSA stuff
  235. New Health Worry?
  236. BCBSNC announces it is considering dropping ACA plans next year.
  237. Crappy dental 'insurance'
  238. It's Not All In Your Head - Your Emotions Could be Making You Sick
  239. Food Delivery Services
  240. Budgeting for Medicare costs
  241. Unwelcome friends brought home from the hospital (long)
  242. The Joy and Challenge of Life After Work
  243. HIIT
  244. Long-term care insurance vs something else
  245. No Cataract Surgery for Me
  246. Comparing Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Plans
  247. Competitive Athletics?
  248. Clearing the Body's Retired Cells Slows Aging, Extends Life
  249. How long do Temperpedic mattresses last?
  250. Spend down assets - medicaid?