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Gumby 12-29-2020 12:04 PM

Quoting other members
When using the "Quote" function to reply to another member's post, please heed the following:

1. If you mean to reply to only a part of the post, isolate the relevant part by deleting the surrounding text and replacing with ellipses (... text to which you are responding ...). Please be careful when snipping text that you do not eliminate the brackets "[" or "]" around the word QUOTE, as it will eliminate the quote block.

2. If you mean to make your point by deleting some of the original text, please use the line-out function (like this). It is also helpful to append the letters FIFY (meaning "fixed it for you") to make the issue clear.

3. If for any reason (e.g. to add context or to replace deleted text) it is necessary to add text to a quote, please enclose the added text in brackets [like this]. Don't use italics, because all quotes are already in italics. Don't use bold or underline, because one could mistakenly think the text is original and emphasized by the original poster.

4. It is helpful to use the "preview" to see what effect your changes have had on the quoted material.

5. In all cases, the intent is to make clear to everyone which words belong to you and which ones belong to the member you are quoting.

6. If you are uncertain in any particular situation, this is the underlying principle to use as a guide -- it is unfair and misleading to change the text of another member without some indication that you have done so.

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