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To facilitate Bawlmer/DC meetups (but not limited to that!)
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08:03 AM
In early November 2022, crypto exchange FTX imploded. The whole story is not yet known, and likely won't be until investigations run their course, which will likely take months. However we do know that there was a liquidity crunch amidst the plummeting value of it's own FTT token. Beyond that, lots of speculation at this time. The purpose of this group is to continue discussion of what has taken place, further developments surrounding FTX, other crypto exchanges, and what it means for crypto and potentially the rest of the securities markets (stocks, bonds, treasuries) going forward. It's not for judging or discussion whether any particular crypto coin/token/etc. is a sham or the future. This is a group where participation is by Invite Only. I have been advised that if the discussion gets out of hand, the group will be dissolved. So PLEASE, let's keep it on topic and civil.
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This group is for fans of Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway. You don't have to be an owner of BRK.A or BRK.B to be part of our group. If you are a fan of the Oracle of Omaha, click to join this group...
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01:38 PM
This group is inactive-- you don't need to join it! It was used to draft and review the book "The Military Guide to Financial Independence and Retirement". For more info, please read The-Military-Guide dot com.
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04:06 PM
Welcome to the "Physicians and Early Retirement Social Group." Its purpose is to focus on the issues unique to our peer group while remaining within the scope of the main forums of the ER (early retirement) community. While we are not willing nor able to verify a member's licensure, it is requested (but do not require) that you include in your first post your: a) Specialty b) Practice setting (e.g. private group, academic, administration) c) Retirement status (e.g. retired, working full-time, near retirement) d) Other information encouraged: region, state, age, etc. This group will be lightly moderated (more as needed) and largely self-directed. This is a trial period for the group and your input is welcome. Thank you for participating.
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