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  1. Need 55+ Community Advice
  2. Worse than turning into our parents
  3. The rubber has hit the road: time to decide...
  4. This Is How Terribly Short Your Life Is
  5. Anyone play Disc Golf?
  6. Colorblindness
  7. Personal Capital smart withdrawal tool
  8. First Spring in Retirement
  9. What is excluded social security income
  10. Invasion of the birds!
  11. Sam Dogen once again writing another self-pity article
  12. RE Indulgences... what are they and what are they costing you each year?
  13. Not FIRE but FIRED
  14. Anyone using ZOOM as a means of staying in touch?
  15. Selling misc junk
  16. Parent of grown adult DD issue
  17. Strongest FIRE / Mustachian communities in the US?
  18. 3 1/2 months into retirement and Corona. Is it a good thing Iím retired, or a bad thi
  19. Thoughts on NM?
  20. Memories of Workplace Philosophy Theories Past
  21. Made the move to W. Colorado
  22. How do you account for assisted living and nursing home costs
  23. After I'm gone instructions...
  24. COBOL for COVID?
  25. Masterclass
  26. 5 Year FIRE Anniversary
  27. Sequence of Return Problem Leads to Barnacle Growth and Socks
  28. What were your FIRE numbers?
  29. Covid effect on retirement rate
  30. What is this Texas tree (bush?)
  31. Any Oculus Quest VR players here?
  32. Oculus Quest VR headset / game system is a lot of fun
  33. Questions re: Georgia
  34. Moving to Rental
  35. Followup: Purchasing and financing a second home in retirement..
  36. Building a house, how small is too small?
  37. Everything is out of stock around here
  38. Shutting Off the Water Before Heading Out
  39. Did I just do it?
  40. Where is HA?
  41. Curious Minds Want to know... Are Super ER Really Retired?
  42. Family abuse of seniors
  43. We're moving North.
  44. Thinking of moving to Michigan
  45. Tai Chi classes?
  46. If NE Florida is not Full, it sure will be soon!
  47. Where to relocate ???
  48. What time of year did you retire at?
  49. Might be FIRE (semi retired) soon getting scared to make the jump...
  50. Growing Risk to Americaís Seniors: Themselves
  51. Retiree's parents health/welfare
  52. Sabbatical or RE??
  53. Volunteering seems like work
  54. Moving to Naples,FL
  55. SubZero - worth it?
  56. Will Be Gone for 5 Weeks - What to Do About the Mail?
  57. What to bring to seasonal rental?
  58. Preparing for the approaching retirement date?
  59. Habitat RV Care-A-Vanner: Travel With A Purpose
  60. Regular Exercise, How do you do it.
  61. Vacation budgeting
  62. The Far Side comic strip - Official new website
  63. Savings Vs Compounding, Which is More Powerful?
  64. Change View On Money After Cancer Scare?
  65. Any Kayakers here?
  66. Holiday Inn ipo nursing home?
  67. Too late to plan a March stay?
  68. Lessons learned from a long-time lurker
  69. What % of Net Worth on a Boat
  70. Real Estate: Sell first; buy later. Or Buy First Sell later
  71. Traveling to US Volunteer Opportunities?
  72. Who knew renting our 2nd home would be so positive?
  73. Anyone Considering Mexico as a Retirement Spot Now Public Healthcare is Available?
  74. Prince Harry -
  75. Anyone work as a Census Taker?
  76. I channeled Fred the Baker
  77. My First 6 Months of ER
  78. Day 1 - woke up at 0800
  79. Best Laid Plans...
  80. SE Florida- singer island to Miami beach
  81. I could not resist
  82. Semi-FIRE: Anyone else slowing down but not stopping yet?
  83. Just hit 15 years.
  84. Ready to launch, then chickened out...
  85. A nice perk to being retired..Who cares about credit scores anymore !!
  86. What did you do today? - 2020 version
  87. Blow That Dough! - 2020
  88. Who has a quiet NYE planned?
  89. Please verify my steps to do Roth conversion 2020
  90. Got my first pension check...
  91. AARP Tax Aides Volunteer
  92. Snowbirding and indoor plants
  93. The 59 1/2 body tune up.
  94. Did Anyone Travel the US for a Few Months after Retiring?
  95. Use Lawyer of immediate family
  96. Loneliness In ER
  97. Retirement Strategy for Pensioner w/ no survivorship - Put hubby in Freezer + Notary
  98. Year one in the books
  99. Boca Raton--Private Golf Clubs
  100. About 6 months to go .. what have I forgotten?
  101. Pseudo empty nest Christmas ideas
  102. Two moves or One after FIRE?
  103. Mandalorian Quote
  104. We are finally BOTH retiring! 2020 will be our year!
  105. Staying Happy
  106. Cyber Wednesday, or is it Monday, or Black Friday?
  107. Kiplinger's State Guide to Taxes on Retirees
  108. Living in a home being remodeled
  109. Downsizing, royally
  110. A few surprises in the fifth month of retirement
  111. House to Apartment Financial aspect
  112. List of Things Not to Annoy Our Kids
  113. Happy Monday & Happy 5th FIREd Anniversary!
  114. Your best self; observations of FIRE at 1 year
  115. What led you to retire??
  116. How to manage trying out a new retirement area
  117. Real estate in retirement
  118. Want to rent Jan/Feb
  119. Advice: 9 Year Age Difference and Retirement
  120. Medicare for overseas retirees
  121. Homesteading in Florida
  122. Anyone Comfortably Retired With Retirement Savings Under the Million Mark?
  123. Renting vs. keeping owned primary residence after retirement?
  124. 9 Months of Anxiety?!
  125. Hudson Valley - comments?
  126. Major Life Style Modifications
  127. Couple retires in Spain and lives comfortably on $2000 per month.
  128. Thanks for hand holding me for 5 years!
  129. The Most Important Part of FIRE
  130. Best Cities to Retire 2020 - Yes another opinionated list.
  131. Buying a belt shouldn't be this difficult
  132. Understanding a switch wiring mistake.
  133. Looking for international destination suggestions
  134. Update on Jacob Lund Fisker (Early Retirement Extreme)
  135. Move preparation tips
  136. Seeking suggestions in ending a difficult "friendship"
  137. Any one with experience with VACASA rental company?
  138. Remodel ideas?
  139. Six months into retirement
  140. Wedding Gift Question
  141. What Have You Not Done That You Wanted To
  142. What effect did retirement have on your marriage?
  143. FI but enjoyable works keeps you going OMY
  144. Sensing resentment from working people, how to respond?
  145. Renting home to corporate client vs individual
  146. What are your plans for your children's inheritance?
  147. Nords makes Forbes
  148. An Early Go Slow Year
  149. Health/Safety Plans
  150. Alienated Grandparents
  151. Problems with Associa HOA
  152. Relocation Logic Check
  153. Living abroad temporarily
  154. A Rant About Clothes Shopping
  155. New Golf Player at Age 62
  156. language immersion
  157. ATM card use for expatriates
  158. The Evolving American Dream
  159. Some surprises in the second month of retirement
  160. Another places to retire list - this one ranked by worst
  161. Any other 30-40somethings FIREd?
  162. MarketWatch: "hereís all that Iíve gotten wrong"
  163. Adjusting Withdrawal Rate
  164. 2020 Travel for WWII sites
  165. Retiring in a Million Dollar home or a Multi-million Dollar Home
  166. Retired, or just UnEmployed?
  167. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Scan
  168. Struggling with "Blow That Dough" Mentality
  169. my first day being FIRED
  170. Indian in US; hoping to retire in US+India
  171. Fl VS the Carolinas
  172. Article: Where most Americans retire outside the US
  173. Twenty Years Early Retired Today!
  174. Retirement House
  175. Your Spouse After Retirement?
  176. What did you do in your first month?
  177. Seven years of freedom
  178. How many RVers here?
  179. What to post on LinkedIn for FIRE?
  180. Sad, but not interested in old friends.
  181. Poll:Using credit cards for monthly spending
  182. Life is Good
  183. Taxable account withdraw question
  184. Retired in January, thanks for all your advice. What a wonderful new life!
  185. Surprises in the first month of retirement
  186. need a good computer countdown timer
  187. Did you retire at the right time?
  188. SSA and Medicare question
  189. Three Years in retirement, Should have done it sooner
  190. What's with the moving to Florida thing??
  191. Poll:Volunteering
  192. Frugal living trend associated with ER
  193. Country club lifestyle?
  194. Final retirement area
  195. BankRate Best & Worst States to Retire 2019
  196. Waiting for Barry to impact
  197. Moving away from friends, but not too far?
  198. POSITIVE Effects on life expectancy from Early Retirement
  199. An Anniversary I'm Glad NOT To Be Celebrating!
  200. The best thing about retirement in one picture
  201. House painting color; with an eye towards resale
  202. Post FIRE
  203. I just got offered a job...
  204. Questions for Florida residents?
  205. Poll: How many members live on a small Island? Like a USA Barrier, US/UK Virgin etc.
  206. In 10 years, will I think "I should have bought that solar panel system?"
  207. 10 Year Fire Anniversary
  208. Rolling Stones love Annuities
  209. For the pilots
  210. Pilot's license question
  211. How Moving to the right Place Can Prolong your Life
  212. How to reflect on one's ER experiences (OK, an "annual review"?
  213. Downsides of Early Retirement
  214. anyone been to Lake Walloon?
  215. LCOL, MCOL & HCOL Advantages, Disadvantages & Healthcare
  216. Mentally preparing for retirement
  217. Remodeling
  218. Relo update as requested
  219. Watching the markets
  220. What New Mattress
  221. Kitchen Aid Mixer -- for shredding chicken
  222. Qualifying to rent as an early retiree with no external monthly income
  223. WashingtonPost article on vacation homes abroad
  224. Got Time to Wait?
  225. Rental property
  226. Snowbirds - closing up routine
  227. To Retirees, What is your effective Income Tax rate ?
  228. The psychology of saving for and spending money in RE
  229. Five Years FIRE'd, Feeling Fine
  230. Voluntarily Working After Retirement
  231. Looking for a Place on a lake
  232. I heard some bad news today....
  233. Passion has Evolved
  234. My 100 Day Sanity Chart
  235. FIRE starts today
  236. "Move" to UK for 3 years?
  237. Boast about your hometown
  238. Help! -- Teen wants to start playing football
  239. Guilt v. Helping Loved Ones - fear of being tied down
  240. Need advice from older folks regarding windfall
  241. Your Feelings About Book Clubs?
  242. New Life at 55 - what, where, who, etc....
  243. Fix or buy new car
  244. Sell paid off home and rent?
  245. Almost 4 years in and I love being a housewife
  246. Class of 2007 reporting
  247. Growing aversion to scheduling?
  248. Poll:How much do you travel?
  249. Do we really want to get old?
  250. daily money managers