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  1. Fidelity commissions dropping
  2. Which broker does this
  3. Better Historical Ticker Information
  4. Opinions wanted: How much should I offer?
  5. WeWork
  6. Buffet's Annual Shareholder Letter
  7. Name an arcane industry
  8. New ERs on Schwab Index Funds
  9. Fantastic 12 month returns but ...
  10. Rebalancing suggestions?
  11. Duck club investment?
  12. How to decide which stocks to sell?
  13. Williston, ND
  14. Not loving the up and up of the markets
  15. VBILX vs VBTLX
  16. My portfolio
  17. TIAA Traditional
  18. Is merger news on weekend an opportunity for timing market?
  19. SNAP IPO - Anyone?
  20. Avoiding Fidelity's transaction fee on TICRX
  21. Which of these is the regular S&P and NASDAQ?
  22. Politically managed funds
  23. Loving the up and up of markets these days
  24. Why I've Always Been A Little Leery Of Stock-Buybacks
  25. Why is FNDF #1 in Foreign Large Value?
  26. Norway
  27. First graph I have seen in a long time that makes me want to sell stocks
  28. Cliff Natural Resources Bond tender offer-What would you do?
  29. Good day for a limit order?
  30. Portfolio Thoughts
  31. Foreign stock in IRA
  32. Indexing vs fixed interest rates
  33. Move Roth Contributions to Taxable?
  34. Question about Bond Funds
  35. Feelings On Bank Of America & ‘Distribution’ Question
  36. Market timing requires two correct decisions
  37. Company 401k funds change question
  38. Where to invest with the market at all time highs?
  39. What are your thoughts
  40. Roth Moved from EJ to Fidelity
  41. Thoughts on what to do with $50k?
  42. Analyst recommendations
  43. Trying Equal Sector for domestic allocation
  44. What history tells us about the future.
  45. Do you watch the DJIA or NASDAQ?
  46. Concentrated Risk Dividends & Bonds
  47. Post RE Higher Income Strategies
  48. Wall Street Journal Article: America’s Roster of Public Companies Is Shrinki...
  49. FIRE withdrawal strategies
  50. A $300k question...which Vanguard fund to invest in
  51. Billionaires' 2016 Profits
  52. Asset Allocation - Late Inning Accumulation Phase
  53. What would you do with $1 million in cash
  54. Poll:Dow , S and P , predictions for end of 2017
  55. How the DOW works
  56. Precious Metals ETF's and Mutual Funds
  57. Long-term investing in the stock market pays off!
  58. 401k Options - High Expense Ratios
  59. Best way to invest cash on hand
  60. Why adjust your AA when you have won the game?
  61. Just Curious !
  62. Help me market-time/rebalance please :)
  63. Actively trading mutual funds
  64. Would a perfectly AA'd portfolio ever grow?
  65. International stocks - index or actively managed?
  66. Can I use VAIPX as a money-market type of investment in my 401k
  67. Stocks keep going up a good thing maybe
  68. DOW heading 20K !
  69. Closed end muni funds starting to look cheap again.
  70. Changes at Edward Jones
  71. Oil production reduction agreement and the stock market
  72. Is Sunoco LP an insane purchase now?
  73. Life phases and Asset Allocation Strategies
  74. How can I invest in emerging market?
  75. How much cash to hold?
  76. Wrestling with bond allocation... again!
  77. Want to increase % of stock allocation...timing?
  78. Best AA and RE tax strategy?
  79. Predicting the markets 10-15 year movement on long term trends
  80. The influence of young investors
  81. Foreign Bond Funds not currency hedged with low expense ratios?
  82. Timing the market and elections
  83. VIX December call quote
  84. International Investing Percent Allocation
  85. What does this sentence mean?
  86. Verizon for dividends
  87. Nevada doesn't gamble pension with this LBYM manager.
  88. Time to speculate on up move?
  89. The ebb and flow of money managers ..
  90. Co-worker recommended I buy Platinum
  91. MetLife Spinoff
  92. Looking for a good read..
  93. False sense of financial security?
  94. Would like to recommend a financial podcast
  95. Real Estate/Equities Market Bull Run
  96. Low Cost Index Fund for Commodities
  97. Natural Resource Equities?
  98. Longest bull market ever?
  99. Tax Advantage Portfolio
  100. Experts say the BOND Market is way overvalued- should I sell BND and AGG?
  101. Ground Hog Day on Asset Allocation
  102. WellsTrade unauthorized reduction of good till canceled buy order
  103. Review of Nov 2008 Dividend Portfolio Reccomendations
  104. Will the Fed follow the BOJ and ECB!!!
  105. EM today is up, what's going on?
  106. Stock Market "Experts" told us in 2012 that the market was over valued!
  107. Are Index Funds like VTI and BND really a comprehensive diverse portfolio?
  108. I need dividend income until I can go on Social Security!
  109. Does anyone understand the impact of the Johnson Controls merger on shareholders?
  110. CXA
  111. Passive investing almost always beats Active
  112. Help me evaluate this investment
  113. Need suggestions for stable income
  114. Today's factoid
  115. Vanguard VWEAX
  116. Fidelity Go
  117. No Big Fun to Realize in the Fun Account
  118. Equity residential?
  119. Emerging growth stock ideas?
  120. Press and Market Negativity
  121. Fermion's Biotech Investing (All Welcome)
  122. My stock pick Novavax NVAX
  123. Short Selling Comment/Question
  124. what to invest with 10k
  125. Dividend stock
  126. Good news and Bad news - Takeover of my largest holding
  127. Uhg, E-trade buying OptionsHouse
  128. Share Buy Backs for Executive Compensation Purposes
  129. 401k, Roth IRA, and Taxable -- Asset Allocations?!
  130. Selecting Bond Fund/ETF in Fidelity Account
  131. Nintendo (NTDOY) - Anyone put some $$ here ?
  132. When to sell dividend paying stocks
  133. Line IPO
  134. How To Translate A 7 Day Yield Of Of 0.04% To A 1 Year Yield ?
  135. State of Israel Bonds
  136. S&P 500 Tops Previous Record High
  137. VTI plus VG health care
  138. Anybody ready for another Brexit ?
  139. Warren Buffet Winning 10-year $1M Bet
  140. Schwab's Brexit thoughts
  141. Brexit
  142. Magic Formula Tracker
  143. What would you do with $700k ?
  144. Suggestion on transfer to Vanguard
  145. Forbes Article: 60/40 Portfolio is dead (Comments)
  146. Index VS individual stocks
  147. Crystal Ball: Emerging market returns?
  148. Near All Time Highs - who's going to pull the trigger?
  149. Market timers - the market is going up this year
  150. Investing $80K
  151. Simple Dividend Income Calculator (Early Beat)
  152. Some observations on closed end funds i.e. CEFs.
  153. Poll: Is the flat market "good times" or "bad times"
  154. Stupid question about Wellington Fund Distributions
  155. Market coming up on 2 years of flat.
  156. Time for Commodities?
  157. Why do I need bonds, or do I?
  158. Has anyone used OptionsHouse.com before ?
  159. Good place to get Stock Quotes
  160. Jim Cramer's stock picks trail market
  161. Why low interest rates encourage saving, not spending
  162. Sell in May and Go Away?
  163. Sold my last individual stock this week ...
  164. Bond Allocation Alternatives... had a thought
  165. S&P500 vs. "total market"?
  166. Anyone betting on VRX?
  167. Microsoft IPO value today
  168. Selling Puts for Income stream .. Need some advice
  169. Dividend Growth / Dividend Income Investing for RE
  170. What trend signals do you use when looking at a stock.....
  171. Felder Report references Buffett Strategy, suggests investors are overextended
  172. Survey - Predict Stock Market Growth Average for next 7 - 10 years
  173. IRA Rollover and picking funds - Sanity check
  174. Lovely market! Hit ACA income goal today
  175. Negative real returns ahead?
  176. Anyone have thoughts on Netflix ?
  177. Dividend Funds for Income question...
  178. Nike - NKE
  179. Suggestions for investing....
  180. Anyone taking money off the table?
  181. Fidelity Stock Screeners
  182. Anyone Own/Adding/Selling/Shorting Under Armour Today ?
  183. Help Me Remember A Personal Finance Web Site
  184. Writing Options for Income
  185. Vanguard, Schwab, and the rise of the robo-adviser
  186. Infrastructure Plays For The Smart-Phone Boom
  187. RKUS Buyout
  188. Best Bond Fund
  189. International Index Funds - get rid of them entirely?
  190. Costanza's Stock Picking Tips!
  191. Some Active beats Indexing
  192. Taking a fresh look at portfolio... sugestions?
  193. Does this chart indicate anything unsettling to you?
  194. Increasing Equity Exposure in Retirement?
  195. A list that generates income
  196. Being paid by brokerage lending shares to short sellers
  197. Bloomberg article on dividend cuts due to oil prices
  198. Bought Valeant today...
  199. How to Hedge Inflation - tax issues w VTIP.
  200. Market timing and 401K
  201. Market timing and taking RMDs
  202. The future of tech
  203. Time to be greedy?
  204. Robot better than humans calling the market
  205. Fidelity Tax Info Not Available Until March 14 ?
  206. Closed End Muni Funds....what do you think
  207. China Central Gov. plan to reduce excess Steel capacity.
  208. I Rebalanced Wrong.....But I Came Out Ahead!
  209. Are we broken?
  210. Low-risk planning
  211. Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow
  212. I just don't get AMZN
  213. What's going on with Gilead and biotech?
  214. Another Sign of Global Deflation
  215. A Bear Market For The Next 15-20 Years?
  216. Down market has had an upside for us
  217. Wellesley & Wellington: Set it and forget it?
  218. Anatomy of a bear market
  219. Is this market like 1932 ?
  220. Sell Stop Limit Orders - How to use?
  221. More Worried About Markets Now Than Any Time Since 2009
  222. Vanguard Brokerage free-riding question
  223. Would a random market kill switch reduce market volitility?
  224. NASA FCU CDs
  225. Navy FCU 2.5% 30 month CD
  226. Wash Sale Rule Purpose
  227. BRK
  228. Trad IRA to Roth Conversion Question
  229. Trad IRA to Roth Conversion Question
  230. I think I've got it!
  231. Powerball math - a sure thing ?
  232. Would you move your Pension Savings into the market now with the curent instability?
  233. The Caller said he was considering investing in a fund with a 4.65% load?
  234. It's not just oil, there is a worldwide commodity crash
  235. What would you buy if another 2008 happened?
  236. Great Fidelity Chart
  237. Down to 46% Stock. Keep Going?
  238. Why I have a portion of long term bonds
  239. Are you changing or tinkering with your strategy in 2016?
  240. Guess 2015 was a good time for a balanced ww portfolio
  241. I bought LGCY today at 1.50
  242. I know the answer, but have to ask again...
  243. Are mutual funds 'encouraged' to pay dividends & capital gains in December ?
  244. Bond fund question
  245. Capital gain / dividend question
  246. VXF -- crazy bid-ask spread. Any ideas?
  247. 529 question, seeking advice
  248. Vanguard now charging for money market?
  249. Substantially Identical
  250. Various Investing Tricks to Maximize Pain