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Today 05:31 PM
Going Solar
Same here! Except more than 21 panels and will probably bleed into next week. Every panel I see walk by my window makes me happy! (15,131 views, 291 replies)
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Today 05:25 PM
Coping with "What Did I Come Here For?"
Iím getting better. Forgot my iPad heading to the lake house the other day, didnít realize it until I was over 1/2 way there. When I left this morning To come back to the city, I was only 10... (2,052 views, 58 replies)
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Today 05:23 PM
New Zealand
My sister and her husband flew to Australia this year and toured before getting on one of the Oceana Cruises to New Zealand. The weather was too bad to dock in two ports in New Zealand, and they... (0 views, 1 replies)
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Today 05:19 PM
What did you do today? 2018 version
Similar here. Cleaning the house for the holidays. Just two bathrooms but we swept and mopped all floors, vacuumed the rugs. Weíre in good shape. Tomorrow focuses on the kitchen and the beginnings... (129,859 views, 2,260 replies)
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Today 05:16 PM
Black Friday; what are you hoping to score?
Already bought a new fridge for the new house (got it about half off from "normal" price) and will probably get a new Simplisafe alarm as they are having a 25% off sale through tomorrow. But,... (851 views, 48 replies)
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Today 05:12 PM
R.I.P. Roy Clark
Oh yes, I do remember that: (556 views, 17 replies)
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Today 05:11 PM
Bitcoin Low
Tulip Mania from a couple of hundred years ago would be a good comparable IMO. (93 views, 3 replies)
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Today 05:03 PM
Using FireCalc after retirement
Some of us do - even though for us, numbers is hard. (603 views, 23 replies)
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Today 05:02 PM
4 Years FIREd!!!
It is wonderful and actually gets better as time goes on for me. I stay so busy doing the things I love to do the time flies by way to fast. I wish you many more! (34 views, 3 replies)
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Today 04:53 PM
Picking a trustee
Interesting. I'll have to dig into that some more. From what I've found so far the immediate POA is next to worthless. In order to "take over" one still needs to go to court to be appointed as a... (744 views, 32 replies)
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Today 04:43 PM
Sustitutes for a LTC policy
If I understand this strategy, it appears it shares one of the weaknesses of a LTC policy: it may be a lot of money down the drain if the annuitant passes before it begins to pay out. It is also... (736 views, 29 replies)
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Today 04:40 PM
S/T CD's in a Retirement Account
Are you doing any fretting over the GE bonds??? or are the maturing soon enough to ride it out? (4,541 views, 44 replies)
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Today 04:39 PM
What is the last thing you ordered from Amazon?
I ordered this for my wife: jpg (174,718 views, 2,471 replies)
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Today 04:36 PM
What's your recent concert?
Appreciate the comments on Fleetwood Mac. I think I may have confused you on band longevity. It is the LACK of it that made me create a music bucket list. Also, as I said, it is not about... (3,762 views, 118 replies)
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Today 04:33 PM
PenFed - How to move money efficiently to Vanguard, Fidelity or Schwab?
OK I initiated the process today, I will report back when it is complete. (615 views, 13 replies)
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Today 04:33 PM
Pension estimate question
Once you know the formula I would suspect that the rest is straightforward.... ....definition of employment earnings in your plan metimes average of past five. In my case... (485 views, 13 replies)
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HNL Bill
Today 04:30 PM
Getting close
Welcome! What does well-funded mean? Have you run FIRECALC? Obtained a success rate at 3-4% annual withdrawals? Evaluated your post-retirement budget? You only have a question about health... (443 views, 7 replies)
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Today 04:06 PM
With this Market, most likely moving FIRE from 2020 to 2022
2 years from retirement, I've been dialing back equites all year. I don't look at how much I've lost in the short term, because I think have actually made money going into fixed income and fixed... (2,368 views, 52 replies)
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Today 04:01 PM
Credit card experience/advice
The 2 BOA cards have ranges from 2.625 - 5.25% depending on the purchase. If you want more info, let me know. (1,667 views, 42 replies)
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Today 03:48 PM
Pride of Ownership
^^^^ You would think that they would be smart enough to design the hardware to fail about the same time that the OS can no longer be updated so their forced obsolescence would be less noticeable. :) (1,162 views, 49 replies)

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