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Urchina 09-29-2008 11:45 AM

Income investing resources?
As part of my RE education, I'm trying to learn more about income investing. DH and I are pumping cash into equities via our retirement accounts using a pretty aggressive AA, but we also own stock in a private company and receive dividends on a quarterly basis. Basically, our dividends cover our mortgage and property taxes. We LOVE this.

As a result, we're exploring current income investing, but I've had a bit of a challenge finding information on options other than bonds and real estate (both of which we already have in our portfolios). Indexing and DCA is our current investing approach. I'm open to other options, though, and we're considering Wellington or Wellesly, but I'm particularly curious about investment trusts. A search of our regional library's catalog showed a promising-looking title (something like "exploring income investing" but it was from 1995. A search of these boards (using "investment trusts") gave me a nice thread that HaHa participated in, but I feel that I need more to go on than Ha's opinion (august though it may be).

Does anyone here have some good resources on investment trusts that might help me? I'm learning about how they work, what pitfalls are out there, how to tell when one is doing well vs. when one is struggling -- the basics, really. I'm an intermediate beginner when reading finance books, so something written in plain English with plenty of examples would be ideal for me.

Oh, and I should also say that we're opening our first taxable brokerage account soon, so any current-income investments we're considering would go into this taxable account (since we want to draw on the income for current use).


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