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l2ridehd 09-25-2011 06:30 AM

My answer is "I am really working hard at paying off all debt" No one has to know the mortgage is paid or not. Plan is to have only mortgages on income property when I retire in 3 months. That will involve selling current home, using equity to finish paying retirement home mortgage, (been working that one and almost there) and investing the balance. Plan may take a year or two to complete in this market, but that's OK as it's in the plan. Will continue to monitor tax and income and when it makes sense will either pay off rental property and use the income or sell them and use the equity. Have a plan but it's subject to change based on lots of unknowns. Tax rates, what deductions remain, personal cash flow, real estate market, cost of living, rate of inflation, cost of medical care, and some I can't even think of at this point. However it is still best not shared with everyone. So my "working really hard to eliminate all debt" answer will remain. You will only know when I get there by the ;D on my face.

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