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bermy 08-29-2002 04:16 AM

Another first-timer
Hi all. After 16 years in the workforce it finally occurred to me that FI/RE was a possibility; if you combined a little common sense, patience and planning. Not keen to use the word retirement, I (and soon to be wife) have decided to trade in our standard urban, possession accumulating lifestyle, for a permanent coastal change (including boat). We are still a couple of years away, but have as clear a goal as we have ever had in our respective lives. We are calling our plans a lifestyle/career change. The only retiring we plan is from the drudgery of the 9-5, and instead expanding our lives in ways not previously thought possible.

I have found resources such as this forum and the RetireEarlyHomePage most useful, so thanks to those who make them possible. Thanks to those also that have recommended Ernie Zelinki's book, 'The Joy of Not Working'. It has provided timely support for our ideas, which seem to go against much of what passes as popular wisdom. For example, most RE advice in OZ recommends the government supported (via tax concessions) superannuation scheme. They forget to remind you that you can not access the funds until 55-60 (60 in my case). Where is the RE in that!!

We are preparing ourselves both financially and psychologically, and in the process have found an abundance of books/articles that provide financial advice. However, there is very little in the way of stories of peoples experiences of RE, especially the earlier, non-Bill Gates RE types. I am looking forward to sharing experiences with the other REs (arrived and in-transit) out there.


dory36 08-29-2002 03:21 PM

Re: Another first-timer
Welcome Bermy!

There are a few stories here, but we could certainly use more.

I'm guessing most of us who are already ERed (?) did so somewhere in the 45-52 range, but there are lots who pulled the plug earlier, and the government programs don't help any of us!

I missed something about your boat -- are you giving it up, or moving aboard? We moved aboard as we retired a year and a half ago, and haven't regretted a minute of it.

Good luck!

bermy 09-02-2002 03:19 AM

Re: Another first-timer
The boat is part of the retirement plan. I have had a few small (17-18ft) fish/cruise boats previously and am keen to get back in the water, when I have more time. The plan is to start small again then progress up in size as my skills and experience grow.

You sound like you have it figured out!! It has inspired me to broaden the scope of my boating plans. The location we will be moving to in a few years has a nice quiet harbour. However, the ocean off the coast warrants much respect, so I plan to spend time honing my boatmanship before we set out on serious cruising.


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