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old woman 02-27-2006 06:28 PM

Re: little fish..big pond.

Originally Posted by nomo-aloha
Good morning guys.

I do definately want to off the business. My back is messed up but my mind is too. My customers and remaining employees deserve better....some have been with me since the start (15+ years).

Admit your short comings to the people you can trust, there are some left. First your education isn't hopeless by any means. You write well and know how to run a business, take back your pride, it that requires getting a GED and a college education you can do it but it doesn't, you went to the school of hard knocks already. Study what you feel is important to you take some community college classes in software, you don't need to know much about computers themselves.
Take back control of your company even if people need to help with the labor you can't do. You are the brains of the outfit and have lots of equipment not making you money.
Lean on those 15 year employees that you respect the most, ask them for a hand. If you decide to sell the company you will get more for it if it is active and has great employees. When you are ready maybe you can sell to the employees as a team, incorporate and sell off a few shares or become a partnership between you and your best employees.
You are too young to give up and walk away licking your wounds. Get back on top and walk away like a proud lion on your own terms.
Face your children if not now when they are over 18. Tell them you aren't proud of what happened and try not to keep major secrets from them. They probably know about the gambling. Invite them for the summer and ask them to teach you computers, get them back in your life.

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