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Today 09:13 PM
The Class of 2014
So happy for the two of you! Enjoy.:dance: (48,127 views, 710 replies)
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Today 09:10 PM
On Becoming Grandparents
Thank you. We are totally smitten. And I guess to address the initial question in this post - how has it changed our lives? Well, we had always thought that when we retired that we would move to... (687 views, 27 replies)
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Major Tom
Today 08:59 PM
Starbucks -the coffee for people who hate coffee
When word was that wireless was the next big thing, I was convinced that people would never become that attached to their mobile phones and would most certainly not give up their landlines. There was... (1,331 views, 51 replies)
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Today 08:48 PM
Reduced Stock holdings to 25% today from 50%
By coincidence, I converted some equities to cash on Friday, too, but for other reasons. I was about 99% equities, now about 56% equities. Reason: I am planning to retire at the end of Feb (end... (4,595 views, 84 replies)
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Today 08:47 PM
To HELOC or Not?
Very good points wrt privacy...there is no such thing anymore. Thx samclem with your suggestion about the bank's privacy policy. I really like the idea of the substantial HELOC and not having to... (157 views, 4 replies)
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Today 08:40 PM
"Hoping to Die at Home"
My grandmother died about 2 years ago in the home. She was in hospice and it worked out very was where she wanted to die. It was covered through Medicare and in the end was a lifesaver... (866 views, 23 replies)
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Texas Proud
Today 08:33 PM
Pension Frozen, Switch to Cash Balance
The language you give can mean what you say or can mean what I say... It is illegal for them to change the vested benefits that you already have... so that first sentence means nothing IMO... ... (334 views, 12 replies)
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Today 08:18 PM
Share a Hobby?
My mom has corgis and has done obedience and nosework for years. I appreciate it, but since I keep hounds I am mostly happy if I can keep them from actually climbing onto the table. Where they... (2,127 views, 79 replies)
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Today 07:56 PM
Still use LinkedIn?
I was always a light user of Linkedin. When I ER'd I immediately added "retired" to my title. In the past couple of years I've put on a number of science classes for seniors and updated my Linkedin... (1,821 views, 43 replies)
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Today 07:52 PM
Secular Stagnation
Um, so why is this particular pundit being featured just right now? The bullcrap echo chamber that is the media operates 24/7 I guess... (362 views, 5 replies)
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Today 07:32 PM
"Hope to Die at 75"
I know quite a few people who agree with this sentiment, that they value quality of life and do not want to extend their own life to great old age if it involves debilitating or painful conditions. ... (2,085 views, 57 replies)
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Free To Canoe
Today 07:32 PM
Space - The Final Frontier
Always good to have two sources or else you could end up without a ride (like we have now). Who knows, maybe the Boeing cost number is more accurate. (8,859 views, 207 replies)
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M Paquette
Today 07:24 PM
Wireless Mouse for iMac
The OS X event system, the thingy that reads buttons and makes them do stuff, handles up to four buttons on mice directly (Up to 32 internally, but the last 28 buttons don't do anything interesting... (139 views, 5 replies)
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Today 07:19 PM
Looks like I am getting out at the right time...
Something similar happened to my FIL. He rode it out until 63, retiring in a few weeks. Similar story with the group experience and dynamic being altered by changing politics in hospitals. (215 views, 4 replies)
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Today 07:15 PM
Mortgage Loan Rates
just locked yesterday at 4.125. Plan on paying her off in 18yrs with extra principle payments as often as it makes sense. Congrats to your rate lock. I would presume we are both close to... (446 views, 5 replies)
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Today 07:14 PM
Ooma whole house connection
I have an Ooma also. What pb4uski said. (91 views, 3 replies)
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Today 07:12 PM
Online Banking?
These are nightmare BofA stories. Last week, I made a big purchase in a strange city that was very different from any previous spending pattern. BofA refused to make the purchase and their fraud... (1,216 views, 29 replies)
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Today 07:03 PM
Your recent repair?
My workshop garage door came down on a piece of wood stuck in the track. Not good - screwed up the spring and jammed the door 6" lower on one side. Took it apart and adjusted the spring and all is... (19,987 views, 418 replies)
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Today 06:57 PM
what did you do today?
+1 And I wish I was hiking there now (705,024 views, 15,240 replies)
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Today 06:53 PM
Decision on Pension
OK, thanks. I appreciate the insights. -ERD50 (341 views, 8 replies)

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