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Conversation Between Bigdawg and f35phixer
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  1. Bigdawg
    05-09-2023 12:10 PM
    Hey, tied up right now with baseball playoffs, DW just got a new right knee and buddy retiring at the Marine Museum in Quantico (Mem weekend). Maybe next week lunch. Bill (858) 204-0998
  2. Bigdawg
    01-07-2021 08:57 PM
    good to hear. Sat thru a stupid meeting today and all I could think about is the Caribbean. DW has two DR appoitments tomorrow. She has been out of the Corps for 9 years and has a zero VA rating. She is worse than me and I am at 60%. BTW my boy is a Tech rep on legacy Honets at Miramar. He will have to transition to F35 eventually.
  3. f35phixer
    thanks, its nice, HATE the cold anymore, just like my dad. Christ its 70 and he's in sweats ;-) We'll come back in March and do some more traveling... This CV SUX!!!! Dad got his vaccine yesterday. We MIGHT be able to get one here in FLA.
  4. Bigdawg
    01-06-2021 11:03 AM
    Congrats on retirement. How is FL treating you? Same old, same old up here in So MD. Heading to Roatan for scuba in February. Contract is done in APril so I may be calling it quits. DW is the MO at UX-24 and likes her job. Probably 3-4 more years for her. We'll see.

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