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jimmycarter 05-14-2005 09:08 AM

jimmycarter introduction
I have been a enjoying the forum for quite some time. I thought I might be able to entertain some of you with my good, bad and ugly moments in my 58 years.

I have been able to accumulate a substantial net worth but even better I have dione so by working a job that I love and living in a small town that I love. My wife and I have been married for 32 happy years and we have 3 kids. Lesson learned - focus on living a good life and everything else will follow.

I was not able to attend college and wish I had the opportunity to do so when I was young. I suppose I did the next best thing by spending my free time at the school's library reading about business and investing when I was 20. Lesson learned - people who have a college degree should feel very blessed and I made sure all 3 of my kids had the opportunity.

Dad gave me the boot when I was 17 and I had to spend a few years working some real ugly jobs for little money. I suppose you have to do what you have to do to survive but I would rather forget those years. Lesson learned - if you don't like what you are doing, do something about it.

Anyway I suppose that is my introduction and I look forward to posting every now and then when the weather is bad. Nice to have found a place full of bright people.

MooreBonds 05-14-2005 12:46 PM

Re: jimmycarter introduction

Originally Posted by jimmycarter
Lesson learned - if you don't like what you are doing, do something about it.

Definitely give that a big thumbs up :)

I work for a 2nd/3rd generation family commercial plumbing company (the 2nd generation - dad - still owns it all, but my brother is running the show). Before I had a few years under my belt here, I would hear about other family-run businesses (mostly contractors) who either failed or had family members leave. I would think "Why, surely it couldn't have been THAT bad! Why couldn't they stay and work things out?"

However, after 5 full-time years here, I'm ready to start an MBA this fall and then shove off to get a job in finance - my true academic love. :)

I used to think that I could handle any situation, regardless of the stress, aggrivation level, stupidity, etc. However, I have recently learned that my human limits of capacity are far more mortal than I hoped, and I can't take much more than 2 years, tops, before I go crazy.

Of course, when I land a job elsewhere, I'm sure there will be that woman in HR who just drives you crazy, and that guy in purchasing who will make my brother seem like a mild-mannered Clark Kent. But, crawling on my hands and knees back to my brother is always an option if I need it. ;)


Spanky 05-14-2005 04:27 PM

Re: jimmycarter introduction

You seem to be a resilent person. You are an inspiration to those who have decided a college education is not necessary for success. I have 3 masters (Electircal Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration) and feel that I have not really accomplished anything significant in my career, though I am happy about my personal life and investment. My focus now is on my relationship with my family and my health.


jimmycarter 05-14-2005 05:40 PM

Re: jimmycarter introduction

though I am happy about my personal life and investment. My focus now is on my relationship with my family and my health.
You sound pretty successful to me Spanky. Your education is impressive. I didn't go to college because I had no money but I wanted to learn and I think that is what saved me. Most people who follow that path don't always end up in such a position. Dumb luck maybe but when anybody in town said what I was doing was crazy it meant I was usually onto something.

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