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Third Age
We named our Catalina 387 Third Age after Troisième Âge, which is the French expression for retirement age. We bought Third Age in 2005 and lived and cruised on her for 18 months before selling her in Providence R.I. We lost most of the photos from our adventure, but recovered these from email.
Third Age under full sail in Galveston Bay.
Friends on Third Age, Galveston Bay.
My SO charting our course, getting ready to enter waypoints into the auto-pilot.
Heading out into the wild blue yonder, or at least the sort-of blue Gulf.
Moi, doing dishes at 12 degrees while crossing the Gulf.
Panama City route. We didn't make it. A storm south of Louisiana convinced us to turn north and head for Mobile.
Sailing in the open Gulf. The orange jerry cans are extra diesel.
The Gulf of Mexico. About 250 miles south of Louisiana.
TMCA burgee flying from our flag halyard after landfall in Mobile. The round thingy is our radar reflector.
A very welcome sight, Mobile lighthouse after 5 days in the Gulf and the day after an all-nigh storm.
Sunset at the Ingram Bayou anchorage in the Florida panhandle.
ICW Apalachacola. This is marked as impenetrable swamp on the charts.
ICW Apalachacola and our trusty Raymarine radar.
Tarpon Springs is a charming Greek fishing village. We bought great olives there.
Sarasota anchorage.
Hawk Channel. Look at the color of that water!
Hawk Channel sunrise.
Dolphins, playing in our bow wave in Hawk Channel.
Key Biscayne lighthouse
Wild horses at the ruins of the Dungeness Mansion at Cumberland Island, Georgia.
Owens Thomas House, Savannah, Georgia
Mercer House, Savannah, Georgia
Beaufort S.C. from the anchorage.
Beaufort, S.C.
Antebellum home in Beaufort, S.C.

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