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Koolau 05-20-2021 03:59 AM


Originally Posted by Crosscarver (Post 2608377)
Get a sports watch like a garmin etc (ca.150$). They do all the smart watch things (notifications etc) plus you get heartrate monitoring, sleep monitoring, stresslevel monitoring Vo2 in the blood monitoring (covid). With this (new) tech you can monitor your health, physical condition and stress level and get all the other smart watch benefits.
I don't see the benefits of spending a large chunk of cash on a "dumb" watch if you can get al the benefits of a sportswatch for much less....

All basically true and I do not own a "good" watch - or even a sports watch. BUT I see the appeal of a truly fine watch. I will often notice and admire someone else's watch. I just can't justify it for myself. I guess I'll say that's a good thing but YMMV.

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