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calmloki 08-24-2009 02:57 PM

ARRA benefits me. personally
So I didn't get $4500 back on the purchase of a new car. Have a home, so no $8000 first time buyer tax credit. But we do get some benefits from the new WPA program. Our town got a chunk of cash to do sidewalk repair - if homeowners pay for the concrete, the ARRA program will pay a bunch of young juvenile delinquent looking kids to get out there and bust up and haul off and form and pour new walks, under the supervision of a sad looking old pro concrete guy. What I've seen is good looking work. Looks like win win win to me - the JDs get jobs and pay and maybe skills and a dose of serious physical work, always a good thing to be introduced too. The city and homeowners get new walks. I got our whole block on board and since we are all getting new sidewalk we are moving it out to the curb rather than fifteen feet from our front windows. Convenience stores sell more pop, concrete plant does some business, I feel some joy in taking advantage of one of the programs. Cool!

mews 08-24-2009 05:50 PM

Well, yay!

At least I can say I know somebody who benefitted from the stimulus program!


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