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veremchuka 08-14-2011 10:41 PM

For those in Thailand
Do any of you read the Thai language? The reason I ask is I want to know what the subtitles are saying in this video. I suspect they are the words to this song but maybe not!

Gale whole song from Breaking Bad - YouTube

A 33 second clip of this video was on the TV series Breaking Bad last week, I have not watched tonight's episode yet so PLEASE NO SPOILERS! For those that follow this show you know that everything is a clue and has meaning in the plots even stuff in the background that you might think is just not important. So while I have some thoughts as to why this particular song is in this karaoke video by Gale, I suspect the subtitles may have hidden meaning. Now this is pretty obscure because I suspect less than 0.0001% of the US population can read Thai but again this show doesn't do something without a meaning. Maybe the clue is just that Gale was in Thailand and that's it, the English lyrics alone point to certain twists in what is occurring in the show. Maybe I'm digging too deep but you never know with this show.

Any light you may shed upon this will be appreciated!

clifp 08-15-2011 01:16 AM

I don't know Thai, but I am happy to see there are other fans who are as nuts about the show as I am.

ProspectiveBum 08-15-2011 02:04 AM

i don't speak Thai, but I do love Breaking Bad. I found the following on the Wiki page for that episode:


The idea was that Gale participated in a karaoke booth in Thailand and kept the DVD as a souvenir; Breaking Bad music supervisor Thomas Golubic specifically found someone who could translate the song lyrics into Thai for the video.
So, presumably, just the lyrics to Major Tom.

Disappointed 08-15-2011 07:56 PM

Just a translation of the lyrics, beautifully and professionally translated with great understanding of both languages.


veremchuka 08-15-2011 09:24 PM

Thanks, I guess since virtually no one can read Thai here it would be way too obscure to hide something in the lyrics.

I do think though that this song was chosen for a reason, I mean any song could have sufficed or no video but I guess it was needed to shock Walt but why did it have to have Thai subtitles? If you listen to the words to Major Tom there are references that parallel events past and present in BB.

But why Thailand, that could have been recorded here? I think this is explaining a lot about Gale's past and his current behavior. He's a nerd but a very accomplished and exacting person, almost to the point of being OCD. I suspect he was blackballed from the corporate world due to being a pedophile (this would explain a vacation in Thailand well known for it's seamy sex trade in children and lady boys though not everyone that goes there is looking for taboo sex of course) and/or a homosexual, his mannerisms are a bit over the top - look at his apartment and his behavior there and how he performed this song. So this may be why he was unable to find a job and maybe through sexual underworld connections via drug usage he found Gus and a job. I could go into a lot of things but I don't know much about Gale, his time on the show was quite short but again nothing happens on BB without a reason.

One thing I'm not clear about is why did Jesse shot Gale? Was it competition? Jesse replaced him and got his job back so I don't think that would explain it. Did Walt put him up to it, that seems unlikely? I don't seem to see a reason for it.

Are episodes discussed on Wikipidia, if so is there a link? Does AMC have an active site that discusses the show, I'm not interested in seeing more previews of the upcoming show but discussions about the plot would be interesting.

Bestwifeever 08-15-2011 10:02 PM

Veremchuka, here is a website with forums where people can discuss Breaking Bad episodes:

TWoP Forums -> Breaking Bad General Gabbery

I don't watch BB but this website has boards for some of "my stories". I've found a lot of the posters there are entertaining.

veremchuka 08-15-2011 11:50 PM

Thanks, this looks better than one I found a while ago.

I got curious and did some research and found a lot of info about BB. I must have somehow forgot or missed that Walt did instruct Jesse to kill Gale to insure that Walt and Jesse are important to Gus since Gus was going to kill them and have Gale do the cooking. Now how did I forget or miss that? :facepalm:

And I am reading way too much into the reason for the karaoke video and what it represents. This explains it -

When Hank first reveals to Walter that he is investigating Gale's murder, he shows him a DVD of Gale singing karaoke with Thai subtitles. The idea was that Gale participated in a karaoke booth in Thailand and kept the DVD as a souvenir; Breaking Bad music supervisor Thomas Golubic specifically found someone who could translate the song lyrics into Thai for the video. A similar joke was featured in the HBO comedy series Flight of the Conchords. Gilligan said he was not aware of that joke at the time, but watched it after conceiving of the Gale joke and researching karaoke. He said of it: "It was freaking hilarious. It's brilliant. And then I was thinking, 'Oh sh*t, should we even do this now, because how can it be as good as those guys?'" Gale sings the Peter Schilling song "Major Tom (Coming Home)", which Gilligan chose because he felt it was appropriate for the character: "It felt right. It's a bit cheesy, it's earnest, but it also kind of sticks in your head and it's fun."[8]

Bullet Points (Breaking Bad) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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