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  1. Bond fund question
  2. Capital gain / dividend question
  3. VXF -- crazy bid-ask spread. Any ideas?
  4. 529 question, seeking advice
  5. Vanguard now charging for money market?
  6. Substantially Identical
  7. Various Investing Tricks to Maximize Pain
  8. Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund takes rare step, seeking an orderly liquidation as j
  9. What to do with paper loss of Precious Metals?
  10. Portfolio of 3 balanced funds vs 3 index funds
  11. Target Date Funds or Lifestyle Funds
  12. Good back tester that includes rebalancing
  13. Standard deviation time frame
  14. Looking to generate more income from portfolio and need advice
  15. US steel bonds yield near 20%
  16. Index ETF's or single asset?
  17. REITs and jobs report
  18. Anyone using tax exempt Muni bonds for income stream? Just want some advice
  19. Exxon/Mobil under fire!
  20. Optimizing taxable account returns/strategy
  21. Lost Money in the Markets? Wall Street Thinks It's Your Own Fault
  22. In search of the best income generating machine for FIRE
  23. Energy sector mutual funds/ETF's
  24. International fund/etf
  25. Shiller PE Ratio very high, continuing with plan of 45% stocks the rest bonds
  26. Advice/Feedback on Blackriver Financial LLC
  27. Stocks , Indexes or Mutual Funds in India
  28. Which dividend ETF ?
  29. Roundabout Hate & Related investment Idea ?
  30. Vanguard funds
  31. aspirityholdings (Twin cities power holdings LLC)
  32. Managing Market Uncertainty
  33. What is your Long Term Trade?
  34. POT any ideas?
  35. Bond, Jones Bond.
  36. Any One Have Any Thoughts on CAT
  37. Sphix
  38. Usually don't buy individual stocks, these wo are worth a look for Income
  39. Construct the "perfect" portfolio!
  40. There's blood on the streets
  41. The Volkswagen Whee ..
  42. Reflections on Investing in the 80's
  43. ActiveBeta GSLC
  44. This current market....
  45. REIT vs. Dividend Stocks
  46. Fiduciary VS regular brokers?
  47. Mutual funds VS ETFs
  48. Thur Fed meeting
  49. Your approach to 3-4% income with 3% withdrawal and 15 year plus horizon?
  50. Bond Funds in Retirement
  51. Do folks here use option plays
  52. Asset allocation
  53. Simple Market Timing
  54. 2 year market outlook?
  55. Plunge Protection Team , Urban Legend or real ?
  56. Bond Laddering
  57. TLH Question to Offset Gains From Another Sale
  58. Info on Business Development Companies (BDC)
  59. New Forum Description
  60. News for previous owners of Dole stock
  61. Education about Selling Puts
  62. Stock picking vs index fund investing
  63. Did our market timers buy at the bottom?
  64. Simple game about market timing
  65. And Apple goes positive for the day...LOL
  66. Vanguard hosed today
  67. Ishares ETFs look Flash Crashy
  68. Calling the market bottom
  69. Tomorrow (8-24-15) is going to be fun...
  70. Calling all Financial Porn fans
  71. Hang on!!!!!
  72. Anyone else buying today?
  73. What the heck Happened to the Shanghai Market today.
  74. Motley Fool
  75. MLPs for my circumstances?
  76. S&P Equal Weight vs. SPY
  77. Does anyone have a book recommendation on buying individual bonds or preferreds?
  78. Market Correction
  79. Anybody else scooping up some high income at bargain prices?
  80. Time to Invest in Commodities, Foreign Funds?
  81. 45 years old, 3 teenage kids, recent $$ windfall, can i retire?
  82. Allstate's excuse to wall street
  83. Facebook stock
  84. Who ordered a slip-n-slide for august?
  85. Indexing - Buy the basket yourself?
  86. KMI - On the road to disaster?
  87. Your Biggest Individual Stock Holding & Why ?
  88. What about MLPs
  89. B of A
  90. Google and Netflix add a small country GDP in one day
  91. The molybdenum canary just died
  92. Compare tax efficiency of diff etfs, mf
  93. vanguard ira question
  94. LoL - New way to pick a startup to invest in
  95. Vanguard BND, a mistake to consider that bonds for AA?
  96. TSP strategy
  97. Morningstar "Fair Value"
  98. 13.5% bonds decent?
  99. Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between
  100. Volatility lookup
  101. TSP Asset Allocation
  102. Food- where to invest
  103. Healthcare REITS
  104. Companies that borrow to buy back stock
  105. Greenspan warns of another "Taper Tantrum"
  106. Options and futures question
  107. Municipal Bond (Fund) Newbie Needs Your Help
  108. Adams Express
  109. 10 Year German Bond 0.075%
  110. Vanguard Global Minimum Volatility Fund
  111. Anyone Else Own Kraft ?
  112. Closed End Funds of Funds (PCEF)
  113. Gladstone Investments (GAIN)
  114. Lots of Junk Bond in Fidelity Retirement Fund
  115. Index funds and Index ETF
  116. Is Gold worth owning?
  117. Sell GLD (gold) or EWY (Korea Index)?
  118. Investing in biotech
  119. Question On Stock Price After Private Equity Buyout
  120. Is it too late to buy AAPL?
  121. Front-load mutual fund
  122. Berkshire Hathaway
  123. Oil Stock or Energy ETF?
  124. Ukraine bond fund?
  125. AAPL to replace T in the DOW
  126. MVIS?
  127. 5% Withdrawal Rate Portfolio
  128. managed portfolio vs self managed
  129. Monthly Dividend ETF/Mutual Funds
  130. 403 b conversion
  131. Sell USD stocks to convert to CAD right now?
  132. KMP K-1s
  133. I like PHT on the pull back
  134. Private investment
  135. Transportation sector
  136. Boards Fiduciary Responsibility
  137. Personal Portfolio Management Software
  138. Do you take LongTerm & Short Term Capital gains or Reinvest?
  139. Are the big banks really below book value ?
  140. Would this qualify as substantially different?
  141. What does a -0.75% Interest rate mean?
  142. Copper drop kind of disturbing.
  143. Preferred or not preferred
  144. Credit Spread Assignment - Help!
  145. Options Question
  146. Vanguard Energy Fund (VGENX)
  147. What I learned in 2014
  148. Poor performance of FSIIX
  149. Star gas partners SGU Dividend play ?
  150. VWELX - what happened??
  151. Cuba thaw....is there a play?
  152. Foolproof market timing
  153. The Fed selling bonds
  154. Lot of craziness in energy trading
  155. Give me a four-year BEAR!
  156. LC Lending Club IPO
  157. Tax Strategies for Short Term gains
  158. I like Oil
  159. I hate being front runned by HF traders
  160. Is it time to sell?
  161. Ten Insane Things We Believe On Wall Street
  162. The Magic Formula Experiment
  163. January effect
  164. Real time stock price updates on excel
  165. "Here's Everything You Need To Know About Fiat-Chrysler Spinning Off Ferrari"
  166. Portfolio percentage in my company's stock
  167. Is AMD (advanced micro devices) a Buy?
  168. Why some people buy individual stocks when most feel impossible to do
  169. A quick mock 15% ytd portfolio
  170. ArcelorMittal
  171. Are Big Oil dividends safe with lower priced oil?
  172. Need quick thoughts on where to move some cash in Fidelity
  173. Roller Coaster
  174. what happen to yahoo stock charts
  175. Opinions on MTGE?
  176. Troubles at PIMCO
  177. Anyone Holding BDCs?
  178. Emerging Markets - Hold or Move?
  179. Social Investment Initiatives
  180. Least Commission Way to do 60 to 75 Trades a Year
  181. Crazy new ETF-alternative (customize your own!)
  182. Swing Trading Anyone?
  183. FedX
  184. REITS Anyone?
  185. Reduced Stock holdings to 25% today from 50%
  186. Brokered secondary CD question
  187. IBonds
  188. Oakmark International Fund
  189. Timing of exercising stock options
  190. Tim Horton + Burger King? Will it work?
  191. IRA rules question (for the expert trader)
  192. BlackRock® Diversified Income Portfolio through Fidelity
  193. Kinder Morgan consolidation
  194. Diversifying into XTN and VGSIX
  195. The financial industry is the world's biggest scam
  196. Vanguard Precious Metals VGPMX
  197. Did my own X-Ray
  198. Tripling Battery Life!
  199. Article shows even best active stock trading still loses to simple index funds
  200. Alps sdog & idog
  201. Medtronic Stock Anyone? be prepared for Capital Gains
  202. Bought big into Gilead today
  203. Third biggest bubble in US history?
  204. Anyone here still own Intel? Anyone considering selling now?
  205. After holding the Acorn fund for many years Bye Bye
  206. Impact of taxes on the best trader ever...
  207. CBSO
  208. Company I work for has offered me the opportunity to buy its stock.
  209. Lending groups as an investment?
  210. Is a high ER ever 'worth it'?
  211. The Gold Signal
  212. Those of you who trade, do you ever stop?
  213. Some advice please
  214. Bond Fund Shackles?
  215. Anyone Knowledgable About Oilfield Services?
  216. IVWAX- am I wrong to love this fund?
  217. BlackRock Build America Bond Trust (BBN)
  218. Should I Sell Some Johnson & Johnson & Add Novartis ?
  219. GoPro IPO
  220. Double Digit Raise in Pay!
  221. Would you buy SpaceX shares?
  222. TBT - Proshares Ultra Short 20 year treasury
  223. MCP (Rare earth miner)
  224. Central GoldTrust (GTU on the NYSE)
  225. Exelon Acquiring Pepco
  226. Who else in long AAPL and breaking out the champagne bottle ?
  227. What stocks to sell?
  228. Is MMP overpriced?
  229. TD Ameritrade or Fidelity?
  230. Seeking advice
  231. VDC - Vanguard ETF Consumer Staple
  232. Timing a Roth conversion
  233. ARCP thoughts
  234. No more option trading for me.
  235. China ETF
  236. 401k Perfornance Comparison
  237. Canadian ETF Price Wars
  238. Candy Crush
  239. Which Vanguard Funds
  240. Best Health Care Stock?
  241. Advice for a newbie
  242. PHK - Your opinion please
  243. Maryland Muni Bond Funds
  244. Vanguard Dividend Growth ETF
  245. Ten+ Years Out
  246. Preferred Stocks Called Looking for Replacements
  247. Selling Cash-Covered Puts
  248. Is this fund as good as it seems?
  249. Hot stocks!
  250. How do you hedge your single stock positions?