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  1. Three years of retirement after the "Glide Path"
  2. Go Go to Slow Go... when did/has it happened to you?
  3. Sierra Vista AZ
  4. Mail services?
  5. Need Recommendations for Vehicle Transport Company
  6. We lost my dear Daughter in Law today
  7. Most/Least Social and Polite Areas To New Comers?
  8. Sun City Hilton Head (and other nearby communities)
  9. "Lock and Leave" Apartments - What and Where?
  10. Kiplinger Article on Encore Careers
  11. Best platform to run a social group?
  12. Where did you retire?
  13. Be honest: Which of your pre-FIRE plans turned out to be coping fantasies?
  14. Social dilemma-acquaintance with dementia
  15. Retiring in 2-5 years? Buy Now Or Wait?
  16. Your Major Expenses Broken Into What Can Be Reduced in Cost What Can?
  17. Retiring to a College Town
  18. Finally FIRED!
  19. Updating Will
  20. Lexus GX460 - Any experience or input?
  21. Two Years Into Retirement
  22. Living in Two Places - Experiences, Factors and Issues?
  23. Fee for Service Retirement Communities
  24. Not So Humid Places in the South and the East Coast?
  25. Interesting (bad) experience at HD today.
  26. Can’t Wait to Join You!
  27. Campground Hosting at State/Federal parks
  28. 1 year anniversary
  29. I think I've Made up my Mind
  30. Replace fan motor on Heatpump or replace the unit?
  31. hit FI then long RE?
  32. sun city west or sun city grand AZ
  33. What are the oldest clothing items in your closet?
  34. Where to Live: An Experiment
  35. Skiing 2021-22
  36. Crazy RE - Redfin CEO Tweetstorm
  37. I have no idea where to retire!
  38. Grateful to not have to do anything for money anymore
  39. Coasting until retirement?
  40. One week post-FIRE
  41. Just gave my notice... and feeling sad
  42. Can we talk about how taxes changed for you after a spouses' death?
  43. Any hobbies that generate some bonus income?
  44. Help Me Out - What Can I Do When I Retire?
  45. Pick-up Truck Purchase
  46. House Rich Cash Poor Retirement?
  47. Moving to an apartment in retirement
  48. Will Executors?
  49. my dog had a seizure.
  50. Movie Theaters
  51. Your purpose/mission after FIRE?
  52. Vole control-peanut butter and chocolate
  53. Class of 2016 in their 5th Year of Retirement
  54. Maybe not FIRE? I want to build things
  55. Fractional Sailboat Membership
  56. So I am thinking about a new fancy watch...
  57. Fire and Family
  58. Photograph Manipulation Programs
  59. Active vs Busy during your retirement?
  60. Ah, Mondays...
  61. Extended Warranty ??
  62. Flat pack greenhouse.
  63. Anyone wake up and say "How did I accumulate so much?"
  64. Considering a remodel? You might want to wait.
  65. Electric cordless SP lawnmower
  66. Anyone done online English teaching?
  67. Single person vs couple's net worth
  68. A Sunday Night Text Message
  69. Spending vs Leaving a Large Estate
  70. Buying a House 1K Miles Away
  71. Looking for North Carolina Triad Area Realtor and Neighborhood Recommendations
  72. Live Music Returns!
  73. What and how was your experience of breaking the news to your employer about leaving?
  74. Looking to consult ... advice?
  75. Homesteading in retirement?
  76. Three Years In
  77. Process of buying a new construction home with cash
  78. Enough - How much is that?
  79. Retirement #2
  80. I love this retirement life!
  81. Have timeshares gotten any better?
  82. What to do if you want to retire abroad
  83. Writing memories for future generations
  84. Solivita - Florida 55+
  85. I turned down money yesterday
  86. Occupation on Tax Return
  87. Where do you find winter rentals?
  88. After FIRE, How Do You Model Hard Work To Your Kids?
  89. FIRE today - 3/22/2021
  90. Opinion on a potential scam
  91. Fun "inexpensive" hobbies
  92. FLA Adult Communities that allow 18+ To Live There
  93. 2 years into retirement
  94. Sell or Keep House after becoming a Snowbird?
  95. area rug on top of wall to wall carpet bunching up
  96. Question for the FL, GA and Carolina coast retirees
  97. The Villages or Something Similar in Florida?
  98. Anyone writing or blogging in retirement? Advice?
  99. Driving school
  100. Frank Lloyd Wright
  101. Wow, I can't believe Im getting nervous. anyone else had this issue?
  102. What We’re Smoking (or Grilling, or Curing)!
  103. Making friends in new location
  104. Owning a house for two years ...
  105. Rats
  106. Broken promise ???
  107. Car Fanatics
  108. File this one under "Like I needed another hobby/interest" ...
  109. How do you organize your calendar in FIRE?!
  110. 2020 TurboTax 8606 problem
  111. When a contracted purchase goes wrong/delays...what do you do?
  112. PT Consulting Gigs After Retirement
  113. What are the Not-so-Obvious Things to Research Before Buying a Home?
  114. Guitars of ER
  115. Do People Take Your Financial Advice?
  116. Do You Hide Your Financial Success From Your Kids?
  117. Inviting Adult Children on Vacation?
  118. Arizona relo
  119. 2 player game app?
  120. Eagle cams
  121. 2 separate things:1.1970s Match Game 2. Elvis
  122. Somebody Else is Living My Retirement Dream
  123. Blonde Fruitcake Recipe
  124. Retired techies, are you still engaged in tech?
  125. Did You Move Where You Did Not Know Anyone?
  126. Coastal Flight, Work-from-Home: Real Estate Bubble or New Normal?
  127. Hawaii leasehold properties
  128. Looks like we might make it
  129. 4% rule
  130. Is There Any Yearning to Be Recognized for Your FIRE Success?
  131. Observations from a medical clinic parking lot
  132. Any RV retirees out there?
  133. Hit FIRE Target At Young Age, Now What?
  134. Adding DS to realestate title
  135. Poll:How often do you visit with your nearby elderly parent(s)?
  136. advance notice of retirement
  137. Trying To Get My Bearings In Retirement
  138. Retirement Interrupted
  139. How do strangers see you?
  140. Home Maintenance and Aging - What happens when I can't be the Handyman?
  141. Why Did You Choose Florida?
  142. Today's milestone..just started Medicare!
  143. Asheville NC
  144. Your recent retired/pandemic dreams?
  145. First month of retirement complete!
  146. Lakes in Wisconsin?
  147. Concerns About Buying House Half Mile from Stone Quary and 1.5 Miles From Landfill?
  148. Perhaps a small retirement cabin here. Peace at last!
  149. Not doing a will question
  150. Taxation of reinvested dividends in a mutual fund retirement account
  151. Another "Best Places to Retire" Article
  152. No Goals: Complacency or Contentment?
  153. Safe harbor rules , estimated quarterly taxes
  154. I watched my first inauguration in 40 years
  155. Can I Age In Place With Stairs?
  156. Magic 8-ball guesses about estate tax exemption amount
  157. Some Perspective From a Dark Place - Solzhenitsyn
  158. Notes from my retirement refresher course
  159. The BEST Passive Income?
  160. Tax question for part time Californians
  161. Healthy adventure bucket list?
  162. Golf Club Fitting
  163. Blow That Dough! -2021
  164. Budget/expenses after retirement
  165. Does everyday feel like Saturday?
  166. Retirement: Day #1
  167. Brand New Day
  168. Another Florida Question - Retirement location
  169. Workouts - 2021
  170. I Found a New J*b!
  171. Your recent repair? - 2021 to ?
  172. Golf Talk Tuesdays - 2021
  173. The Photographers' Corner - 2021 to ?
  174. What did you do today? - 2021 version
  175. Accessing home value to fund long-term care
  176. How are you celebrating NYE?
  177. Goal Setting in Retirement?
  178. New Dog
  179. Moving after retirement?
  180. First holiday season retired
  181. Two Years After Retirement
  182. Snowbirds: Are you a lone eagle or do you prefer to flock?
  183. Class of 2025
  184. Special ordering a new van from a dealership
  185. Early Christmas Present!
  186. Just when I thought I was out - they pull me back in
  187. Granddaughter Made Me Laugh
  188. Poll: Business air travel
  189. Skiing 2020-21
  190. Wife looking for part-time retirement job - recommendations?
  191. What is on your Christmas list?
  192. Fifteen Years RE'd
  193. Home Coffee Roasting
  194. Partial Roth conversions?
  195. Living abroad for a few years in the cheaper countries...
  196. Advice on how to approach making a offer to purchase a vacant lot to build a home on
  197. Black Friday
  198. Anyone from the greater Palm Springs area?
  199. Pickle Ball?
  200. A Sunday Night Confession
  201. Thoughts about Retirement Communities?
  202. When did you slow down?
  203. Good Things about Being Retired
  204. One Year Report
  205. Coupling up again in retirement
  206. Cancun Condo
  207. So long HSA contribution
  208. Do I miss working?
  209. “Large” cash withdrawal ???
  210. Driving Becoming Dangerous - What to Do?
  211. 90 plus lifestyle & spending
  212. To move or stay
  213. Retired for more than 7 years, what % has your NW increased or decreased?
  214. Staying Retired
  215. Any stories of portfolio running out?
  216. Had an epiphany... I may have over saved
  217. Robotic vacuums
  218. Wine Clubs
  219. How to Learn the Game of Chess
  220. Best Panama Retirement Guide?
  221. Decision Made For You
  222. Fun jobs
  223. Sorry for Old Work Friends
  224. How Much Can I Afford to Spend on a House (Anywhere but Portugal)
  225. Baseball Heaven 2020 lineup?
  226. purchasing winter home in Florida & sea level rising
  227. The housing market in our pandemic era
  228. How Much to Spend on Retirement Home in Portugal?
  229. Leaving email
  230. Question about condos with central HVAC
  231. Did the CARES act eliminate the required 20% witholding tax on 401Ks ?
  232. Resigning from BOD mixed feelings
  233. Finding Purpose in Retirement
  234. Retiring to Florida with College Aged Kid
  235. King tides Buyer beware
  236. GPO and WEP impact on Social Security spousal benefit
  237. So far, so good.
  238. Just Took a Mortgage
  239. No Longer RE'ed
  240. Climate Change considerations on where to live?
  241. My Dave Ramsey moment
  242. Moving Service Recommendations
  243. Has Anyone here retired to Vegas area? How is the experience?
  244. Lest We Forget 9/11
  245. Question for those retired to Florida
  246. Asking retirees with TIAA-Cref accounts ..
  247. anxiety and retirement
  248. Class 2017 Reunion
  249. Going back to work
  250. Retirement home in Vermont or New Hampshire