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Today 12:20 AM
Travel Insurance?
I live abroad and 'roll the dice' as in no travel insurance. I am more concerned about returning to the US with no insurance... (409 views, 21 replies)
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Today 12:15 AM
I booked one room on Airbnb, but the host never responded to my request for the time that I could check in. I was eventually refunded the room charge and Airbnb service fee to my credit card. ... (2,602 views, 29 replies)
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Yesterday 11:55 PM
Need Advice: Sell Rental Property?
Do not understand. If the rent you are asking is on the lower end. Your house should be rented out. 1. Time of year could be a factor. Nov. Dec. Jan. No one moves. for obvious reasons. ... (81 views, 2 replies)
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Yesterday 11:49 PM
29, Rental Property Focused
Retired now. But had similar situation to yours. Worked for big Tech. Co. Had rentals. As, the years went by, Rental income passed my work income. Interesting, psychological note. When I... (891 views, 10 replies)
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Yesterday 11:31 PM
Your behavior during latest market downturn ?
I am sitting on some cash but have been busy and haven't purchased anything, yet. (3,023 views, 74 replies)
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Yesterday 10:28 PM
VPW - Best Withdrawal Calculator I've seen to date.....
I suppose it depends on how you do the counting. Everything I have is included in my portfolio, as long as it is liquid (thus, RE is excluded). The only reason I withdraw funds are to pay bills,... (13,465 views, 107 replies)
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Yesterday 10:21 PM
The Inevitable 10% Correction
Just in time for tax season. Tweak those estimated payments to avoid a refund.;D (6,470 views, 113 replies)
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Yesterday 10:05 PM
What was your "safe" number?
$3M is our minimum number based upon our expected expenses and desired fun spends for an ER at 50 for both of us (2017). Currently at 77% of our goal and well on track to meet/exceed it. (2,203 views, 55 replies)
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Yesterday 09:56 PM
Solar Eclipse Oct. 23
Looks like weather permitting many in North America will be able to witness it. Solar eclipse of October 23, 2014 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (45 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 09:55 PM
Mac Mini thoughts
I have a 2011 Mac Mini which I enjoy. I was looking forward to the refresh, but what I've read doesn't leave me too excited. The RAM is soldered on, so no cheaper upgrade there. The storage options... (103 views, 4 replies)
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Yesterday 09:42 PM
Scottrade to Vanguard
Well...I funded a vanguard brokerage account today and will try to find the best wsy to leave scottrade. I will have about $50 in sale fees but $300 in account transfer fees if I can't get them... (716 views, 17 replies)
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Accidental Retiree
Yesterday 09:26 PM
2015 ACA Premium Increases
I just got the letter today. When open enrollment comes around, I'll see what else is on offer. (5,762 views, 130 replies)
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Yesterday 08:39 PM
Ebola in Texas
Oh it was definitely satire. But reading the article itself, that wasn't clear. And the person that linked it somewhere else probably believed it. It was only after noticing no other sources, and... (12,471 views, 377 replies)
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Yesterday 08:38 PM
Was the recent correction enough?
Is that RunningMan??? ;-) (226 views, 8 replies)
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Yesterday 08:13 PM
Your recent repair?
Should we warn this poster of the danger of running with scissors too? Oh, he's she's not using scissors. Never mind. :) (22,614 views, 493 replies)
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Yesterday 08:13 PM
A quick mock 15% ytd portfolio
I was playing around with some stocks / funds I was watching and decided to see how these funds would have faired with a hypothetical 65,000 investment at the beginning of the year. It looks like I... (92 views, 0 replies)
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Yesterday 08:10 PM
Market Timing Schmarket Timing
Sure. It's just chitchat as we tend to do our own thing and do not listen to others anyway. A thing about buying stocks rather than index funds is that even when the S&P is flat, different sectors... (10,305 views, 160 replies)
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Yesterday 08:04 PM
Freaking Out - Please Pardon Cathartic Venting
Keep in mind...people want to sell 'their house' but you want to buy 'your home'. Big difference and if you can't deal psychologically with this, you'll lose lots of sleep. Second...just because... (1,413 views, 70 replies)
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Yesterday 07:51 PM
Inn at Little Washington
The Bavarian Inn is really nice too. I've eaten at both, although neither one very recently. And I've never stayed in either place. But if my memory serves, the IALW is much fancier (and much more... (477 views, 11 replies)
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Yesterday 06:58 PM
Software or Online Site to Analyze Multiple Accounts as One?
Thank you for the explanation. I was misunderstanding things. I will give this a try when I get some extra time. (585 views, 17 replies)

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