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  1. What real-world doctors have to say about the advice dispensed on “The Dr. Oz Show”
  2. Still confused about IRA deductibility related to MAGI
  3. OMG - Heart Attack Season
  4. Nutrition / Calorie Tracking Software
  5. is my FIRE healthcare budget reasonable?
  6. High Path Avian Influenza to keep an eye on
  7. ACA Experts Please
  8. ACA Pediatric Dentistry???
  9. Enrolled 3 days ago in ACA, no email confirmation yet
  10. U.S. Health Care Lags Worldwide for Those Over 65
  11. Investing in a healthy lifestyle......
  12. Anyone able to renew on CoveredCA?
  13. Measuring blood pressure and heart rate
  14. A Disease to fit the Pill
  15. New Coursera class, "Living with Dementia"
  16. Americans at Risk from Deadly Heart Parasites?
  17. Any COBRA experts out there?
  18. When You’re Bored Silly in Retirement
  19. Deadline for voluntary IRA distribution for 2014 MAGI for ACA purposes
  20. 2014 Survey on Supplement Usage
  21. ACA vs Ehealthinsurance
  22. Puzzling premium prices on private exchange
  23. Medicare Income-related Adjustment
  24. Calculations/figuring out which ACA plan to buy?
  25. For the recently retired how do you resolve ACA wage inconsistency, big drop in MAGI
  26. "Minimum Coverage" PPO Plan
  27. HSA accounts
  28. ACA plan from a CO-OP?
  29. Need new 2015 ACA plan: Help!
  30. ACA Income Question
  31. Inheritance income affect ACA subsidy?
  32. Washing Fruits and Vegetables
  33. Healthcare % of $$
  34. Healthcare increase 100%
  35. Health at a Glance in Europe 2014
  36. Poll: What kind of razor do you use?
  37. My Interesting Circadian Disability
  38. Better Deal
  39. Renewing on CoveredCA for 2015 results in immediate policy cancelation
  40. Is Hospice just another big healthcare business now?
  41. Limited Networks for PPACA Policies
  42. Strategically not paying medical bills for 90 days for a discount
  43. Comparing Drug Coverage
  44. ACA Insurance and subsidies
  45. Did you ever reach your OOP Max? What Happened then?
  46. Insurance for the global nomad ???
  47. Are you on drugs?
  48. WA Exchange: How to view network provider coverage
  49. HSA eligibility for contributions and withdrawals
  50. 'Rise of saturated fat in diet does not raise fats in blood'
  51. Generic Drugs
  52. How long can you keep a ACA plan after moving?
  53. ACA Plans- Help Me Decide
  54. Worrying about healthcare (networks/balance billing)
  55. Change doctors for lower premiums?
  56. Need help with CoveredCA.com
  57. Insurers overstated doctor networks, California regulators charge
  58. Hearing
  59. My Transplanted Pancreas has Stopped Working
  60. Another new test to detect Alzheimer’s Diesase
  61. Websites for Evaluating Customer Satisfaction with Specific Health Insurance Cos
  62. My Health Insurance Plan's Cost Versus Age
  63. Updating Income Data on Healthcare.gov?
  64. The Dutch Village (really assisted living) Where Everyone Has Dementia
  65. Healthcare and the Marriage Penalty
  66. HealthNet coverage disappeared.
  67. Questions on HSA health policies thru ACA
  68. ACA Exchange Experience
  69. ACA Exchange Dental Plans for 2015
  70. ACA premium changes for 2015 (some way up, others way down)
  71. You Are Only 10% Human
  72. Two Medicare Questions
  73. 2015 ACA Kaiser Subsidy Calculator available
  74. You Money or Your Life
  75. Kaiser Permanente in Geogia
  76. Using a broker for Exchange policies?
  77. Healthcare.gov "Download Button"
  78. Telephone Threat From Obama Healthcare Act Government Center
  79. Have but don't use insurance?
  80. Doctors not accepting Obamacare?
  81. Changing Plan D
  82. How is healthcare.gov website working 2014 thread
  83. aca overall cost for the year
  84. ACA income estimates and cost sharing with Silver plans
  85. Veteran’s (VA) Health Care
  86. Reverse Osmosis Systems
  87. Health Care Sharing Ministries and Medical Repricing
  88. Poll: Will you need/use an ACA subsidy for health insurance?
  89. Breakfast of Champions
  90. Genworth losses from LTCI
  91. ACA plans for 2015
  92. Obamacare with the GOP in control
  93. 2014 HSA contribution - unusual situation
  94. Water Fasting
  95. Retirement Poll Results (Money Magazine)
  96. Long Term Care strategies...?
  97. Our experience with doctors this year.
  98. Trigger thumb - OUCH !
  99. Hypothetical Insurance Situation
  100. Kaci Hickox must have had her sponsors lined up in advance
  101. FYI, Health Insurance Options comparison model
  102. Anyone use Kaiser in Retirement?
  103. COBRA question.
  104. Google, Magnetic Pills and Cancer
  105. Who Obamacare has helped the most
  106. PSA screening: new study
  107. Pivitol Living Fitness Band
  108. Cymbalta/Duloxetine Cheap Supplements
  109. Colonoscopy fun II
  110. Colonoscopy Fun
  111. Blown T12 verterbrae--surgery vs not
  112. My health insurance premium is going up 10.5% - too much? I am with Blue Shield in Ca
  113. Out of network ER physicians
  114. Computer Glasses
  115. Is Florida going to cancel my plan
  116. Eye Can See Clearly
  117. Patient Portal
  118. Should undocumented get ACA??
  119. Report-What retiree's wish they had known
  120. Are you a good handwasher?
  121. 2015 Premiums for Federal Employees and Retirees
  122. Medicare D for 2015
  123. Song inspiring my FIRE
  124. New doctor--how would you feel?
  125. Intra state health insurance
  126. Ebola and Travel
  127. my experience with Obamacare/CoveredCA
  128. Being Mortal (new book)
  129. Living in Multiple States - Health Insurance
  130. Best way to shop for Health Plans
  131. Planks
  132. annual physical, no more prostate exam
  133. Does this pass the proverbial 'smell test'?
  134. Changing Part D, auto SS payments
  135. Florida Healthcare Costs
  136. Ebola in Texas
  137. Blood Sugar reading
  138. When to sign up for Medicare
  139. "Hoping to Die at Home"
  140. need some medical cost saving info
  141. ACA income question.
  142. "Hope to Die at 75"
  143. What happens when we all live to 100
  144. The doctor is NOT always right!
  145. Worse: Sugar or Salt?
  146. New relief for plantar fasciitis
  147. Need help: Not sure whether to start medicine on lowering cholesterol level
  148. Question about Open Enrollment
  149. Treating tendonitis / tennis elbow
  150. The Flu Shot
  151. Article on ACA subsidy reconciliation
  152. Dealing with loss
  153. Counting income to apply on the state exchange to get subsidy. Need advice.
  154. Universal Healthcare?
  155. Sleep
  156. Buying health insurance for ER
  157. Tired of company butting into our healthcare...
  158. Six days a week at the gym, permanently?
  159. May get a job, but health insurance is very high. Need advice
  160. Yet Another Reason to FIRE
  161. medical conditions that could put me on another OMY just to keep group insurance?
  162. Just came back from a week in The Noe Valley District of SF
  163. Omega 3 vs Omega 6 Fatty Acids
  164. Max out of pocket medical vs. pharmacy
  165. Reducing MAGI for those on the cusps
  166. Should I avoid Medicaid?
  167. Factoring in Healthcare Cost Increases into "your number"
  168. 2015 ACA Premium Increases
  169. Posterior polar cataract anyone?
  170. Better retirement planning = better health
  171. Affordable Care Act Lawsuits
  172. Suddenly unable to speak
  173. MediCal income limits and types
  174. Colonoscopy payment
  175. Bicycles
  176. Billing Recourse Questions
  177. Keep company medical or get private plan?
  178. Cataract questions
  179. Low-dose aspirin to reduce cancer risk
  180. How much does Medicare cost?
  181. Alternative Risk Calculator for CVD
  182. Good News: CA ACA 2015 premium rates
  183. BMI scale
  184. Preventive full body scan anyone?
  185. Air purifier/cleaner recommendations
  186. Inexpensive eyeglasses?
  187. Yet another reminder...
  188. ACA trouble. Appeals court rules subsidies illegal
  189. Allergy forum
  190. Massive weight gain from fluids in the hospital
  191. Controlled substance prescriptions
  192. SSN on Medicare card- how to avoid?
  193. BCBS wants to start coverage before the date of application?
  194. Is Retiree HC Ins an "Employer Plan" under ACA?
  195. Hospital admission...
  196. Can You Recommend an ACA Health Insurance Plan for Central New Jersey?
  197. Shingles Vaccination
  198. Healthcare Premium Costs???
  199. Pneumococcal Shot
  200. Medicare Purchase
  201. Long-Term Care Insurance
  202. found kind of a fix for my back pain
  203. I've got my new hip and a room with a great view
  204. So Much for Medical Privacy
  205. Healthcare.gov Signup after Move?
  206. Chinese Trend of Working to Death
  207. The "tank" wheelchair
  208. Liberty Health Share
  209. Blood draw for iron overload prevention?
  210. Self-test for early detection of Alzheimer's
  211. ACA additional verification of income letter
  212. There goes the deductible - Getting a hip replacement
  213. A Short Dumbell Work Out DVD?
  214. Health Insurance individually
  215. need advice on dental work
  216. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  217. Stiff fingers - starting of arthritis?
  218. Concussion - advice or stories?
  219. State Pensioners - Change in health insurance?
  220. HSA/ACA and Retirement
  221. Fitbit One Calorie Tracking
  222. Anyone used Precor Elliptical?
  223. Value in vitamin and mineral supplements
  224. Unsubsidized Young Pick ObamaCare Catastrophic Plans
  225. Sleep apnea anyone?
  226. 2015 health insurance premium increase
  227. Can a doctor's office do this?
  228. Drug Expiration Dates
  229. If in 15% tax bracket, do capital gains count for ACA MAGI?
  230. George Saunders’s Advice to Graduates
  231. Claims Experience - Medicare Primary, FEHB 2ndary Insurance
  232. Medical Attention While Out of the Country
  233. Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis
  234. Caregiver helpful hints
  235. Caregiver stress
  236. Just got first Genworth LTC increase
  237. Fitbit Musings
  238. Sugary Soft Drinks
  239. Knee Arthritis and Walking
  240. What will we eat?
  241. Do I qualify for ACA?
  242. Heart rate monitor
  243. 90+ study - 60 minutes longevity segment
  244. Question on Medicare vs private Medicare PPO
  245. obamacare/covered california question
  246. A lesson learned from the death of an expat
  247. 60minutes : Living to 90 and beyond
  248. Young blood reverses aging in mice
  249. Healthcare.gov password
  250. How did you quit smoking?