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  1. Anyone here concerned about inflation?
  2. Some anonymous trader just bought $400 million worth of bitcoin
  3. Asset Allocation Risk Level Questioner
  4. Alternative Investing; Crowdfunding Experiences?
  5. Those dangerous index funds!
  6. Index fund question
  7. What were the 3 month SP500 losses in 1962 & 1987?
  8. Everything is relative - market edition
  9. Fossil Free Investing
  10. When to buy Ford?
  11. VWINX Wellesley still good fund ?
  12. Employee Stock Options for Widow
  13. RMD: cash sweep account or sell shares
  14. Need some help on this 401K
  15. starter IRA for my son?
  16. Bond Allocation - Mixing in Preferred Stocks, High Yield Bonds, & Foriegn Bonds
  17. Goldman Sach tells High NW clients .. Bull Market will continue
  18. Music Royalties
  19. Callan Table of Periodic Investment Returns
  20. Anyone else own QCOM and surprised by Broadcom's proxy vote scheme?
  21. Portfolio suggestions
  22. Tax, stock, options
  23. Selling Stock Funds Now is OK?
  24. Time to buy CANN?
  25. AAPL for AMZN
  26. Hold them or Fold them
  27. Forget Balancing - sold all my 401k equities funds and put it in the safe short term
  28. Poll: 15 Consecutive Up Months?
  29. What's got people excited about the future of the economy?
  30. Market performance year following 20%+ S&P 500 Gain
  31. After a great year of returns, second guessing AA
  32. Anyone long CTL?
  33. "Vanguard 2018 economic and market outlook"
  34. Cash in investment portfolio
  35. Fidelity Wealth Advisor Solutions ?
  36. Making a case for bond allocation
  37. Treasury fund in taxable account, good idea?
  38. Banks and Tech Giants Adopting Blockchain Technology
  39. Just found M1 finance
  40. Beanie Babies
  41. Asset Allocation resources?
  42. Best financial sites....
  43. Gains in a taxable account decrease SS?
  44. Your opinion of asset prices ?
  45. Going long on MLPs again...
  46. Big Oil - Sell/Hold/Buy
  47. Funding the 4 year gap between ER and earliest SoSec date.
  48. Anybody use Personal Capital to advise them?
  49. "Won the Game" Strategies
  50. DAF Gifting Bitcoin
  51. An Important Reminder For Buying Mutual Funds Late In The Year
  52. At What Fixed Rate do you...
  53. "Flattening yield curve argues against higher interest rates"
  54. I've avoided market timing but...
  55. NVDA Options
  56. Death of MF? Vanguard active etf's.
  57. Bitcoin - World's 30th largest Currency
  58. DFA Funds. Discussion?
  59. Pathetically Wrong!
  60. DIY Dividend portfolio
  61. Good time to buy gold/gold ETF now - Nov., 2017?
  62. Am I Just Getting Greedy? re: Dividends
  63. Invest in index fund now or wait for correction?
  64. When a company declares bankruptcy
  65. When to purchuse funds, when using taxable to fund roth?
  66. FIREcalc - Has it measured up all these years?
  67. Vanguard Launches Total Corporate Bond ETF (VTC)
  68. Any News Makes Markets Go Higher
  69. Apple kills it again
  70. 401k Investment Distribution - 32 years old
  71. Property Sale Question
  72. Hijacking a thread from audreyh1
  73. income funds dividend yield
  74. Tobacco settlement bonds
  75. Why do we do this?
  76. Bond ETFs?
  77. 3rd Quarter Earnings - Anyone Notice
  78. The Morningstar Mirage: What those fund ratings really mean
  79. How is my fund doing today?
  80. New ETF starting 10/18/17-AIEQ
  81. Speculative investments?
  82. What do you think about Multi Asset Bond Funds instead of Core Bond Funds
  83. Looks like we survived!
  84. How do you pick your entry point?
  85. What would you do if Crystal Ball showed long term market drop of 30% next week
  86. SCHK schwabs new 1000 ETF index
  87. when to buy GE
  88. Financial Advisor and Trust Fund
  89. 529 Investment choices
  90. Google finance alternative
  91. Qudian: China-Based Online Credit Provider IPO
  92. Holy moly! I hit the lotto! (sort of)
  93. Guggenheim says bonds not stocks for next "long term"
  94. Is this my birthright?
  95. Question about Pimco funds distributions? PDI and PCI.
  96. Fed holds rates, sets date to unwind $4.5 trillion balance sheet
  97. Question For Anyone Familiar With Diageo (DEO)
  98. Anyone buying Equifax stock?
  99. Investing in small businesses?
  100. Tips/warnings when leaving Eddie Jones?
  101. Emerging markets vs SP 500
  102. Question for Bogleheads
  103. RPSIX and PONDX for quick temporary stash?
  104. College Student Just Starting Investing
  105. EDV?
  106. How is in/out flows measured
  107. Is this possible and if so, legal?
  108. 15 vs. 30 yr mortgage
  109. How would you create $1000 a month new cashflow in current markets
  110. PONDX - What is your portfolio allocation?
  111. Berkshire Hathaway
  112. Jim Rogers warns of meltdown
  113. Tesla seeks $1.5 billion junk bonds issue to fund Model 3 production
  114. VWINX - Core IRA Holding ?
  115. Investing for Japan-style future
  116. Hedge fund manager says index products harm growth creation
  117. The Correction Has Already Begun
  118. Diversification
  119. DDad's 20+ years of DRIP...
  120. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
  121. Mom's FA says to sell IBM
  122. Sell bonds now?
  123. Autonomous Car Stocks
  124. how can an index fund also be a value fund?
  125. New closing records?
  126. Changes at Vanguard
  127. Solid investment?
  128. Trade Like Chuck?
  129. Medium-term all stock portfolio help
  130. Which Chip Stock Would You Buy To Replace Intel ?
  131. More good advice from Bogle !
  132. 5% fully secured note vs equities......
  133. New Asset Class?
  134. Oops!...I Did It Again
  135. Bank Strees Test and Capital One
  136. Yesterday market down a 100, now up a 100
  137. Tweaking Asset Allocation
  138. Bond allocation substitutions
  139. Trading Mutual Funds
  140. The 7 Twelve Portfolio
  141. updating stock price on Excel spreadsheet
  142. Rebalance?
  143. AFSI?
  144. Pension in your asset allocation
  145. Proper use of iShares SHYG or something like it?
  146. Vanguard Portfolio Analysis tool
  147. Do you have a personal stop loss?
  148. Fed to shrink balance sheet
  149. YTD (2017) Performance
  150. Schwab offers $500 for opening new brokerage accounts
  151. TD Ameritrade : Your Experience
  152. Doom and gloom
  153. FAs and the Fiduciary Rule
  154. how does this work?
  155. How to put auto refreshing stock prices in Excel
  156. The need to tinker
  157. Jazzed up REIT income
  158. Mom needs help
  159. Which Stock Should I Put The Last Of My IRA Cash In ?
  160. Anyone use wealthfront
  161. Basic Investing Book?
  162. Vanguard Target Retirment Funds - International Investments
  163. AA Commit, Market Timer, Hybrid?
  164. Stock Pickers - Jason Zweig
  165. Arconic mini-tablet
  166. Data Dive
  167. Mortgage reits
  168. I own a lot of Apple... you probably do too
  169. storing assets so they don't show up on income tax forms
  170. Morgan Stanley drops Vanguard
  171. Whoo...?
  172. What do you think about this investing plan?
  173. Your Biggest Winner & Loser Of The Day Thread
  174. warren buffet just said this:
  175. Professional traders
  176. Software to tell me how good I am
  177. Withdrawal methodology
  178. Thoughts on Schwab's SCHD ETF
  179. 4% rule
  180. Considering valuations when investing
  181. Picked a bad week to move funds :(
  182. UK Municipal Bonds
  183. Firecalc mixed portfolio
  184. ETF Inception
  185. Timing PIMCO MINT - noob question
  186. Mutual Fund Risk? How Do They Work
  187. Vanguard - Exponential Growth
  188. Financial Website with Watchlist and Charts ?
  189. AAII.com and FINRA.org
  190. Website/App for historical total return of stocks and indices?
  191. Lend Money to Mercedes Benz
  192. PLUG stock - missing something obvious?
  193. Thoughts on TESLA
  194. Thoughts on our portfolio
  195. Stock Picking (Beat Boho) Contest - V2.0
  196. 401K (short term) vs checking account (bank)
  197. Looking to chat to sophisticated investors
  198. VWENX v. VTSAX?
  199. How to look for stocks under an ETF?
  200. SnapChat Stock Analysis (what do you think?)
  201. Apple captures 79 percent of global smartphone profits with 14.5 percent market share
  202. David Stockman Bubble Finance Trader
  203. Another Chart I find very interesting
  204. When more professional help/platforms make sense?
  205. Stock Picking ("Beat Boho") Contest
  206. Question for those ER's that were 1 - 2 years out
  207. Personal Capital Investing Strategy
  208. Rebalancing your AA
  209. Peabody Coal
  210. Future of REITs
  211. Crash math
  212. Creating an index
  213. Inflation-linked bonds (TIPS) - experience?
  214. Best hands off Roth IRA company?
  215. Move investment from USAA to Vanguard
  216. Confused about bonds
  217. Do you know how people think?
  218. What investments do most of you have in ER?
  219. Defeating the purpose of my socially conscious investments
  220. Do you always have a limit order going?
  221. Longest Bull Market in History! Woo-hoo!
  222. International stocks question
  223. CloudPets privacy in the news
  224. Fidelity commissions dropping
  225. Which broker does this
  226. Better Historical Ticker Information
  227. Opinions wanted: How much should I offer?
  228. WeWork
  229. Buffet's Annual Shareholder Letter
  230. Name an arcane industry
  231. New ERs on Schwab Index Funds
  232. Fantastic 12 month returns but ...
  233. Rebalancing suggestions?
  234. Duck club investment?
  235. How to decide which stocks to sell?
  236. Williston, ND
  237. Not loving the up and up of the markets
  238. VBILX vs VBTLX
  239. My portfolio
  240. TIAA Traditional
  241. Is merger news on weekend an opportunity for timing market?
  242. SNAP IPO - Anyone?
  243. Avoiding Fidelity's transaction fee on TICRX
  244. Which of these is the regular S&P and NASDAQ?
  245. Politically managed funds
  246. Loving the up and up of markets these days
  247. Why I've Always Been A Little Leery Of Stock-Buybacks
  248. Why is FNDF #1 in Foreign Large Value?
  249. Norway
  250. First graph I have seen in a long time that makes me want to sell stocks