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Bestwifeever 11-08-2015 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by BlueAFMom (Post 1654823)
Father, then brother, had Chick-fil-A restaurants which is not a true franchise but a business partnership. Father was very successful but worked non-stop. Brother took a different approach with a higher paid manager and made less (long story but eventually lost the business in a nasty divorce).

After being the child of a franchise owner, working nearly every holiday and most of the seasons others were having a good time, I chose military service and have loved the 30 days paid vacation, federal holidays, modest tax bracket, and about to enjoy the COLA adjusted pension and low-cost healthcare.

In the end, I think we'll come out about the same and I worked less hours. :) Would never even consider doing it 'in retirement.'

Father's advice would be to get in, work hard, save the $$, and get out...5-10 years max.

Plus you get to hear us say (in all sincerity) thank you for your service, and we are not talking about delivering a sandwich to our table.

Thank you.

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