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  1. New Observation... days/holiday weekends get fuzzy
  2. Emerald Ash Borer, cut or treat?
  3. After you FIRED and retired, were there expenses you immediately cut or stopped?
  4. Looking for Advice on Roth IRA
  5. Best cities for an early retirement 2022
  6. Insurance issues in a 55+ retiree MH park
  7. Manual entry of expenses on spending tab
  8. Phoodle (like Wordle)
  9. Firecalc and Rmd calculations
  10. Full-time cruising (Washington Post article)
  11. Living the dream at The Bunny Ranch...
  12. RV vs travel trailer
  13. ER and The Joys Of Being Wrong
  14. Possibly moving to Las Vegas
  15. Colorado River
  16. Update to my snake thread..."the end"
  17. Help vs take for granted vs taking advantage
  18. What I don't miss about work.
  19. Great new pt job for retired teachers
  20. Alarm clock issues...
  21. How much to spend on an engagement ring?
  22. 45th High School Reunion or No?
  23. Life as a CPA after FIRE??
  24. Prospective FIRE people - donít delay
  25. How have you reduced competition in your ER lives?
  26. Best Retirement J*bs
  27. 50th birthday after FIRE
  28. What are you using for your longevity number?
  29. TIVO Fans Pls respond
  30. Arizona Relocation?
  31. Emotion control after FIRE
  32. Traveling in retirement survey?
  33. Need Advice As We Get CloserÖ
  34. Traveling House Sitters
  35. How to answer all the naysayers?
  36. Where to go in/from Basel, Switzerland?
  37. Got myself into a sticky wicket
  38. FL second home insurance
  39. Are you a Dr. Jekyll or Mr Hyde?
  40. 3 years retired
  41. Introverts: what are your hobbies?
  42. WARdle--A Wordle Type Game for Baseball Fans
  43. Farthest points
  44. Vacations to less popular destinations
  45. Walking away from the money
  46. Anyone become a
  47. Sources for part-time jobs?
  48. Laying Down My Sword
  49. Security camera
  50. Wish you had done it sooner? Yes or No?
  51. Half move to Florida?
  52. Charity after FIRE
  53. Readers responses to WaPo opinion piece
  54. 2 months into retirement
  55. Aviation Wordle
  56. Military Retiree and FI
  57. Small things on your bucket list post FIRE
  58. Dual citizenship
  59. Association officer
  60. Meet Nerdle; Wordle for Geeks (No spoilers here either!)
  61. Harder fun then Wordle: chess puzzles (free site)
  62. How do you handle email?
  63. Estimated Self Employment Tax With No Income Tax
  64. Recommended paddle for pickleball?
  65. Disturbed by not saving
  66. Retiree Housing Complex, question
  67. tax withholdings on SS?
  68. Poll, Walk Score Where You Live
  69. USA By State Activity Rating
  70. Sleep after FIRE
  71. 2022ís Best States to Retire- WalletHub
  72. The First Monday of Freedom
  73. Coastal Florida, seems no longer to be a MCOL / LCOL area.
  74. Why join AARP?
  75. Buying land for a new home: items to consider?
  76. Can Citizens of Schengen Area Countries move to one unconditionally?
  77. Daily WORDLE - 2022
  78. The final stretch, and perhaps a new FIRE convert
  79. Just quit, feeling panicky
  80. Residential Cruise Ship; Retiring to The Sea?
  81. Have you come across a great CCRC?
  82. 5 year anniversary today
  83. Kind of a new hobby
  84. Update on finances in retirement...
  85. What did you do today? - 2022 version
  86. Audit courses Under 60?
  87. 2022 workout thread
  88. Blow That Dough - 2022
  89. Did you return to past hobbies?
  90. Old Toys
  91. Major challenge - Preparing to Move
  92. 2021 spending thread
  93. what kind personality affected to FIRE?(HSP, overefficiency)
  94. Do You Hide Your Financial Success From Others?
  95. Beekeeping in Retirement
  96. Finding an apartment in a new city
  97. Who else is spending a lot on groceries, entertainment and dining out?
  98. Anyone live in the 757 or 804?
  99. Anyone do online tutoring?
  100. maybe a pay cut is just what I need?
  101. Too Frugal - Anybody Else Struggle Spending Too LITTLE?
  102. Iso secular Bible reading plan
  103. Anybody Campervan? Part 2
  104. Unplanned, Unavoidable Expenses this year
  105. Getting "Carded" Again
  106. Hooked on the NYT Spelling Bee game
  107. Roth conversions and 8606 form
  108. Replacing Lockset on Double Front Doors
  109. Friends of Friends
  110. Closed out my LinkedIn account
  111. Any Wood Workers Out There ?
  112. parent care
  113. Where is that sweet spot to RE in USA?
  114. How long should furniture last?
  115. WSJ article: Retirees who sell "forever" homes
  116. Combining households with elderly parents?
  117. what to do with 35mm slides!
  118. Small EVs / autocycles
  119. Job titles and FIRE
  120. 5000 mile trip in the US
  121. Took the plunge - finishing up
  122. Doonesbury cartoon -- "The Retirees"
  123. Criteria For Choosing Retirement Location
  124. Contemplating when to get serious about CCRC?
  125. Yet another article suggesting we won't be happy in retirement
  126. Importance of locking in housing costs?
  127. Ellijay - Blairsville - Blue Ridge GA
  128. Might buy a cheap single wide to live in while house is being built. Advice?
  129. 4 years inÖ
  130. Downsizing
  131. Port St Lucie Florida
  132. Confessions From a Failed FIRE
  133. Anyone here own a manufactured home?
  134. Three year old furnace sold/installed as New!
  135. Experience with part-time after FIRE
  136. New Hobbies In FIRE?
  137. Your yearly average income while pursuing F.I.R.E?
  138. The only thing I regret after ~6 years of ER
  139. FIRE here we go!
  140. What brand recliner should my husband get?
  141. Delaware Beach Areas?
  142. What we want: Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose
  143. Sorry, I was too busy enjoying my ER to post in this forum ...
  144. Anybody a retirement druggie?
  145. Retire where your kids will want to visit you?
  146. Downtown Portland, OR
  147. Retirement - 90 days in
  148. Options to replacing Tivo
  149. Kitchen Remodel Bucket list Reality Check Costs/Tips/Warnings?
  150. Iím now pretty close to standard retirement age
  151. Get a pool?
  152. 2nd home versus money in the bank
  153. Not as expected
  154. From FIRE'd to Retired
  155. Suggestions for a home office
  156. mold inspection?
  157. Those currently working and planning ER aren't going to like this
  158. Walla Walla Washington
  159. Single and post-FIRE: how's dating/relationships going for you?
  160. Factoring climate change into location choice
  161. In that 1st Year of Retirement?
  162. Downsizing Dilemma
  163. How to evaluate places to live?
  164. What do you do to get you out of a funk?
  165. In-ground pool chlorination-salt/mineral
  166. Places to FIRE - active lifestyle
  167. A side of FIRE rarely mentioned: Disability
  168. Happy Independence Day
  169. Gross inconsistencies concerning money (our thoughts and behaviors)
  170. Happiness
  171. Retired 4 Year Ago Today, Life's Great!
  172. Oenophiles?
  173. I haven't made a new friend since high school
  174. Wagyu Beef (cooking and eating)
  175. How long until I adjust to retirement?
  176. Hiking and skiing at 93
  177. Anyone considering retirement in Puerto Rico?
  178. Question about changing Brokerages
  179. Do you schedule your days?
  180. professional relationships after retirement
  181. Anyone go through retirement Hell?
  182. Why itís nice to be retired (another reason)
  183. Housekeeper in retirement?
  184. Getting rid of the work wardrobe
  185. Learning Poker
  186. Moving to San Antonio, TX
  187. Photos from today's road trip - Ocala, FLA
  188. Question about Wills and Estate Planning
  189. Long term Rentals agencies?
  190. Sunday night gratitude
  191. New project for hubby and I.... Tent on wheels
  192. First week FIREd: What are your Tips and Suggestions?
  193. Three years of retirement after the "Glide Path"
  194. Go Go to Slow Go... when did/has it happened to you?
  195. Sierra Vista AZ
  196. Mail services?
  197. Need Recommendations for Vehicle Transport Company
  198. We lost my dear Daughter in Law today
  199. Most/Least Social and Polite Areas To New Comers?
  200. Sun City Hilton Head (and other nearby communities)
  201. "Lock and Leave" Apartments - What and Where?
  202. Kiplinger Article on Encore Careers
  203. Best platform to run a social group?
  204. Where did you retire?
  205. Be honest: Which of your pre-FIRE plans turned out to be coping fantasies?
  206. Social dilemma-acquaintance with dementia
  207. Retiring in 2-5 years? Buy Now Or Wait?
  208. Your Major Expenses Broken Into What Can Be Reduced in Cost What Can?
  209. Retiring to a College Town
  210. Finally FIRED!
  211. Updating Will
  212. Lexus GX460 - Any experience or input?
  213. Two Years Into Retirement
  214. Living in Two Places - Experiences, Factors and Issues?
  215. Fee for Service Retirement Communities
  216. Not So Humid Places in the South and the East Coast?
  217. Interesting (bad) experience at HD today.
  218. Canít Wait to Join You!
  219. Campground Hosting at State/Federal parks
  220. 1 year anniversary
  221. I think I've Made up my Mind
  222. Replace fan motor on Heatpump or replace the unit?
  223. hit FI then long RE?
  224. sun city west or sun city grand AZ
  225. What are the oldest clothing items in your closet?
  226. Where to Live: An Experiment
  227. Skiing 2021-22
  228. Crazy RE - Redfin CEO Tweetstorm
  229. I have no idea where to retire!
  230. Grateful to not have to do anything for money anymore
  231. Coasting until retirement?
  232. One week post-FIRE
  233. Just gave my notice... and feeling sad
  234. Can we talk about how taxes changed for you after a spouses' death?
  235. Any hobbies that generate some bonus income?
  236. Help Me Out - What Can I Do When I Retire?
  237. Pick-up Truck Purchase
  238. House Rich Cash Poor Retirement?
  239. Moving to an apartment in retirement
  240. Will Executors?
  241. my dog had a seizure.
  242. Movie Theaters
  243. Your purpose/mission after FIRE?
  244. Vole control-peanut butter and chocolate
  245. Class of 2016 in their 5th Year of Retirement
  246. Maybe not FIRE? I want to build things
  247. Fractional Sailboat Membership
  248. So I am thinking about a new fancy watch...
  249. Fire and Family
  250. Photograph Manipulation Programs