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Yesterday 11:26 PM
My heart attack
You will need to educate yourself about it, reading the documents, policies that cover it, because frankly nobody cares about you as much as you do, and they have the conflicting desire to save money... (1,408 views, 49 replies)
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Yesterday 11:17 PM
Reduced hours
"Sweet"? would it be "sweet" if they took out a few bolts from a critical structural pin connection, and the building fell down at night when no one was there? They were paid to produce a product... (630 views, 13 replies)
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Yesterday 11:12 PM
Your 2016 Video Christmas Card from TromboneAl
Nice! And you made retirement seem so fun and relaxing - enjoying nature, family, home, and good food and drink. (427 views, 15 replies)
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Yesterday 11:09 PM
Advice for mortgage payoff decision
I missed where the OP said he was filing single vs married if he even said it. So yes, if he is filing single, then it becomes expensive to pay off the mortgage due to the high tax rate and I agree... (6,206 views, 87 replies)
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Yesterday 10:57 PM
Hi I am NameRedacted (Sorry I'm not retired yet)
How much of this is mitigated by allowing for the potentially greater growth in equities to grow tax free? A quick back of the envelope calculation: Let's say I have $200,000. $100,000 is... (2,154 views, 26 replies)
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Yesterday 10:49 PM
Part D Have I got this right?
I'm new to Medicare and am trying to wrap my head around Part D. DH on Medicare starting 9/1/2016 and we just received his Part D summary. He takes a statin drug that costs $7.50 a month retail from... (526 views, 15 replies)
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Yesterday 09:55 PM
Pikes Peak or Bust!
It is really coming along. Looks so nice and your views are beautiful! (7,214 views, 92 replies)
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Yesterday 09:52 PM
Weight training as we age ... NY Times article
Your PT knows better than I do! I've gotten some great hip openers from my PT over the years that help me with my mobility while riding and running. Earlier this year in marathon training I was up... (1,281 views, 54 replies)
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Yesterday 09:35 PM
An Italian version of Brexit?
My Italian friends pointed out the size of the Italian Parliament as a reason to vote yes. There are a total of 945 seats with 315 senators and 630 deputies. That's a lot of politicians. Especially... (1,453 views, 35 replies)
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Yesterday 09:24 PM
What did you do today? 2016 version
Bestwifeever, That could have been my sister. She talks nonstop taking no pause so you can comment or ask a question. You have to just break in on her long winded monologues. She talks so much that I... (145,444 views, 2,420 replies)
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Yesterday 09:22 PM
Seeking Info on TIAA Traditional Withdrawal Options
I think there is no fixed income investment as attractive as the TIAA traditional that you hold. If you want to cover some of your basic expenses in retirement with an annuity (a good idea I think)... (508 views, 8 replies)
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Yesterday 09:03 PM
Anyone got any travel planned?
One thing I found out in other countries, Americans are too abrupt. The first thing you say is Buenos Dias, (before noon) or Buenos tardes (after noon) Then ask your question. I was able to buy... (205,998 views, 3,362 replies)
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Yesterday 09:01 PM
What have you read recently?
"The Year of Voting Dangerously," by Maureen Dowd. It has a series of her columns, like a diary, from 2015 and 2016 about the 2016 presidential campaign. (167,876 views, 2,466 replies)
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Yesterday 08:59 PM
Amazon Prime movie suggestions
Started watching the 8 part "Goliath" series on Prime. It stars Billy Bob Thornton and William Hurt in a courtroom / conspiracy story that pits Thornton's character against his former law firm and a... (8,285 views, 125 replies)
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Yesterday 08:30 PM
FIRED @ 45, getting around to introducing myself.
Both Oregon and Washington are good choices. I looked at them but picked Austin instead, where here is more liveable year round. You have to make up your mind quickly, as your kids are (almost)... (732 views, 11 replies)
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Yesterday 08:28 PM
Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in1 Pressure Cooker
I made this from scratch today. Pretty amazing! Took longer to prepare than I thought but that's just me. I made the recipe pretty much as written except I know I was light on the salt (we eat low... (4,840 views, 98 replies)
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Yesterday 07:49 PM
Data/Phone Plan vs Post FIRE Locations?
You can generally unlock most phones. I bought WalMart phones and unlocked them to work on T-Mobile. It is a menu item on the phone itself. I have T-Mobile. Whenever I am in a place I cannot... (429 views, 12 replies)
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Yesterday 07:16 PM
Being worth more at the end than the start
Everyone with a life insurance policy. (4,383 views, 91 replies)
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Yesterday 06:53 PM
The Photographers' Corner
Found these while hiking today. I don't know why but I like fungus. Also surprised that they would be out this time of the year in Pennsylvania. Weather has been in the 40's (190,629 views, 2,586 replies)
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Yesterday 06:42 PM
A year after I retired, my ex-company lays off everyone in my old division
Great story. Often, the first ones to get laid off are the lucky ones. One of my previous companies laid off employees for years before it was sold. The severance package got worse each time, as... (1,214 views, 23 replies)

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