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WWII photos
My father was part of the first occupation troops in Japan. When they left the U.S., they thought that they would be the invading army. He was a clerk in the 42nd and/or 361st hospital. These are mostly photos he took while there.

My dad got into the war late. In boot camp he got the measles and then the mumps, delaying his deployment (probably also had something to do with my adoption).
Tokyo Transportation (my father's caption)
Tokyo rubble
Tokyo rubble. There are also photos of Hiroshima, but I can't find them now.
Tokyo young'uns (my father's caption) 
After all of the grimness, it is wonderful to see some smiles.
Sidewalk vendors next to RR station.
Tokyo handcart.
This looks like it might be from "The Gay History of WWII", well sort of. The hunk on the left is my Uncle Doyle and very definitely straight. The...
At sea, returning home on the Wheaton Victory.
The girl he married.
My father. I still wear the tailored Eisenhower jacket shown in this photo.
USS Porter. My Uncle Doyle was the bosun's mate on this ship. For some reason (I believe it had to do with drunkenness and/or severe hangover) he was...

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