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  1. Infrared heating pad...Worth the money?
  2. Can you return from Med Advantage to Traditional Med
  3. Butter Makes your Pants Fall Off
  4. Buying A New Vehicle For Bad Back/Knees?
  5. CRA (caries risk assessment)
  6. Texting while driving
  7. Usefullness of Heart/Stroke Test Packages
  8. 'Splain me this: ACA and second lowest silver plan cost?
  9. Prescription Drugs
  10. is HSA distribution of 11k going to raise flag at IRS
  11. How long before a pacemaker feels "normal"
  12. Blood Pressure and Age
  13. Question for my fellow runners
  14. Yag Laser Procedure Post Cataract Surgery
  15. Blood Sugar
  16. QHSA and Medicare
  17. Positional Vertigo
  18. Vitamin B12 deficiency questions
  19. Is health ins deductible in this case?
  20. Sleep Apnea with mouth guard solution?
  21. Coping with failing health
  22. ACA penalty?
  23. Sugar, Science and Regulation
  24. 1095-A problem
  25. Transition from ACA to Medicare Troubles
  26. Cenegenics
  27. Aetna Access Dental Plan
  28. Effects of Aging?
  29. Spousal insurance vs. Medicare
  30. Meniscectomy Vs Knee Replacement
  31. Do I need access to an HSA - is IRA deferral the same?
  32. Cobra Question
  33. badly sprained knee
  34. $1500 for dental work
  35. Poll:If the Healthcare Insurance Subsidy was removed, would it affect you & family?
  36. Returning to Canada for Health Insurance
  37. Refreshing? Surgical center posts all prices, takes no insurance, charges 90% less.
  38. Early retirement while facing unknown health insurance future?
  39. complete and total frustration with insurance renewal this year
  40. can we sign up for ACA now but have it start later
  41. Allergies/Sinus Issues
  42. medical tourism... or travel for affordable care
  43. Dental work in Los Algodones mexico
  44. Not sure what's wrong...TIA...stroke?
  45. VA medical and HSA
  46. A very weird diet.....
  47. Stupid HSA question
  48. plantar fasciitis
  49. Projecting health insurance premiums
  50. It's spreading out
  51. Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty - any experience?
  52. How Sweet it is!
  53. Blood Pressure Measurements
  54. Irish nursing homes
  55. Dental Insurance
  56. New JAMA study on health care costs
  57. Beta blockers........your experience?
  58. Higher cost for Medicare
  59. Assisted Living After the Money Runs Out?
  60. Long Term Health Care
  61. News Story on Shingles Vaccination
  62. Any cardiologists out there?
  63. Hyperthyroidism and Tachycardia
  64. Healthcare.gov income estimate and CHIP
  65. Live in gf and separate health plans
  66. Medicare/SS payments timing
  67. Simple HSA Question and marketplace plans
  68. Anyone try Heal app?
  69. MAGI Cliff for Medicare
  70. Medicare When Already Having Social Security Benefits
  71. Should I go with ACA or stay with individual plan
  72. Tea for health benefits
  73. My heart attack
  74. What now; HSA with no available HSA Health Plan?
  75. Redux - how much in each person's HSA?
  76. Weight training as we age ... NY Times article
  77. What are your Health Care Costs?
  78. HR 2300 introduced by Tom Price
  79. HI with the Exchange
  80. Entering Income on CoveredCA Web Site
  81. What would you do?
  82. Thoughts on Medicare Changes?
  83. An experiment... How much will my insurance cover...
  84. Second installment on ACA for those that like to read tea leaves...
  85. Which is Better? PTC or Monthly Subsidy?
  86. Anyone else confused about PPO,EPO,HMO?
  87. weight loss retreat or "spa"
  88. Thinking on Alaska residency and health insurance
  89. Medicare F, F-HD or Plan G?
  90. How low should I keep my income?
  91. Does constructive sale count for income wrt ACA subsidy?
  92. Plan F HD supplement dropped for 2017
  93. New research on dieting yo-yo
  94. Anyone Here have PVC's?
  95. Part D Have I got this right?
  96. ACA Subsidy Eligibility Notice--how to prove income
  97. Anyone get rid of all your mercury fillings?
  98. Interesting read on ins and outs of repealing ACA...
  99. Cash price for dental cleanings?
  100. Transitioning from Private Insurance to Medicare
  101. Retiring - So much unknown
  102. Can Short/Long Term Losses Be Deducted From Dividend Income ? *ACA Related*
  103. Is there any sort of always on continuous step tracker for Fitbit?
  104. ACA vs COBRA advice needed
  105. My simplistic approach to downside cost of Healthcare Insurance going forward...
  106. Gallbladder surgery
  107. Anyone drop son or daughter to save on health $
  108. I'm Changing My Fitness Routine
  109. Anytime Fitness?
  110. Why You Canít Help But Act Your Age
  111. How the Stomach Works
  112. Coughing Caused by ... Acid Reflux!
  113. United Health completely gone from NC?
  114. Plan not available in 2017, should I pay Dec Premiums
  115. Moderator Notice 11/11/2016, Please Read
  116. Anyone else on Medicaid under the ACA expansion?
  117. Healthcare.gov website
  118. Employer HRA or HSA when prepping for ER?
  119. Bidet?
  120. HSA Compatible
  121. insurance advice with pre-existing condition after election
  122. Healthcare insurance and retirement - again!
  123. ACA subsidy: recoup at tax time?
  124. which states still have PPOs?
  125. How do I find estimated costs for a catastrophic plan?
  126. Catastrophic coversge ??
  127. Churning: Medicaid & ACA in Washington State
  128. ACA price increase
  129. Poll:Number of doctors you see regularly
  130. Gel Shot - Arthritis
  131. Applying for ACA 2017 Coverage
  132. ACA and HSAs
  133. Arthritis symptom question
  134. Hip replacement surgery
  135. Seeing a Doctor Out-Of-Network
  136. Ambetter in Indiana coverage?
  137. Health Care notice for 2017
  138. Strength Training may delay Alzheimerís
  139. Medicare Advantage Plans FEHB
  140. Dental Coverage from CoveredCA
  141. Lifting weights makes you smarter. Well, maybe.
  142. Association plans vs. Exchange
  143. Reducing Income to Qualify
  144. HMO vs PPO ?
  145. Can married couple buy individual health policies on the ACA exchange?
  146. The ACA Saga Continues
  147. 2017 ACA Plans & Prices now available
  148. ACA Subsidy Calculation
  149. Concierge Doctor
  150. HSA and California Taxes
  151. Is Diabetes Genetic?
  152. ACA for Snowbirds
  153. Loloz cavity fighting lollipop?
  154. Calculating MAGI for Obamacare for married couple where...
  155. Actual Health Insurance Premium Increases For 2017
  156. Do HSA and IRA Contributions Really Increase APTC?
  157. Would you risk no insurance and ACA Penalty?
  158. Another Medigap question - which insurer
  159. Firsthand Obamacare experience
  160. Research on early treatment for Alzheimer's
  161. BC of TN pulling out of ACA in major cities
  162. So here I go head to the ACA exchange for 2017...advice please.
  163. New York State Medigap Cost?
  164. Medicare choice question
  165. Some Medicare new enrollment questions
  166. IRMAA...Does the Money Grab Never End?
  167. Fall: The Choosing Season
  168. Playing golf proven to add 5 years to life expectancy
  169. HSA Compatible insurance
  170. ACA in Arizona
  171. Bunions....have you had surgery?
  172. Shingles
  173. HSA maximum question
  174. Look at your 2017 Part D plan very carefully
  175. More Health Insurance Turmoil in Minnesota
  176. 2017 Rx trends expected to be in double digits
  177. The Microbiome File
  178. Sciatica!!!
  179. BCBS withdrawal from much of TN individual market
  180. ACA plan for snowbirds?
  182. COBRA insurance billing question
  183. Yet another knee surgery thread
  184. Son just had 2nd kid now being forced into CHIP
  185. Tax benefit to HSA contributions while retired?
  186. What will Medigap in NY State likely cost me?
  187. Sobering article on bacterial immunity
  188. Anyone use Molina with GroupHealth in WA State?
  189. Early onset dementia
  190. ? About aca subsidy income qualification
  191. Dental...Need a Couple of Crowns
  192. Medicare Advantage Plans
  193. OK men, Michigan State Scholar says old-guy sex can kill you
  194. HSA -- Seeking low fee Custodian
  195. Medicare card -How long does it take to get card after applying via the web?
  196. End of surprise out-of-network billing in CA
  197. Keep up with the exercise
  198. Whither we get health insurance for 2017?
  199. Another vacation another broken bone
  200. Help -- insomnia
  201. Experiences with Costco Optical?
  202. Advice for childless couple?
  203. Hearing test results - Asymmetrical SNHL
  204. Geriatric or Family Doc?
  205. Seniors Helping Seniors?
  206. How much water do you drink?
  207. Push-Up Breathing Question
  208. Trouble with Obamacare plans in Pennsylvania
  209. ACA and retiree coverage
  210. ACA, Subsidies and Better off Americans (which means many FIRE)
  211. Medicare Advantage Auto-Enrollment at Age 65
  212. Part time employers with health care?
  213. Baylor Scott and White
  214. Doctors in Southern California not accepting " Covered California" plans, even PPO's
  215. Healthcare Ministries and Selfpay - Options
  216. Experience with Pre-Packaged Food Diets
  217. Health insurance premiums for early retired (Florida)
  218. Land of Lincoln Healthcare gone - need advice
  219. Aetna pulling out of ACA
  220. Chicago Cardiologist
  221. New CMS analysis of insurer's costs
  222. Eyeglasses- does your state have this law?
  223. Intelligence vs Social Interaction
  224. Oscar health insurance?
  225. Missing Link - Companion Care
  226. Finding the Right Doctor
  227. Another ACA / Cobra question ...
  228. Preventive cardiac care >65 years of age: statins?
  229. Reverse Mortgage!!
  230. Successes with ASTYM treatments for tendon problems?
  231. Kokoro Yoga
  232. Health Insurance Premiums when FiRED, Pre Medicare, How Much do you Pay?
  233. Regular health insurance vs major medical
  234. Are most doctors willing to give a lower cash/no insurance price?
  235. Anyone know any over-80's who work out and stay healthy?
  236. Poll: How healthy are you?
  237. Dry chapped lips
  238. Did retirement cause my vital signs to change?
  239. Nice Graphic for Low Carb Fans
  240. High-Intensity-Intervals and Muscle Pulls
  241. Are vision and dental insurance plans worth it?
  242. Accidents and Emergencies
  243. Edelman - Change in thinking about LTC insurance
  244. leg cramps
  245. Stem Cells Before Dental Implant
  246. Medigap Primer (HELP, I need somebody, Help..)
  247. Bone graft before dental implant?
  248. Federal Long-Term Care Premiums
  249. Aneurysm
  250. Paying for a Medi-Gap Policy