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Yesterday 09:29 PM
Fantasy Football
Been playing in the same 12 team standard scoring league for 24 years now. Still have 5 original owners. Just did our draft last Wed. I haven't had an NFL team to root for since 1983, when the... (220 views, 7 replies)
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Yesterday 09:28 PM
When Should You Take Social Security?
Don’t think we need a calculator to sort this out. A difference of 6 months in starting social security, #2 pencil math should handle it. Yearly draw at 70 is 34,848 and at 69.5 is 33,792 for a... (1,118 views, 17 replies)
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Yesterday 09:27 PM
2015 ACA Premium Increases
Agree 100%. I would LOVE to see only that annual % increase in my already hi-cost region. It appears my state's insurance commission may approve rates close to the 9-30+% increases being requested... (2,191 views, 54 replies)
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Yesterday 09:25 PM
OK, let,s give this a try...
You said that you are currently spending 10k a month. If you expect to have similar expenses of 120k per year in retirement, I'd say you're in pretty good shape. You're right at a 4% SWR with $3M.... (111 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 09:19 PM
What is the last thing you ordered from Amazon?
Nice! That looks like a great little speaker! I was so impressed by the sound as demonstrated in a video review. I love the small size. I might get one too. : XBOOM Mini... (11,224 views, 369 replies)
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Yesterday 08:52 PM
The reality is they need to be held 15 months to gain the interest of the first year, it would be at the end of the 15th month that they would give the value of the second 6 month inflation... (1,336 views, 39 replies)
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Yesterday 08:34 PM
The Photographers' Corner
Thanks for the lighting tips! After I took the beginning DSLR class at junior college last year, most of the class went on next to a studio lighting class. I didn't. I should have. Sent from my... (51,404 views, 1,793 replies)
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Yesterday 08:22 PM
iCloud Leak
The news on this story has been pretty pitiful. From my tech friends, these seem to be collections from various sources (no one single hacking event) .. All the standard online security measures... (298 views, 10 replies)
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Yesterday 08:21 PM
Drafts of 2014 IRS Tax Forms Are Available
Thanks for the link, Which Roger. I had been wondering about what these forms would like for quite a while. It looks like the key new forms are 1095-A and 8962. There are a few key items missing... (349 views, 10 replies)
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Yesterday 08:11 PM
One number to predict retirement happiness?
Sorry, I didn't mean to nit pick. I am glad you mentioned the article. It was an interesting read. (3,326 views, 57 replies)
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Yesterday 08:06 PM
Carrying a Mortgage but deferring the income?
Thats what i expected. Thanks for the reply Sent from my iPad using Early Retirement Forum (134 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 08:00 PM
What is your pet peeve of the day?
Pet Peeve: People who use "gifted" as a verb. He gifted me a new iPhone. Makes me want to beat them senseless with a dictionary. A nice heavy hardbound edition. ;) (9,357 views, 317 replies)
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Yesterday 07:57 PM
Should I Keep my Mouth Shut?
Once it is evident that the neighbor's fix doesn't work tell him that you would be happy to help him think through other solutions. (668 views, 18 replies)
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Yesterday 07:57 PM
New England
I lived in Middleboro, MA for five years. Went to HS there. I remember all of the stone walls just about every where in all the woods. And the great bass fishing in the cranberry bog reservoirs. ... (273 views, 11 replies)
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old woman
Yesterday 07:40 PM
Do you still save each month if you are retired?
This is my first year and very odd about spending and saving. I only get a tiny SS check and spend more but I got another 60K inheritance and spent 35K on gifts and maybe trickle away a thousand or... (2,831 views, 55 replies)
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Yesterday 07:18 PM
Short Term Cash..
That's me too. I just keep it in my credit union. Have 2-4 years of living expenses, depending on how much I want to spend. The annual budget figure I used for various retirement calculators... (935 views, 12 replies)
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Yesterday 07:12 PM
Play a Musical Instrument?
I play all of these off and on, with greater or lesser skill. I'm good enough on the sax, recorder, and the bass to play along with others. I can play a guitar acceptably too, although I currently... (768 views, 34 replies)
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Texas Proud
Yesterday 06:32 PM
Tesla Fans-Formula E Racing
They already do electric motorcycle racing on the Isle of Man.... for a number of years.... I would think they do it on other circuits... (226 views, 10 replies)
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Yesterday 05:02 PM
Favorite Vacation Places in No America
Going to the Michigan UP next week. Don't really know anything about that area of the country. Guess they call themselves Yoopers up there. My wife put together a basic itinerary although I don't... (3,911 views, 52 replies)
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Yesterday 04:56 PM
Social Security at 62 - Yes or No
This table from SS is the "official" actuarial life table Actuarial Life Table For us optimists that want to make sure we cover our bases to age 100 I see the table tells me that out of 100,000 ... (5,659 views, 88 replies)

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