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    Family, peace and quiet (yes, conflicting interests so far).

    Movies and music - mostly 80s.
    Food - sorry, not into the organic kale stuff. Anything from a Whopper to Ruth's Chris suits me fine.
    As of Feb 2021......

    *I am 45, and now retired - earlier than I thought I'd be.

    No college -- but I had a rather successful small-business life since I was in my early 20s. I've worked since 14, and always knew sales/business was my thing so it all worked as planned.......until it got tough. Many of my peers went under in 2009 - I and my team flourished. All was well. But starting in 2018....things got tough for me. Part was my fault of not adapting and making some changes, but a majority was market forces, direct competitors being 5x my size, competition thanks to the internet, etc. So.... I'm out.

    I'd have to skirt the 4% rule....and do a SWR of 5% or just under and I'm aware there's a risk but at that number, there's plenty of discretionary fat in my spending if things got hairy I don't feel it's groceries that get cut - it's eating out, concierge doctor, scale back a vacation here and there, etc.

    Kids are 13/9, one with some ADHD part of me is kind of liking being home, being more intimately involved and when school starts .... I'm looking forward to low-stakes poker games, movies, reruns, books, and travels that combine investing with fun (example - flying or driving to view potential investment properties....but adding a few days to eat local food, see hockey games, etc).

    I am still admittedly new to investing. But bottom line is this:

    *If* large cap stocks can return an average of 5% nominal, long term annualized... and rental homes appreciate an average of 2.5% - - -then I won't have a luxurious life like I was used to, and on my way to....but I'd still have a lifestyle that is much to be thankful for, including kids colleges, etc.

    No guarantees - but I see historical stock gains of 8%. I see historical home appreciations of 5%....I feel I'm looking for well under those. Time will tell.

    In the meantime - Leave it to Beaver in the mornings, and drive-thru in the afternoon. - I'm loving this though part of me wants my mini-empire back :)


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