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Conversation Between Ole Red 29 and EastWest Gal
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  1. EastWest Gal
    I started using a FA when I started investing in 1993. That FA, though focusing on the passive investing of index funds,and inexpensive at the time, made some serious mistakes and I fired them in 2015. I do not feel competent to manage everything in the portfolio. I found a company I'm happy with-Portfolio Solutions. Rick Ferri founded the company, has since left, opening his own fee-only company. You may want to check out Portfolio Solutions or Rick Ferri and his new company,

    He has been very active in Bogleheads. He has written books about investing, and believes in the fee-only model. I've chosen to stay with Portfolio Solutions. DH has a very low interest or understanding of investing, so it works for us. Portfolio Solutions charges 0.37% AUM yearly for their services. Rick Ferri's new company is fee-only, which may be better for you.

    I hope these suggestions may be helpful in your research.

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