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haha 07-17-2007 02:29 PM


Originally Posted by ladelfina (Post 536856)
There's only a minority of consistent ranters and a minority that are consistently offended by them; the rest of the board seems to have a pretty good sense of perspective, proportion and relative tolerance.

I see it this way also. Who cares if someone rants? Everywhere I go some crazy is ranting on the street. I would prefer than they not, because I never know when they will escalate beyond ranting.

But on the internet? Even with all the IP sleuths around here I really don't think we have much to worry about. ;)


Gumby 07-17-2007 06:56 PM

One is not required to "rise to the bait". I say let them rant and ignore them.

chinaco 07-18-2007 02:49 AM

I can see the point. A Rant forum might encourage bad behavior. I guess the word "Rant" does not really convey what I meant (i.e., semantics). One of the things about communicating in written text (often fragments of thought) is that it leave much open to misinterpretation (and the lack of back and forth immediate refinement of the meaning of the words communicated) which is part of the problem.

Perhaps a Debate forum (or pick any acceptable name).

It seems to me that at one time or another people have some sort of ax to grind about an issue. It often gets dumped into Other or one of the FIRE forums. If there was a forum where people could post those more controversial (Opinion heavy, sometime emotional) topics... people could enter at their own risk (so to speak)!

Anyway, the general notion was to get the "Rants" out of the other forums. Not to create an "enter and be abused" forum! ;)

chinaco 07-18-2007 03:13 AM


Originally Posted by BigMoneyJim (Post 536296)
I've never really had a problem with that, but I don't recall someone posting as two different identities simultaneously being tolerated for very long, especially if they converse with themselves in the same threads.

Sorry for the additional post... but I did not read most of this thread and have been looking back at some posts.

This comment is interesting. If I get the idea... One may use to accounts to post as two different people for a variety of reasons... Possibly to show support for their idea or some such nonsense?

Sad, Sad , Sad. Carrying on a conversation with oneself is a little silly. I am sure it is to confuse or manipulate someone!

Unfortunately, the anonymity of these forums emboldens people to do things they might not otherwise do in person.

Which is why we should all exercise Caveat Utilitor on all information considered for use from this forum (or any other source).

My impression is that most people that are in here for any period of time are good peeps. There are a few people just looking to shake things up... they probably move on quickly.

cute fuzzy bunny 07-18-2007 08:13 AM

I think the basic problem of off-topic/political/religious/jackass posting is that it rubs people the wrong way and can lead to shorter tempers and reduced contribution in subsequently viewed on-topic posts.

Its also possible that people who duke it out over some ridiculous issue will hold a grudge and take it out on each other for some time thereafter.

I'm thinking of a half dozen or so posters...really valuable people...who quit the board because they got tired of the off topic stuff. Lets look at Charlie for example. Great poster. Actual retiree living off his investments. Always good advice. Got sick of the political posts and quit.

We could debate skin thickness all we want, but the bottom line is everyone has skin.

So who would you rather have, Charlie or some guy with a megaphone that only spews out off topic crap?

maddythebeagle 07-18-2007 08:35 AM

Good advice on not taking the bait, Gumby and I would rather have mostly positive posters, too...I think that there is always the newer poster that posts 5-7 messages a day and burns themselves out....since few will interact with them......I categorize them as trolls also, since they arenít interested in social interaction....Final stop is usually the same, a passive-aggressive final post telling us all how "we wont have him to kick around anymore":p

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