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Yesterday 10:52 PM
Divorce on paper ??
I just think the game plan should be to cut it out ASAP b4 it has a chance to metastasize irrespective of the cost . I push for less than 2 wks delay and win. They waited 3 months on my sister and it... (1,433 views, 54 replies)
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Yesterday 10:48 PM
Your auto- what you're driving now
You make a good case, Danmar. And if I ever pull the trigger again, I'll do so figuring those are good enough reasons by themselves. You might be interested to know that the "remote mountainous area"... (6,214 views, 175 replies)
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Yesterday 10:39 PM
Automobile suspension alignments
The primary reason I buy new is to avoid auto repair shops. Other than routine stuff, I haven't needed a major repair, or had a breakdown worse than a dead battery, in years. Probably paying extra... (350 views, 22 replies)
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Yesterday 10:12 PM
Preferred Stock Investing-The Good , The Bad and The In Between
I must confess I got sloppy and in a hurry once and put a sell order $1 under what I meant. Fortunately it was only a 100 share order and bid was like a quarter less than what I meant to ask. And... (43,308 views, 866 replies)
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Yesterday 10:02 PM
That would be an ironic turn of events. The Labour Party officially favored "stay" and is now in a huge turmoil and seems likely to dump its leader--and was in a disorganized state even before all... (3,033 views, 76 replies)
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Yesterday 09:29 PM
Having a Goodman Furnace *installed*
One difference is that the fridges in general are not exposed to the weather. An unheated garage does in general not get precipitation and the like. Second the fridge system is sealed at the factory... (2,339 views, 99 replies)
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Yesterday 08:56 PM
What did you do today? 2016 version
This would work even better if you did it in a way that you could stir or spin the can in the solution. I bet I could get that lemonade down closer to 32 with some agitation. That's a good idea... (74,073 views, 1,414 replies)
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Yesterday 08:17 PM
Owe Back taxes? No passport !
YES!! Unless the taxpayer has entered an automatic payment agreement or is currently cooperating with the review (2,320 views, 25 replies)
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Yesterday 08:10 PM
For Book: Symptom A Doc Might Notice
If the husband has a Ph.D. in neuroscience maybe he wouldn't notice that his wife (who is in denial) is morbidly obese. Let's see how the famous doctor handles that. (575 views, 12 replies)
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Yesterday 07:42 PM
Plan to finally end OMY this year, please check my numbers
You got it subject to what MBSC suggested if your DW turns 55 before the end of the year. (434 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 07:17 PM
What to do with 401(k) Rollover?
One thing to consider is that one of you may pass away before the other and what income the survivor will have and how the tax brackets change going from Married Joint to Single. (163 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 07:14 PM
Salad bar refrigeration - Hazard?
Or the seat in the grocery cart, at the grocery store. That is where the kids in diapers sit, and most people put food on the seat if they do not have kids riding in the cart. (665 views, 23 replies)
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Texas Proud
Yesterday 06:19 PM
Great Time for Soccer Fans
Yes, it was a good game for Iceland.... and I am also rooting for them now... England has crashed out of almost all major tournaments... I was living in the UK during Euro 2000 and was in a... (564 views, 27 replies)
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bob boag
Yesterday 06:00 PM
Poll: Where Will Dow Land End of Trading, 6/27/16?
psst Wellesley was up 0.02% today. (1,221 views, 18 replies)
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Yesterday 05:26 PM
LOL!'s Market Timing Newsletter
Well I made a few decent trades. Switched Precious Metals Funds (+7.29%) into International Equities which were down 6.66% for a total swing just shy of 14%. (Finally, Finally, FINALLY!!!... (111,786 views, 1,244 replies)
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Yesterday 05:10 PM
Class of 2016
Congratulations!, rdy2go I'm five months into ER, and can tell you it is great! and that is even with a few unexpected, but not unanticipated in terms of contingency planning, expenses (vet bills,... (52,879 views, 469 replies)
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Yesterday 05:07 PM
Creative ERs - books, blogs, music and art created by our members
At Gary's recommendation, I am posting the URL for our travel blog here. There are 42 trip stories posted broken down into 4 categories: Ocean cruises River cruises Land trips abroad Land trips... (16,627 views, 51 replies)
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Yesterday 04:29 PM
Cant shake that nagging feeling
Take the 100% survivor option. I'm assuming there is no time limit on it. When I enter your money lumpsum for https://www.immediateannuiti with suvivorship I get a low value of $10,968 /... (3,579 views, 25 replies)
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Yesterday 04:28 PM
Anyone got any travel planned?
Crater Lake is spectacular. The lodge at Crater Lake tends to fill up. And the towns of Medford and Ashland are not too far. Impressive rivers run down to the towns from Crater Lake (the Rogue and... (173,056 views, 2,951 replies)
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Yesterday 04:21 PM
What would you do?? selling Luxury bag on line
I voted take the $$$$. If you sell on ebay , a scammer will probably win the bid, then claim you - didn't send the bag. - sent a bag but it is fake. Either way ebay will side with the... (1,242 views, 43 replies)

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