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  1. Feeling stumped
  2. Buying a house, but not to live in. Sigh.
  3. How do Employee Stock Options Work?
  4. What would YOU do next? A retirement question!
  5. unemployment insurance question
  6. what to do ????????????
  7. Should I keep investing in Total Stock Market Index?
  8. which job would you choose
  9. I really do need to learn to advocate for myself
  10. Our current income, net worth, and portfolio - comments?
  11. Down payment savings versus car loan payoff?
  12. how to <del>fake</del>project enthusiam at interiews after an ER pill?
  13. what is being an independent contractor like
  14. any post office early outs?
  15. New productivity software at work driving me nuts.
  16. Stuff we've all heard before but still good
  17. 529 plans vs. taxable savings (NYS)
  18. PenFed offering no-cost refi
  19. How to catch my 22 y.o.'s attention about ER???
  20. Career Change
  21. Keep going and retire early or take a 5 year recess.
  22. Preventing Myself from Doing Something Stupid
  23. Defined Benefit Plan - Tax Penalty?
  24. Pushing for career growth
  25. Faking your way through a career break
  26. Soooo..what exactly does a FICO score above 800 get you..?
  27. Variable annuity
  28. To buy a house, or not to buy a house
  29. Joining the reserves for the health insurance?
  30. Tax Return 2011 Plans
  31. Young Dreamer planning to move to No Va
  32. Financial Independence or Bust
  33. Am I a young dreamer at age 41?
  34. yes i am a young dreamer!
  35. Don't buy stuff
  36. And Then it is Winter
  37. To FIRE now?
  38. The Proverbial "Bucket List"
  39. IRA 2011: What did or will you buy?
  40. Borrowing from a 401k?
  41. Slow and Steady Saving Still Pays
  42. Confessions of a ESR wannabe
  43. Guidance for a teenager?
  44. Questions RE Asset Allocation
  45. Career Reflections
  46. Dave Ramsey - No FICO?
  47. Rolling over my company 401K - What to do with the money?
  48. I'm on My Way!
  49. Lessons Learned from Urban Meyer
  50. Don't be average
  51. Not Going Back to Work...
  52. "Talking Dog" Situation
  53. New house- best way to pay off early?
  54. Revisiting Fuego's IBR FIRE idea
  55. Decision on ROTH IRA
  56. Donít Become A Slave To The Rat Race
  57. How do I write a spread sheet to figure out a loan
  58. When extreme ER just may not be the answer
  59. 25 and want to set up RETIREMENT PLAN! help!
  60. Just found out that we're pregnant!
  61. The Ben Stein Pass/Fail Test
  62. Our 60 month countdown starts today...
  63. Overseas landlording... getting a property in FL
  64. Mastermind Group
  65. I think I did a bad thing
  66. Can I Go Live In A Cave Now?
  67. Investment Quandries
  68. Toyota v. Honda (and new v. used)?
  69. Early Mortgage Payoff
  70. Student Loans - Income Based Repayment?
  71. a new milestone for me!
  72. Please talk me off the ledge...
  73. ihatemyjobihatemyjobihatemyjob
  74. 401(k) and financial stability
  75. Moving?
  76. Back after a 2 year hiatus and no chance of ER
  77. What to do with raise?
  78. Cashing in life insurance policy
  79. Where does the patience come from?
  80. Small business benefits and references (links)
  81. Student Loans
  82. Planning for a Military Retirement
  83. Hello to all and how did you do it
  84. Some household finance issues
  85. Yet another should I pay off the mortgage thread
  86. Sweet spot
  87. One step closer to FIRE!
  88. Asset Allocation of Gold or Silver
  89. Will the "great reset" cause the masses to embrace FI(RE)?
  90. Realistic to retire before 45 given my info
  91. Third home
  92. To Roth IRA, or bump 401K ...
  93. Getting more focused
  94. Personal Strengths Profile
  95. 5 Reasons You Won't Retire Early
  96. Outsider Input
  97. Im young, so are there any 'set it and forget it' type of investments?
  98. How much vacation do you take?
  99. The High Cost of Modern Living
  100. Success Stories
  101. 5 Ways to Retire Before Age 40
  102. questions about starting salary at megacorp
  103. debt reduction v. savings, recent graduate
  104. How am I doing?
  105. Journal of a young dreamer
  106. Young dreamer no more...
  107. Re-organizing career
  108. Portfolio Tracker with automatic updating
  109. Mortgage Books
  110. employer retirement match included in % net/gross income saved?
  111. HR dilemma
  112. need advice with possible ira roll overs...from ameriprise and few others
  113. Advice on switching careers: article
  114. Retiring Richer Than When You Were Working?
  115. New Here, Retire Under 40
  116. Reality Check Needed
  117. Housing from scratch
  118. Things I Will Not Miss
  119. Thinking about early retirement, but have a question
  120. My Story / Looking For Advice At 32
  121. The Next 10 Years
  122. Looking to start a Roth and more...
  123. Bad decision?
  124. What would you do?
  125. Need a jumpstart
  126. My FIRE Plan, looking for insight
  127. We are burned out
  128. shifting into career 'cruise control'....?
  129. Crossroads - For love or for money...
  130. Informing Management of Decision to FIRE
  131. Lost Newcomer...Need Help!
  132. Harvard Business review article
  133. Splitting 401K and FERS
  134. Another FIRE Economist blog entry
  135. Procrastination...
  136. We did it...No, not FIRE, a Log Cabin!
  137. What do you think about my non-profit idea?
  138. What % of budget = fun?
  139. What to suggest to son in first 401K?
  140. Money - a summer reading list for kids
  141. Economist blog post on retirement
  142. My first $100,000 seems impossible.
  143. Things to do in the last 2 months at work
  144. Changing from payroll to consultant?
  145. Retirement savings for Non-US citizen in the US
  146. PF blogs you like?
  147. The Dreaded mortgage vs IRA saga
  148. Health Insurance
  149. Quiet Celebration
  150. The "Dark Side" Of ER
  151. Taking Action - Beginning the Move
  152. 2 years to FIRE; Worried about being passed over for promo!
  153. Military retention considerations: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" (very long post)
  154. Sailing for a year or Graduating Early?
  155. How did Kids affect your retirement plans?
  156. Job Satisfaction or Large Salary?
  157. 29 yo - Am I headed in the right direction?
  158. Company ESOPP...What to do with it?
  159. 19 years old - am I headed on the right track?
  160. Career advice for DW and I
  161. Fidelity FREEDOM FUND 2030
  162. Need help building a sales team
  163. Could you retire at 38?
  164. Need Advice on Big Meeting That Could Help Me to ER
  165. 15 years of my life wasted from bad IRA investments
  166. How to strike a balance?
  167. Do bosses feel betrayed when telecommuting is proposed?
  168. How I became financially independent in 5 yrs
  169. Why use an IRA?
  170. help with funds
  171. I'm leaving, goodbye ER forum!
  172. Major Milestone Achieved - Sort of
  173. Watch This Space - Get Out There
  174. Pay down existing mortgage or save up for big down payment?
  175. Managing multiple funds for IRA or have just one?
  176. Anyone have sharebuilder?
  177. Starting Businesses - Young, experienced, and driven
  178. 43% not saving for retirement
  179. We Really Are Different
  180. 17-20 more days here to go...
  181. should I change investment strategy?
  182. Anyone else bored at work?
  183. 3 Years Later
  184. Measuring progress to FIRE while w*rking
  185. Graduating soon...lots of student loan
  186. Advice on VA/Federal job for retirement plan?
  187. ESR? Coloradans advice appreciated
  188. Keeping collision on car insur
  189. Can someone explain the steps and length of time in buying a company/business?
  190. When Did You Know
  191. How ER Dream Changed Your Attitude Towards W*rk
  192. Young dreamer at new personal milestone!
  193. I seem to have lost the fire in the belly
  194. Great Life and ER related Quote
  195. TIPS instead of MMF
  196. Need advices for XXX,XXX$ Investment at 21yo.
  197. Thinking about switching from American funds to USAA????
  198. Giving notice soon - would appreciate feedback before I pull the plug...(long)
  199. under 45 to AUS?
  200. Confused
  201. Frugality ends in a stucco exterior
  202. Ready to retire soon
  203. Interview Expense Reimbursement Question
  204. Anyone else aiming for around $1Mil
  205. Whine.
  206. Need Advice Where to Put Money
  207. College for our babysitter
  208. How much for a will?
  209. Sell UPS Stock and put into TSP?
  210. Pay down mortgage or HELOC?
  211. small celebration...
  212. Partnering with a backer to flip a house - but no constr exp!
  213. Some opinions, please, re: mortgage prepayment
  214. Investment account for an 8YO -- options, advice, warnings?
  215. pay off student loans or build savings?
  216. How to cope with bad work situation?
  217. Investment Ideas for Newborn
  218. Saving more?
  219. Oh boy! What am I gonna buy?!
  220. Retire? How about never?
  221. Ten money tips for people entering the work force
  222. Need some advice....where to put the $
  223. Pension Plan
  224. Recession Over? Fat chance...
  225. If you were me what would you do? Asset Allocation Advice
  226. 403b retirement vs Student loans
  227. 31 and planning to start saving
  228. Can I do It? Advice Please
  229. life is good....for her
  230. Roth Question
  231. Lucy Kellaway article
  232. IRA contributions to remain at same levels for 2010
  233. Savings Milestone 100k!
  234. Pre-paid cell phones for UK and in other parts of continent
  235. Reaching FIRE: another way to view progress
  236. Brand new
  237. 4 examples of how-to ER, in Canada
  238. Job Search- 2nd Interview
  239. Is making 8% "some what" safely realistic?
  240. Just Received Copy of MegaCorp's 2008 EBSA/ERISA Filing...
  241. Megacorp to resume matching
  242. ROTH rollover in 2010
  243. Tranfering 401(k) to IRA back to 401(k)
  244. more debt: is a Master's worth it?
  245. Thoughts on asset allocation
  246. Roth IRA Contribution?
  247. Asset Allocation question: how do you count e-fund?
  248. Need an Idea of what to look forward to.
  249. Investment Property Loans that Require Less than 20%-25%
  250. Mid-cap ETF