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scrabbler1 10-04-2019 03:22 PM

IRS Releases Draft Versions of 2019 Tax Forms
Although this came out over a month ago, it's still very useful to read about how the IRS may be consolidating some of the data shown on those annoying 6 new schedules from 2018 into 3 schedules for 2019, while moving some of the data from those schedules back onto the main 1040 form.

IRS Releases Draft 2019 Form 1040 with Fewer Schedules and New Form 1040-SR - Tax & Accounting Blog

Here is a link to a list of the draft versions of 2019 forms and instructions so far.


Several of the items I (and others, presumably) complained about to Taxpayer Advocate Ms. Nina Olson earlier this year have been addressed. One of them is to put the Cap Gains line back on the main Form 1040 instead of having it on Schedule 1. Another is the elimination of Schedule 6, the third party designee information. There are some improvements to the format. It doesn't address everything I complained about, but it's a decent improvement.

There is also a new 1040-SR form for seniors. While that doesn't apply to me (yet), I am sure it applies to many of you in this forum.

Remember, these are only draft versions.

jebmke 10-05-2019 06:50 PM

Another couple of years and we will be back to the old 1040 format. Will save some paper on printed copy for files but doesn't really change preparation.

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