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Today 12:28 PM
What was the most UNRELIABLE car you've ever owned?
2006 BMW 325i that DW refuses to part with. For some inexplicable reason, changing the oil costs $120. Our independent guy charges us $100. Same premium for batteries, antifreeze, etc. We've had... (1,244 views, 78 replies)
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Today 12:21 PM
Not Excellent FICO Score
Update from the OP: My Amex account started showing my FICO credit score. As of Sept 15 it was 827. I guess VSAC saw it on an off day. It's just as well though that they scared me away from the loan... (1,274 views, 27 replies)
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Today 12:16 PM
I'd like to learn how to make better food
Cooking has always been a passion for me, but I had a pretty limited set of skills, and tended to make the same dishes over and over, with just minor variations. Since ER, I've had more time to... (1,954 views, 55 replies)
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Today 12:14 PM
what did you do today?
An extraordinarily shocking and depressing morning. :hide: All my life I've been a runner, skier, hiker, etc. Nowhere near what you would call an athlete, but fairly athletic in general terms. ... (976,669 views, 18,342 replies)
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Today 12:12 PM
One year anniversary of ER, reflections
Time to leverage that kiddo into some adult friends for you, dude. :) I'm the same age as you roughly, and most of my friends still work to some extent but many are free during traditional... (2,064 views, 31 replies)
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Today 12:08 PM
The Volkswagen Whee ..
They intentionally jerry rigged the emissions programming. By doing this, they artificially inflated the MPG and performance of the car. Test driving a car gives you an impression of the vehicle's... (7,198 views, 221 replies)
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Today 12:06 PM
Retiring Fully in 2016 at 60 Finally
Your situation looks pretty good to me. You could be like us, and have pensions that are taxed as ordinary income. We send a quarter of our pensions right back to the Treasury that funds them. Any... (1,312 views, 13 replies)
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Today 12:04 PM
NFL: 2015 Season
I recall a few years ago the Pats staged a last minute comeback and the Saints snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and the camera cut over to a thoroughly disgusted and embarrassed Rob Ryan. ... (6,107 views, 243 replies)
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Today 11:59 AM
Cataract Surgery
I had cataract surgery fairly early at 52. My vision had steadily declined since about 45. With too much light, I was in a haze. Probably should not have been driving. I couldn't read signs at... (1,714 views, 76 replies)
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Today 11:50 AM
Yes these withdrawal strategies are just the starting point and need to be modified for personal circumstances. I imagine lots of people want to leave some inheritance, I certainly do. Right now... (750 views, 12 replies)
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Today 11:42 AM
This current market....
Though another "f" word also comes to mind... :whistling: (3,860 views, 63 replies)
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Today 11:30 AM
Need AA advice
No, think of it across both taxable and tax-deferred... as one big pile... and you want to have your tax inefficient investments (like bonds) in tax-deferred and rest in taxable. The reason for... (310 views, 9 replies)
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Today 11:25 AM
Baseball 2015
It's almost impossible to predict the World Series champ - + Okay, so after reading this, I'm gonna say if the Cubbies can survive the 1 game wild card, hell will freeze over and... (5,694 views, 173 replies)
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Texas Proud
Today 11:11 AM
Credit Score as Relationship Predictor
I would not be surprised that married couples have close to the same score.... more than likely it is due to one of them making sure the bills are paid etc. etc.... I know that my DW has a score... (551 views, 19 replies)
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Today 11:03 AM
Final Year Tax Withholding Strategy
No deductions for federal withholding, so I don't see a benefit there. I knew I was going to Roth convert the year after DW retired. So no big advantage to shifting income/deductions other than a... (228 views, 6 replies)
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Today 10:27 AM
Tip: Tolls when using rental cars
Probably best not to leave any remnants of "funny cigarettes" in the rental either, though I'd bet the folks who prepped the car for the next rental appreciated the find. Don't ask me how I know... (352 views, 8 replies)
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Today 10:01 AM
Gifting cars to your kids.
Interesting thread. DW drove one of her parents old cars during high school and college. But bought her own as soon as she graduated and had a job. I bought my own used car when I turned 16 and... (940 views, 44 replies)
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Today 09:56 AM
45 years old, 3 teenage kids, recent $$ windfall, can i retire?
I sold mid morning about 150k of SPY (100k was bought a week ago) and 50k of some others including ACN, KO. (2,960 views, 67 replies)
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Today 09:31 AM
27th year of Teaching
The drop plan would be worth it. If I went with just teaching longer, the payout would increase my monthly net about 100 bucks monthly for every year I taught. The drop would gain me 25k a year plus... (617 views, 10 replies)
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Today 09:09 AM
First move toward cutting the cord
I'm biased (because I wrote the software), but I use CW_EPG. You need a Windows PC with a decent sized hard-drive, HD Homerun connect device ($130, dual tuner), and a subscription to schedules... (1,623 views, 28 replies)

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