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Focus 08-03-2021 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by JakeinChina (Post 2644028)
Funny, because we were thinking of settling down in Valencia before moving back to the States. People in Valencia I have to say weren't the friendliest and as much as we tried to speak Spanish, they just got frustrated and didn't seem very accepting of foreigners. Plus, the summer months is was so hot there, even with the beach and such nearby.

That lack of friendliness we perceived could be a regional difference, or perhaps it's because Valencia used to be off the tourist track and now gets its full share of foreign visitors -- good for small businesses, but not so great for the locals who preferred how it used to be.

Much as I liked Valencia, I decided it's not a city I'd choose to live in for the reasons mentioned. I'm not a beach guy either, so that wasn't a draw.

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