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  1. Small pharmacy
  2. Medicine and Technology
  3. ER and Look Great
  4. Medicaid and Estate Recovery in New York
  5. US populations by age and distribution
  6. HSA + Cobra = can make deductible contributions?
  7. Gluten-Free Diet
  8. Vitamin D
  9. IL and the Onion team up to sell Health Insurance
  10. Which insurance should you choose?
  11. Popeye Elbow
  12. social security disability question
  13. Healthcare question
  14. ACA and early retirement?
  15. CVS No Longer Selling Smokes
  16. Hey! Get off my lawn
  17. Income rules for new MAGI Medicaid
  18. Future of cap on OOP under Obamacare
  19. Reasoning Behind Staying Above 137% FPL
  20. What activities do you do during sleepless nights?
  21. ACA and College Aged Kids
  22. Variation in amount of ACA subsidy & other questions
  23. Lack of Transparency Still. Blood Tests. Rant.
  24. Income Estimate for the Federal ACA Site
  25. health insurance
  26. Dizzy with fluorescent lights
  27. Future Glucose Monitoring
  28. Berkley Test
  29. News articles claiming Obamacare enrollee population is too small and mix is too old
  30. 16% of workers "enjoy what they do"
  31. LTC $ for Mom?: VA Aid/Assistance?
  32. HSA Questions (relating to spouse over 55, separate accounts)
  33. Help! Where's my insurance?!!
  34. Another Amazing athletic feat
  35. Attention ANTHEM Shoppers in California
  36. Stuck with a non-existent policy, What A SCAM!!!!!
  37. ACA premium subsidy & tax return
  38. Did anyone receive ID card for Humana?
  39. Activity Monitors/Recorders
  40. Is wine tasting (quality) BS?
  41. who is paying for cost sharing subsidy?
  42. Organics - G.M.O.s
  43. My husband finally has good health insurance
  44. How exactly does Medicare handle high medical costs?
  45. Planned for 2015 FIRE but just diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma
  46. HSA and HDHP with ACA cost sharing
  47. FEHB options
  48. Routine tests recommended?
  49. 30 Life Lessons From 30 Years
  50. Cost Sharing Reduction
  51. Rethinking Blood Pressure
  52. Olga's secrets on living longer.......
  53. Were you successful in the ACA signup
  54. Long Term Care Insurance Increase
  55. This is how I want to pop my clogs.
  56. Balance Billing
  57. Frequencies of colonoscopy screenings
  58. MnSure- Minnesota
  59. Small city health care quality
  60. Hitting the out of pocket max isn't that hard !
  61. Did You Have Health Insurance Prior to Signing Up With an Exchange?
  62. More MAGI madness -- good problem to have, I guess...
  63. Do you Think I Should continue these Insurance Plans
  64. (Early) Retirement is not just about the money
  65. Better right than happy?
  66. Gain or Lose Weight At Retirement Start?
  67. Ever had a doctor/dentist actually see you at appt time scheduled?
  68. Processed versus unprocessed meats
  69. Vitamins - Worth the Cost?
  70. Heart rate During Your Workout
  71. Expat health insurance
  72. COBRA frustration
  73. Less/more comprehensive???
  74. Diabetes Myths?
  75. Stage 4 colon cancer
  76. Chiropractors - Coalmine Canary?
  77. Recommend an HSA administrator
  78. We are more humane to our pets!
  79. Tax Moves Boomers Should Make Now
  80. Shingles--still painful years later
  81. ACA- true story for a younger person.
  82. Calculating for MAGI
  83. Limited Plan
  84. The Individual Health Insurance Market vs PPACA
  85. Health Insurance and Marriage
  86. FEHB and medicare B
  87. ACA & Cobra
  88. PPACA vs. ehealthinsurance Premium
  89. preparing for inability to make own decisions
  90. ACA Enrollment Questions
  91. Obamacare Federally Mandated Additional Fees on your Premium
  92. Feel like a pinball
  93. Blue Shield of California - Please Share Your Experiences - Good or Bad
  94. Does anyone actually like whole wheat pasta?
  95. Nebraska BCBS one more year
  96. how to estimate using sherpa when split household
  97. Cancer- Should Money Be Spent on Prevention or Therapy?
  98. How our HSAs saved us over $10,000
  99. ACA: "Recommended Health Plan Groups" (Family versus 2 Individual Policies)
  100. Cost Sharing Question
  101. Lockheed Martin Retiree Medical Cost
  102. No job yet, should one go thru Exchange
  103. Are You Still Waiting to Apply to PPACA ?
  104. Getting drug plan cost info through Medicare.gov
  105. Actinic Keratosis
  106. Healthcare.gov - my bumpy ride
  107. A closer look at Out-of-Pocket Max
  108. Exercise Gear
  109. Tinnitus
  110. Eligibility and Subsidy Questions
  111. When Do doctor co-pays on come in to play
  112. ACA Successfully Enrolled and then denied by Insurer
  113. ACA Help needed
  114. Obama's decision today to extend policies
  115. New one year extension for current insurance plans
  116. An actual reporting
  117. Help finding the best Medicare plans
  118. Short term health insurance
  119. Website for ACA Options, Premiums, and Subsidies
  120. Why are we so paranoid about having choices?
  121. ER sloppiness could have killed my mother...or saved her.
  122. Is catastrophic coverage a good alternative to a more costly bronze policy?
  123. Brokers for ACA enrollment
  124. Cataract Surgery...which type of lens?
  125. COBRA or Bronze ACA?
  126. Assets too high for Medicaid, income too low for subsidy
  127. Newly Discovered Ligament in Human Knee
  128. Is it Possible?
  129. Mega Corp Retiree Healthcare Cost Increase
  130. Dentists
  131. High Deductible HSA-eligible HI Cancelled?
  132. Eligible for Medicaid, Paying for Bronze?
  133. New post on Retirement Cafe regarding ACA and OOP maximums
  134. Unrealistic life expectancy?
  135. COBRA Question
  136. How I stopped worrying and learned to love Obamacare
  137. Medicare HMO vs PPO
  138. 2014 $0 Medicare Increase
  139. Shrimp - Farm Raised vs Wild Caught
  140. Parting Ways With the Megacorp and the ACA - Coverage Gap?
  141. Healthcare.gov -Anyone enrolled with subsidy yet?
  142. Question on timley coordination of open enrollment
  143. Bunion Surgery anyone?
  144. Affordable Care Act: Partial Exchange, dental/vision via COBRA?
  145. HDHCP & HSA ?'s
  146. Employee insurance and ACA
  147. Medical Auction Service
  148. Multi-State Plans - pros and cons?
  149. Sign up now?
  150. ACA Premiums and HSA
  151. Recumbent bicycles
  152. ACA Coverage - Actually Officially Enrolled
  153. Medicare Advantage?Recheck your network
  154. If you like your insurance you can keep it. ha
  155. ACA Success in Florida - I Hope
  156. Bronze, Silver and Coinsurance/Copay
  157. Medicaid?
  158. Insurance Brokers complain they are not recommended as Healthcare.gov alternative
  159. Elbow Bursitis
  160. Toe arthritis
  161. Managing MAGI
  162. Calories Burned-how determined?
  163. Anyone enroll in PPACA using paper form?
  164. Managing MAGI with College Graduate
  165. Cost sharing element of subsidy
  166. ACA Subsidy Calculation
  167. Enrolled doesnt really mean enrolled
  168. Medical Insurance - CDHP vs PPO Sanity Check Request
  169. Health Exchange Income Verification
  170. United Healthcare
  171. Got through! ... my ACA plan choices
  172. Federal Exchange - ACA subsidies in jeopardy
  173. Hoping to 'glide' back into work, maybe not....
  174. Understanding Insurance lingo
  175. ACA wasn't supposed to have this happen
  176. ACA Poll
  177. Premium increase
  178. Nexium
  179. Anybody signing up without a subsidy?
  180. Isn't It Impossible to Really Shop ACA Plans?
  181. Subsidy Question
  182. Successful ACA sign up - Florida
  183. Poll: Whos is in favor of a single payer Health Care System?
  184. Anyone Get Approved for Subsidy with 100% to 133% FPL (non Medicaid Expansion State)
  185. Details on Out Of Pocket Max
  186. Got your flu shot?
  187. Switching in and out of ACA Plans
  188. Healthcare.gov/ACA - Has anyone here been able to "enroll"
  189. PPACA question
  190. While waiting for healthcare.gov
  191. New ACA Exchange Co-op's
  192. Anyone get a firm quote on the exchange yet?
  193. High Fat Salad
  194. Avoiding Medi-Cal eligibility for children under ACA?
  195. California ACA Weirdness
  196. How common are fitness injuries here?
  197. How premiums work
  198. Tendinosis - anyone had experience of this?
  199. Procedural question on ACA
  200. 2013 Federal Poverty Level Chart
  201. What ALWAYS makes you smile?
  202. Medical Question - Workings of an IV
  203. Acetaminophen warning
  204. Paper application for ACA
  205. To Take Subsidies or Not?
  206. How are state ACA doing?
  207. Subsidy eligibility with one employed spouse
  208. Why did I get rejected for ACA Subsidy?
  209. Anyone choosing to re-underwrite to avoid exchanges until Jan. 1, 2015?
  210. TurboTax has a ACA subsidy calculator if you need an estimate.
  211. Cap Gain Impact on MAGI under ACA?
  212. Washington State Health Exchange
  213. Yet another health insurance shopper
  214. Question on Massachusetts Healthcare exchange
  215. Any guidance is appreciated
  216. Separate ACA Policies
  217. definition of HSA compatible plan
  218. Florida BCBS
  219. Income Questions for Healthcare Application
  220. Individual policies not in the exchange
  221. California Exchanges Web Site Not Ready for Prime Time
  222. Obamacare Question
  223. HC Exchange Eligibility if Retiree Coverage Available
  224. ACA sign Up
  225. ACA Cheat Sheet
  226. Means-testing for Medicare part of GOP Debt Limit Plan
  227. New HC rates with Obamacare
  228. Aetna just canceled wifes medicare advantage plan
  229. Leg cramps at night
  230. ACA Subsidy Calculator By Zip Code
  231. ACA rates for NH are out
  232. ACA and retiree FEHB
  233. Calories - at once? or spread out?
  234. Short Term HI plan bridge to exchange plan
  235. Got MY ACA impact.
  236. Free Beer!
  237. Age tiers and health insurance
  238. A Social Solution?
  239. Google trying to help us live longer?
  240. aarp medicare insurance
  241. Are EOBs mandatory?
  242. ACA and Current Medicaid Eligible
  243. Florida Aetna grandfathers my policy
  244. Medical alert systems
  245. Dental Insurance
  246. State-by-state exchange rate data
  247. ACA and state of Origin
  248. Dont expect Federal Govt to release anymore state premium prices on exchanges early.
  249. Public Health Service Researcher Joe Hillbeln on Fats and Oils in Diet
  250. ACA Letter From the VA