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  1. Preparing for Health Care Costs when Young???
  2. Should we refi and buy another property?
  3. budget predictions
  4. 1-year Trial Period Starting Oct 2012
  5. Rent or own while active duty
  6. Finally hit my first significant milestone this week!
  7. Young 401k
  8. Any luck pushing back?
  9. Medical School
  10. Chances of retiring before 60
  11. Roth TSP--what to do?
  12. I need help/advice getting a job
  13. Teaching children
  14. I want to be free of debt by end of 2013
  15. Weighing Costs/Benefits of Grad School
  16. How Did This Happen
  17. All in 401(k) or taxable accounts also
  18. Anyone work in Finance and pursuing Early Retirement? Seeking career advice..
  19. 20 year old starting out investing
  20. Early Retirement and Taxes
  21. Preparing for unemployment
  22. Considering a Transition
  23. Question about Vanguard access
  24. ER is Relative
  25. My 401k investment elections
  26. My Latest Update
  27. weekend hiking trip
  28. Its been 4 years since I joined...
  29. Investing in the market during a recession, good for long term?
  30. Taxable account Please help ?
  31. Advice for your child to make money
  32. accounting for taxes when planning retirement expenses
  33. Value Averaging our way to Semi-Retire
  34. 22 Years Old- Yearly Update
  35. Investments for your 30 year old
  36. Importance of investing early...
  37. New member wanting to learn - suggest resources
  38. Fulltime job or Contract work or it's the same...???
  39. Retiring with Kids Dilemma
  40. A Bad Economy is A Terrible Thing to Waste
  41. my 401k by age equation
  42. How to find spouse who is compatible financially?
  43. Marriage penalty hit particulary hard this year!
  44. When the idea of early retirement becomes real
  45. Keogh - Do I Qualify?
  46. 401(k): To convert, or not to convert, that is the question
  47. Internet Fast
  48. Question about paying house off early
  49. The Roth IRA movement: Tuesday 27 March
  50. Taxable accounts
  51. Working 9 to 5 -- at 75
  52. Moving off-campus (long post)
  53. Creative ways to pump up the compensation?
  54. want to take a sabbatical
  55. Is anyone sad that the stock market is going up?
  56. The Anxiety of Success
  57. has anyone ever taken a job for less?
  58. Love these videos
  59. Emergency Fund amounts
  60. The longer you work, the sooner you die
  61. How Should We Think About College Savings?
  62. Startup idea...now what?
  63. Help with career dilemma
  64. Thanks for the info, moving forward
  65. Please put down your coffee...
  66. Not very young, can I do it?
  67. Second Thoughts on FIRE
  68. Retire-a-Little
  69. ?s on self-employed 401ks
  70. Serious Management Challenge: BOHICA Syndrome
  71. Blogger lists 14 reasons not to retire early
  72. Pay off 81,000 in loans at 3.5% or save for 20% home down payment?
  73. How do you layer your cash reserves?
  74. Recommended reading on FIRE?
  75. ESO and Escrow
  76. Want to buy my home in retirement now
  77. Pay off student loan with emergency fund?
  78. Have you taken a promotion you regretted?
  79. 100K Milestone
  80. Future's not so bright
  81. Preparing for a second career for a lawyer
  82. Need Some Quick advice: Midland Retire X-Cel Option (6% for Life)
  83. GE corporate audit staff?
  84. Condo purchase that wasn't
  85. Leaving broker for Vanguard- need advice
  86. Q: Worst part of your j*b?
  87. What is your asset allocation for this year?
  88. Trial Retirement (sabbattical) whose done it?
  89. Long-term Care Insurance and Life Insurance
  90. Did you maintain your Term Life Insurance after ER?
  91. Reflection and my buckets with %ages
  92. Use MBA as Career Insurance?
  93. Property investment seminar
  94. Has anyone down-shifted?
  95. Your biggest hurdle?
  96. How To Access Money Without Penalties
  97. New Year's Resolutions for 2012
  98. The Simple Life vs Mortgage Payoff
  99. An update from a dreamer that's been gone for 5 years
  100. Future forum members? Super Young Retirement Savers (CNN-Money.com article)
  101. Annual Performance Review Nonsense
  102. Living in UK&USA. What to do about pensions/savings?
  103. Help with Tracking My Progress in a Non-linear Way
  104. Quicker or slower road to FIRE
  105. Internet startup input
  106. $500,000
  107. Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer of Benefits Question
  108. Mortgage math question
  109. Starting a Company?
  110. Were/are you more relaxed with the end in sight?
  111. Roth IRA contribution limit for 2012?
  112. It is finally done...
  113. Part-Time Job in Retirement for Health Insurance
  114. My Situation - 23 Years Old
  115. Work Issues
  116. ruminations on being debt-free in your 30's
  117. Career mgt example - smart or dumb?
  118. It's Time for Me to Start!
  119. Perspective
  120. Update: 20 yrs old, First House
  121. 10 Reasons to Delay Retirement
  122. Now what?
  123. Nationwide Casting for Most Frugal Folks
  124. Im sure this has been posted a million need advice.
  125. When to start the goals?
  126. Military Retirement Overhaul...
  127. What is the age cut off for ER?
  128. Job Boat is Rocking in the wrong way!
  129. Switching J*bs, seeking general advice and comments
  130. More knowledgeable than supervisor…how to handle?
  131. Hoping to get back on track
  132. First hour trading ???
  133. Is my retirement plan o.k.?
  134. Hyperopia
  135. I'm looking for actual concrete savings figures...
  136. Active-duty retirement thwarted...advice needed
  137. Looking for advice
  138. A new outlook on early retirement and life in general
  139. Texas Retirement System
  140. Should I Stay or Should I Go (Mil Retention)II
  141. When calculating worth do you look at combined or individual total assets?
  142. Did Safeway screw me?
  143. Company stock & Retirement
  144. What to do
  145. Leaving Long Island for Texas
  146. Spare house as income, when is it nay?
  147. Just got a pile of cash; should I pay off student loans?
  148. Work Collapses Around Me
  149. Am I crazy, or is this 'Financial Advisor' crazy?
  150. Getting back on track / where should I invest?
  151. Wow, am I super far behind?
  152. Is there a Retirement Calc that considers Roth and Trad. contr/dist.
  153. What a difference 3+ years makes
  154. How are we doing?
  155. Advice? SL/investing/mortgage?
  156. Tales from a botched reorg
  157. I celebrated my 42nd birthday this month and hit a Milestone!
  158. What should I do.... real estate??
  159. Too young to retire?
  160. 401k->IRA->72t (SEPP) vs. Roth IRA
  161. Feedback on My Allocation and Direction
  162. Possible big changes ahead
  163. Didn't ask to retire, medically forced...
  164. Case of the Mondays
  165. Planning for Military Separation
  166. Federal pension
  167. Financial Skills for Money Management
  168. ~10 years from ER, any reason not to be 100% equities?
  169. Annual Checkup
  170. Excess 401k, or ESPP, or IRA ??
  171. Stop TSP, Start Roth?
  172. Long-term Savings advice
  173. Feeling stumped
  174. Buying a house, but not to live in. Sigh.
  175. How do Employee Stock Options Work?
  176. What would YOU do next? A retirement question!
  177. unemployment insurance question
  178. what to do ????????????
  179. Should I keep investing in Total Stock Market Index?
  180. which job would you choose
  181. I really do need to learn to advocate for myself
  182. Our current income, net worth, and portfolio - comments?
  183. Down payment savings versus car loan payoff?
  184. how to <del>fake</del>project enthusiam at interiews after an ER pill?
  185. what is being an independent contractor like
  186. any post office early outs?
  187. New productivity software at work driving me nuts.
  188. Stuff we've all heard before but still good
  189. 529 plans vs. taxable savings (NYS)
  190. PenFed offering no-cost refi
  191. How to catch my 22 y.o.'s attention about ER???
  192. Career Change
  193. Keep going and retire early or take a 5 year recess.
  194. Preventing Myself from Doing Something Stupid
  195. Defined Benefit Plan - Tax Penalty?
  196. Pushing for career growth
  197. Faking your way through a career break
  198. Soooo..what exactly does a FICO score above 800 get you..?
  199. Variable annuity
  200. To buy a house, or not to buy a house
  201. Joining the reserves for the health insurance?
  202. Tax Return 2011 Plans
  203. Young Dreamer planning to move to No Va
  204. Financial Independence or Bust
  205. Am I a young dreamer at age 41?
  206. yes i am a young dreamer!
  207. Don't buy stuff
  208. And Then it is Winter
  209. To FIRE now?
  210. The Proverbial "Bucket List"
  211. IRA 2011: What did or will you buy?
  212. Borrowing from a 401k?
  213. Slow and Steady Saving Still Pays
  214. Confessions of a ESR wannabe
  215. Guidance for a teenager?
  216. Questions RE Asset Allocation
  217. Career Reflections
  218. Dave Ramsey - No FICO?
  219. Rolling over my company 401K - What to do with the money?
  220. I'm on My Way!
  221. Lessons Learned from Urban Meyer
  222. Don't be average
  223. Not Going Back to Work...
  224. "Talking Dog" Situation
  225. New house- best way to pay off early?
  226. Revisiting Fuego's IBR FIRE idea
  227. Decision on ROTH IRA
  228. Don’t Become A Slave To The Rat Race
  229. How do I write a spread sheet to figure out a loan
  230. When extreme ER just may not be the answer
  231. 25 and want to set up RETIREMENT PLAN! help!
  232. Just found out that we're pregnant!
  233. The Ben Stein Pass/Fail Test
  234. Our 60 month countdown starts today...
  235. Overseas landlording... getting a property in FL
  236. Mastermind Group
  237. I think I did a bad thing
  238. Can I Go Live In A Cave Now?
  239. Investment Quandries
  240. Toyota v. Honda (and new v. used)?
  241. Early Mortgage Payoff
  242. Student Loans - Income Based Repayment?
  243. a new milestone for me!
  244. Please talk me off the ledge...
  245. ihatemyjobihatemyjobihatemyjob
  246. 401(k) and financial stability
  247. Moving?
  248. Back after a 2 year hiatus and no chance of ER
  249. What to do with raise?
  250. Cashing in life insurance policy