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  1. How a smartphone could change your medical care
  2. Look How Quickly the US Got Fat? (1985-2010)
  3. Humana HDHP Renewal -15% increase
  4. Question regarding HDHP, MSA, etc.
  5. Consider skipping that steak for dinner...
  6. Diagnosed pre-diabetic with HbA1c of 5.3
  7. Increased Potassium intake lowers stroke risk
  8. Eat To Live
  9. Baldness linked to heart disease
  10. Are FSA's Worth the Hassle?
  11. PPACA change to Medicare Advantage
  12. Delay in state health exchanges for small business
  13. Suddenly feeling old and mortal
  14. Pain meds
  15. Has the Threat of ACA Pushed People Toward Retiring "Overseas"?
  16. KFF FAQ on expected healthcare premiums in 2014
  17. all insurances NOT in ACA subsidized plans
  18. Any San Francisco Universal HC users?
  19. 90YO dash
  20. Report: ACA's Effect on Insurance Premiums Varies by Income Level
  21. Why an MRI costs $1080 in America and $280 in France
  22. A question on HSA meds
  23. Bill went to collection because of the company's mistake, what do I do?
  24. Affordable Care Act free screening and cost sharing
  25. 14 million people who don't show up in most of the numbers
  26. Doctor questions
  27. Grass Fed Beef
  28. Health Plans Up Significantly in 2014
  29. Younger Next Year DVD
  30. Alternating exercise with being 100% sedentary?
  31. walk slow or fast
  32. Humidity: For or against?
  33. ER (Emergency Room) statistics
  34. Teaching Hospitals v Other
  35. Fat people can be as healthy as thin people? Hmmm
  36. Nothing Like a Good Cup of Tea
  37. Got insurance for FIRE
  38. Americans underestimate retirement health care costs
  39. Apparently I need to quit the Niacin today!
  40. Co Q 10
  41. Another Cholesterol Factor?
  42. 8 Foods Worth Buying Frozen
  43. Most large employers to keep health insurance benefit-survey
  44. The Bitter End - What Doctors Want...
  45. 6 Worthless Exercises
  46. Supplements
  47. Genworth Halts Long-Term Care Insurance Sales In California
  48. signing up insurance healthconnecter mass.
  49. Some Hope for Healthcare Costs
  50. International and Domestic
  51. Elderly Woman Dies After Nurse Refuses To Give CPR
  52. Pancreatic Cancer Test
  53. LTCi Female applicants~40% higher rates?
  54. HSA in 2014?
  55. Tricare Plus
  56. Buying policy now: HSA or not?
  57. medical expenses outside of U.S.
  58. PSA: When to fire your doctor.
  59. Plant based breakfasts
  60. Mom's arthritis pain and noncompliance - any suggestions?
  61. This Year Last Chance for Medically Underwritten HSA Plans?
  62. Affordable Healthcare Act and Medicaid
  63. Anyone Make a Claim, with Individual High Deductible Health Insurance Policy?
  64. Choosing a Medicare plan
  65. Where do counselors report things?
  66. Gym Rats Repent!
  67. Why medical bills are killing us.
  68. Anyone subscribing to the "Eat to Live" lifestyle?
  69. Affordable Care Act - Early Observations
  70. Obamacare and +-65
  71. HDHP question, Rx without insurance
  72. ACA (Obamacare) and federal retirees?
  73. Odds of Dying, by cause
  74. How much health care money needs to be budgeted?
  75. Need help from the doctors
  76. Health and ER
  77. Medicare
  78. Aluminum intake amounts
  79. What are the Effects of Having Health Insurance Denied?
  80. Obamacare
  81. What is the most effective teeth whitener strips?
  82. Health care costs - a 2012 report
  83. Smart phone medicine - is this the future?
  84. Shingles
  85. Are there any medical expense accounts available for pre-medicare retirees
  86. Superfocus Glasses
  87. back and forth from mexico
  88. the Semi-retired and the health care act
  89. Are Statins safe ?
  90. Pain in bone break site, much later in life
  91. Need insights on recovery from broken ankle
  92. Question about obamacare
  93. Personality and sleep position
  94. Sheesh. . .C-diff!!
  95. Egg Talk
  96. Free Breast Pumps And The Cost Of Health Care
  97. I started a new routine today
  98. Book Excerpt: Prescriptions Killing You?
  99. Gluten Free
  100. 'Overuse' of Health Insurance?
  101. Medicaid Eligibility in 2014 under ACA
  102. How much will health/dental cost me?
  103. Montana Medical Care Savings Accounts
  104. Leaving COBRA before 18 months affects pre-existing conditions exclusions?
  105. Have you saved enough for your Healthcare?
  106. Tricare to boot 170,000 off of Prime
  107. Downside to Aerobic Training???
  108. 44 Beloved Snacks You'll Never Be Able To Eat Again
  109. Flu
  110. 23andMe personal genetic testing
  111. Humana vs Blue Cross??
  112. How many pills in your daily schedule?
  113. Medicare question
  114. Beginning Yoga for back care?
  115. Why Hillary Clinton should seriously consider (not so) ER
  116. Glad to have Health Insurance
  117. 2013 Health Care Changes
  118. Fish oil and triglycerides
  119. Mental Fitness - brain training
  120. Does chocolate make you clever?
  121. Hip Replacement
  122. Simple Test Predicts Longevity
  123. Cardiac CT Scan for Calcium
  124. Emergency response pendants
  125. Mystery insurance charge on my elderly father's checking
  126. Mortality and ER makes me think
  127. Oh, sob: possible dental extraction coming!
  128. PPACA: So What's New for 2013?
  129. Shingles Shots Saga
  130. Need stopwatch recommendation
  131. Laugh/Cry at food ads??
  132. WSJ Article of interest
  133. End of Life Care
  134. Colonoscopy before age 50..........
  135. Raising Medicare Age Eligbility?
  136. Cure for the common cold
  137. Home treadmill?
  138. Strategies for Lowering LDL
  139. Individual vs. Group Plan....Advice?
  140. Help me with HSA account
  141. Health care insurance costs.
  142. "Vitamin I"
  143. Think Positive...
  144. health care gone nuts!
  145. Doctor/GP dropped me without warning?
  146. Using Our Leisure Time Wisely in Retirement
  147. New Health insurance, Now HSA
  148. Heartburn
  149. Blood Pressure Medicine question
  150. Employer provided insurance after retirement
  151. Internet Forum Addiction
  152. Atrial Fibrillation
  153. Poll:How well do you sleep?
  154. Insurance post Cobra question
  155. PPACA Updates and rule clarifications
  156. Unemployment may raise risk of heart attack but retirement not linked
  157. What will megacorps do with subsidized health ins?
  158. 8 'Healthy Drinks' That Are Actually Terrible for You
  159. Survey on current costs for care
  160. Signing Up For Medicare
  161. Seeking questions for an interview on long-term care insurance
  162. Advice from MikeD or anyone. Scared.
  163. Are you fitter than the average guy? (article)
  164. Healthcare premium for early retirees under PPACA
  165. Low cost dental "insurance"
  166. Tricare Prime gone??
  167. Had meniscus repaired/removed surgery--Doing GREAT!!!
  168. 6 Memory Problems That Shouldn't Worry You
  169. Heath Care Reform starting in 2013
  170. cannibalism?????
  171. Potential Changes to PPACA
  172. To CDHP or not?
  173. Health Insurance Exchanges under the PPACA
  174. To your health
  175. achilles injury
  176. Drop Y membership and just row or not?
  177. Open HSA or not?
  178. Tear in retina
  179. How to get help for crushing, chronic sciatica
  180. Help me compare Health Insurance Plans!
  181. Question about Obamacare/medicare changes
  182. DR Oz and HGH
  183. Gout - Who has it and how are you treating it.
  184. What in this meal could make me so tired that I want to pass out
  185. What's your food pyramid like?
  186. Health insurance increase 265%
  187. Forced to get Medicare--grrr!
  188. TMJ
  189. HD health insurance in Hawaii
  190. Premiums deductible?
  191. My health insurance premium trend - HDHP, HSA eligible
  192. Yeah, I see the problem-- you're gettin' old.
  193. Diagnoses
  194. Doctors
  195. Does anyone else have chronic nasal issues?
  196. After Cobra premiums
  197. On Medicare?
  198. Being Observed: Medicare Trap
  199. Living wills and POA
  200. Cataract surgery and a BIG difference between eyes
  201. Should I give up group HI and apply for individual policy?
  202. Retirement: Life's Greatest Adventure (new book)
  203. Health Insurance Increase
  204. Questions for Experienced Concept 2 Rowers
  205. Anyone had a gonioscopy?
  206. chemo and postpone ER
  207. Sonicare toothbrush heads - standard or compact?
  208. Medical procedures solo
  209. Stupid diet tricks
  210. I'll have what she's having - every 30 seconds
  211. MyMedicare dot gov
  212. Poll: Do Raw Onions Make You Sleepy?
  213. Insurance exclusion wording for GERD / Acid Reflux
  214. FEHB 2013 Premiums
  215. Insurance Question: Job change and pre-existing medical condition
  216. Issues regarding colonoscopy coverage under the PPACA
  217. insurance company vent
  218. WHEW!! I'm still on target for 2013
  219. BCBS rates went down for next year
  220. Happy health news!
  221. Once 2014 rolls around, do you think insurance uncertainty will ease?
  222. Is Tricare Prime right for us???
  223. Rant on doctor and medical costs
  224. torn meniscus in knee; surgery and recovery questions
  225. Blood Pressure Spike: Anyone ever have this happen?
  226. Calling triathlon swimmers! I need advice about triathlon wetsuits
  227. Savings after dropping dental insurance
  228. More support for low carb
  229. Chocolate reduces stroke risk
  230. Individual health insurance in ER question
  231. Menieres disease?
  232. Don't smoke pot until adulthood!
  233. Anyone with experience with Mayo Clinic and Sloan-Kettering?
  234. That's Why They Call Us Doctor Feel Good
  235. Blood Pressure and Yoga
  236. Heart Rate Monitor?
  237. I Think I May Never Look The Same At Gatorade
  238. Physical -- who's looking at your drugs?
  239. Anybody have a problem with their back "going out" on them
  240. Life is like Coffee
  241. Poll:What Dental Floss Do You Use?
  242. For all you marathoners and triatheletes
  243. The power of sleep?
  244. Morningstar LTC article
  245. Detached Retina
  246. Egg Yolks as risky to heart as cigarettes
  247. Meniere's Disease
  248. Hand Sanitizer Study
  249. Gotta brag - My first Triathlon
  250. Walking vs Bicycle Riding..What offers better health benefits?