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Today 04:21 AM
Debit card fraud
Someone "kited" a check and used my savings account number a number of months ago. It took USAA over a week to replace the money. Once resolved, I closed all the USAA accounts and now bank with a... (1,878 views, 70 replies)
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Today 03:15 AM
Stockpiling parts
Put the no longer needed inventory on ebay. List all parts together for that particular model. ebay is a great way to get rid of such items. If you don't list on ebay, you most likely have a... (440 views, 14 replies)
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Today 03:02 AM
? About aca subsidy income qualification
Couple of ideas: Should you become self employed (while working from home), the business deductions count (including health insurance premiums for yourself and dependents) towards lowering your... (578 views, 4 replies)
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Today 01:49 AM
save for where you live?
......yet Sent from my iPad using Early Retirement Forum (692 views, 9 replies)
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Today 01:45 AM
2016 YTD investment performance thread
YTD for 2016, +8.85% (40,491 views, 590 replies)
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Yesterday 11:04 PM
Poll: what is your debt to total asset ratio?
Actually, you answered correctly, just as the poll was designed. Thank you! (5,172 views, 151 replies)
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Yesterday 10:55 PM
Anyone Waiting for the Canadian RE Bubble to Burst to Buy a Property?
The low and middle income Canadians could never afford to buy in Vancouver for about the past 20+ years. Personally I'd like to live in a city where 10% of the condo's were owned, taxes paid, but... (1,008 views, 24 replies)
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Yesterday 10:39 PM
My Rant About Mom
Oh you poor dear, At least when I win a certificate, it is to a 4 night holiday in a resort, not something where I have to work. :facepalm: What is the name of the company ? Nothing wrong with... (6,158 views, 83 replies)
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Yesterday 10:31 PM
Forced Ranking in the Workplace
I was working a contract at an insurance company that just merged with another, and so they were going to have layoffs. I was wanting to quit that contract and get one close to home. So I told... (1,067 views, 38 replies)
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Yesterday 10:11 PM
Looking for advice on boat problem
Your pontoon boat cleaned up very nicely. I also was wondering if you tried a weak solution of bleach before this product ? (2,009 views, 61 replies)
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Yesterday 10:00 PM
Any One Have Any Thoughts on CAT
Fortunately I never acted on my last post and have enjoyed the news these last few days. Just another version of a lazy portfolio I guess. (4,446 views, 48 replies)
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Yesterday 08:52 PM
simple SS question
Note that social security actually pays on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wednesday of the month depending on the day of the month you were born 1-10 2nd, 11-20 3rd, 21-31 4th. (2,528 views, 26 replies)
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Yesterday 08:51 PM
Roth Conversion of In Kind Stock
Fido said I could convert into a nearly identical SP500 and it would be same day. Sent from my iPhone using Early Retirement Forum (367 views, 17 replies)
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Yesterday 08:44 PM
inherited IRA(non-spousal) options
You can move it from Vanguard to a local bank, but already you can see how a bank will pressure you into things like annuities. I'd leave it at VG. Regardless of which you choose, titling it as an... (254 views, 5 replies)
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Yesterday 08:26 PM
RIP Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural Jr.
I waited to post to this thread until I had a chance to listen to the Buckwheat Zydeco CD I have in my digitized collection. Did that today. I love Zydeco. I remember the first time I heard... (365 views, 5 replies)
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Yesterday 08:17 PM
What did you do today? 2016 version
In Kentucky to attend the annual Kentucky Apple Festival in Paintsville. (112,638 views, 2,015 replies)
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Yesterday 07:57 PM
Class of 2016
Hi, just joined 2016 Class today (downsized from Megacorp)... mixed feelings because it was really abrupt but overall a positive because DW and I have been oreparing to FIRE for years. Love this... (59,854 views, 515 replies)
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Yesterday 07:09 PM
Why it's hard to retire
To the OP, some perspective from someone not yet retired (but could retire now if I chose to): 1. I've spent my whole life aiming for something, working at a career, is it really over? I didn't... (6,166 views, 71 replies)
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Yesterday 06:57 PM
Yet another knee surgery thread
It made him a little taller and the second surgery evened out the legs . This is pretty common with total knee surgery . He is so glad He had the surgery and was back to better than normal in no time. (2,055 views, 61 replies)
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Yesterday 06:29 PM
Poll: Annual Housing cost/SF
Less than $6.00 actual out of pocket. House is just under 10 yrs old and no mortgage. (2,377 views, 71 replies)

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