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  1. Identical twins exercise study
  2. 2016 Express Scripts & Caremark Drug Formulary Changes
  3. Health Savings Administrators' New Custodian
  4. Ten most expensive Medicare states
  5. Moving with Ex-employer health care insurance
  6. Queston FEHB Going Into Medicare
  7. Oregon Healthcare Post Working
  8. Long-Term Travel, ACA and Scuba Diving
  9. Another COBRA question for the experts
  10. Retirement and Health
  11. High Tibial Osteotomy, open wedge?
  12. Who knew? Job stress can make you sick
  13. My experience with Tricare Retiree Dental Plan
  14. Optum
  15. Shoulder surgery
  16. The Genetics of Saving
  17. Surprise! Your Medicare Premium Could Soar Next Year
  18. After year end tax strategy
  19. The 29% Bracket in Roth Conversions
  20. BCBSTX Canceling PPO Plans for 2016
  21. purchase through state exchange or ehealthinsurance.com?
  22. Nursing Home payment plan
  23. Life Insurance Policy That Offers 4.5% Earnings
  24. IRS letter says they do not have my 2014 return, ACA subsidies threatened
  25. Health care issue - like your thoughts
  26. ProPublica - Choosing the right surgeon
  27. Obamacare and out of state student
  28. Endo Ended In ER
  29. Medical alert system
  30. It's official: Work is making us miserable
  31. Hypothetical Health Care *ACA* Question
  32. ICD Replacement
  33. Insurance rate increase request for 2016
  34. Does Really Tough Exercise Make You Feel Younger?
  35. Fake Meat
  36. Shingles vaccine
  37. Murphy's Law
  38. truetest glucose blood test strips
  39. Please Confirm - No HSA is better for us?
  40. ACA subsidies are safe
  41. King v Burwell (ACA Subsidies) Decision Announced
  42. Can you stay on track if ACA is altered ?
  43. EvoNO. Cardio Miracle
  44. Insurance disconnect
  45. It's even more official: Chocolate is good for you
  46. ACA and Medicaid and Traveling
  47. Getting an ACA Subsidy
  48. Do widows adjust better than widowers?
  49. life insurance in retirement
  50. Orthodontics for 60 yo folks?
  51. Is Managing O-MAGI for ACA Worth the Trouble?
  52. Filing for medicare while still working
  53. Initial Funding of HSA account
  54. Excellent two-part series on LTC Insurance
  55. Lost Chemo money
  56. Weight lifters: How are your joints doing?
  57. 2016 Exchange Rates- OUCH
  58. Mild dementia and portfolio risk
  59. Do It Now!
  60. Citizenship and Social Security
  61. Skin Care
  62. Exercise Improves Sleep, But Be Patient
  63. More Doctors Opting Out of Medicare. Should we worry?
  64. Social Security Disability
  65. Coping with a disability
  66. Medicare $ Estimate
  67. Know any cures for afternoon blahs?
  68. Looking for a recommendation for hiking shoes
  69. Drinking water
  70. The upside of LTC
  71. Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy
  72. Tramadol issues
  73. Medicare Coverage/Cost
  74. I'm on a roll with good health news
  75. Accident uncovers health issues and more
  76. Gluten Free
  77. Lies and damn lies abut health screening
  78. Right dose of food. Was: The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life
  79. Can't Tell You've Been Sleeping?
  80. Exercise and the Brain
  81. Meditterranean diet reduces aging effects on brain
  82. Epsom Salt
  83. 2016 HSA Limits Released
  84. Liveheathonline mailings from Anthem
  85. ACA Subsidy question
  86. The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life
  87. Sensors provide security for aging parents
  88. Healthcare budgeting for ER?
  89. Things we can't do anymore
  90. Why I'd never retire to the third-world: Facebook husband death
  91. Overkill - an article in the New Yorker
  92. Osteoporosis
  93. Medicare Part F - Plan F: Do you have experience with these carriers
  94. Assurant selling/close health insurance
  95. Update ** Funding The Cost Of Care
  96. Anyone have experience with Ohio (or another state's) Medicaid?
  97. does contributing to HSA make sense once retired?
  98. Cognition for Finances--Declines from mid-50s
  99. Alabama ACA Insurance Costs?
  100. Looking for a durable knee brace
  101. Exercise to lower blood pressure
  102. Biohack your life with bulletproof coffee
  103. Orthotics
  104. Medical question
  105. Pre-existing condition-- care options?
  106. Fasting for health
  107. Richer = healthier?
  108. Cholesterol test from A to Z (Long)
  109. HSA Reimbursement time limit
  110. Night Guard for Teeth Grinding
  111. Overweight less likely to suffer from dementia?
  112. Average Nursing Home Cost $91K/yr
  113. 5-HTP
  114. Tell me this isn't so...
  115. The long term care insurance dilemma
  116. Mark Cuban on Twitter: Have Quarterly blood tests
  117. Bacon may prolong your life!
  118. Promise of a better prostate cancer test
  119. VA Medical Care Benefits
  120. Why can't I do this simple thing?
  121. HSA custodians and mutual fund fees
  122. Thoughts on this medical situation?
  123. Health and Google
  124. When was last time your Doc surprised you - in a good way?
  125. Personal experience: work ins. to ACA ins.
  126. ACA subsidies, rebates and tax forms
  127. NIH - On Fish Oil
  128. ACA self contribution percentile
  129. High Protein Diets
  130. Healthcare in retirement
  131. Medicare Savings Programs
  132. Prescription Drug Cards
  133. Possible Means Testing for Medicare
  134. Tricare Prime and Stardard in Sarasota/Bradenton area
  135. Life Expectancy
  136. ACA subsidy revoked, then reinstated
  137. Antacid tablet without sugar or artificial sweeteners?
  138. Blue Shield of California loses tax exemption
  139. Is Longevity Inherited?
  140. If you could only have one test...which would it be?
  141. Tricare In/Out of Network
  142. Sad story
  143. Medicare widows benefits
  144. 10 work stressors for those still working
  145. Experiences with Rollator Walkers?
  146. HSA and state taxes
  147. If Your Molecules were Reversed, Would You Die?
  148. Counterfeit Olive Oil article
  149. Annual physical and a high deductible plan
  150. EBRI report: Estimating health costs in retirement
  151. No 1095-A from Federal Marketplace?
  152. Mailed docs 3 weeks ago, still no response from Health and Human Services, ACA
  153. Great deal on running shoes
  154. Ambien Death Rate Increase
  155. ACA after you resign
  156. Research question: Atherosclerotic heart disease
  157. HRA
  158. Question re: big blood glucose swings
  159. Retirement may be beneficial to your health
  160. Medicare MSA
  161. Stage 4 lung cancer
  162. healthcare decision after Cobra expires
  163. Need some clarification on ACA vs Cobra please
  164. Dietary Cholesterol Concerns Reversed After 40 Years
  165. Fact-checked Medical Advice
  166. A1C and carbs and me
  167. The Onion on Stand Up Desks
  168. Therapeutics Letter - free newsletter looks at the evidence for and against drugs
  169. GRAIN BRAIN - slowing/preventing Alzheimer by eliminating grains? Perlmutter, MD
  170. Assisted suicide soon to be legal in Canada
  171. Biosimilars
  172. Cost of Eyeglass Prescription
  173. Which fund would you choose (if any) for your HSA?
  174. budgeting for healthcare costs
  175. Looking good: cataract surgery oversharing report
  176. Running can be good, but not too much
  177. budgeting for dental costs
  178. Basic Health Program for NY and MN
  179. HI deductible nearly met already, and not paid by me!
  180. Health issues confidential
  181. Covered California and IRS Form 8962 Reconciliation Surprise!
  182. Medicare estimates for planning
  183. A1C, Vitamin D, Thyroid, Cholesterol
  184. Sustainable Seafood Search
  185. Healthy stuff that may hurt
  186. 2015 FPLs just published
  187. Long term care - slight reassurance from Scott Burns
  188. Do the ACA premiums stay fixed throughout the year?
  189. Computers to treat your Disease
  190. ACA Tax Penalty
  191. Just Lost 5 years off my life - Seahawks!
  192. PPACA Pediatric Dental and Wisdom Tooth Extraction
  193. Toss another veggie burger on the barbie?
  194. Bodyweight exercise
  195. Injured Tailbone
  196. Workout w/wrist in cast?
  197. Health Insurance Premium Deductibility?
  198. In-network provider refuses to accept negotiated rate
  199. Glucometer as health aide
  200. Apps for weight lifting
  201. LTC while younger
  202. HSA question
  203. Still alive? How many?
  204. ACA question: family plan vs 2 individual plans
  205. Mid year ACA and deductibles
  206. Your Next Prescription
  207. New LTC Study
  208. New antibiotic kills drug-reistant superbugs
  209. Health Care For Early Retirees
  210. Poll:Regular Exercise schedule?
  211. Cell phone usage does not lead to brain cancer
  212. New Hip - 6 Month Update
  213. The FLU Club - Have you joined it yet this winter?
  214. 2014 HSA funding deadline?
  215. Influenza
  216. Dental implant
  217. Concierge practices?
  218. WebMD Health Records
  219. ACA Subsidy Calc: How do we verify SLCSP?
  220. ABLE ACT (529 for disabled) now law.
  221. CoveredCA showing different plans and premium prices since enrolling
  222. Have to file application for healthcare and have tax free income. Need advice.
  223. Medicare expenses
  224. Colonoscopy cost in this area
  225. Self insured ACA subsidy calculation.
  226. What real-world doctors have to say about the advice dispensed on “The Dr. Oz Show”
  227. Still confused about IRA deductibility related to MAGI
  228. OMG - Heart Attack Season
  229. Nutrition / Calorie Tracking Software
  230. is my FIRE healthcare budget reasonable?
  231. High Path Avian Influenza to keep an eye on
  232. ACA Experts Please
  233. ACA Pediatric Dentistry???
  234. Enrolled 3 days ago in ACA, no email confirmation yet
  235. U.S. Health Care Lags Worldwide for Those Over 65
  236. Investing in a healthy lifestyle......
  237. Anyone able to renew on CoveredCA?
  238. Measuring blood pressure and heart rate
  239. A Disease to fit the Pill
  240. New Coursera class, "Living with Dementia"
  241. Americans at Risk from Deadly Heart Parasites?
  242. Any COBRA experts out there?
  243. When You’re Bored Silly in Retirement
  244. Deadline for voluntary IRA distribution for 2014 MAGI for ACA purposes
  245. 2014 Survey on Supplement Usage
  246. ACA vs Ehealthinsurance
  247. Puzzling premium prices on private exchange
  248. Medicare Income-related Adjustment
  249. Calculations/figuring out which ACA plan to buy?
  250. For the recently retired how do you resolve ACA wage inconsistency, big drop in MAGI